Sarah hits the big 1k!

Over the weekend Sarah has made fantastic progress and has now rowed off the first page of the tracker. An update from her this morning read:

Clocked the big 1k this a.m! Covered 54nm in 24hrs sat2sun, over 200 in 5 days!

Pretty impressive. Her target was to have rowed 1000nm by May 1st but she has smashed this target. At the current rate she will be in Mauritius in no time.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Brilliant stuff. That is a serious ocean passage on any vessel let alone a tiny rowboat. And great to be hitting high daily runs now you are going in more of a straight line. Distance and accuracy! Onya!

  2. Lina says:

    Congratulations Sarah for this achievement, you must be very proud of yourself. Well done!!! Keep it up

  3. Aidcrew says:

    You really are going to do it! Excellent to smash through your own targets like this, you remain a continuing example that motivation and determination can outface everything.

    Stay in the groove and enjoy.

  4. roy bumpus says:

    sarah, delighted to hear your challenge going so well,
    if you keep up this pace you be in port louis before yr cradle,
    best regards from,
    roy and all the lads at the loading depot

  5. Geoff Holt says:

    I got a call on my mobile on Saturday, I looked at the number, it began 00 88… Intreagued I answered it to hear someone say “If I told you I had just eaten 3 mars bars and watched the most amazing sunset, could you guess who this is”? I knew immediately it was Sarah phoning on her satellite iridium phone, I was very touched indeed that she should call. She sounds on excellent form, her usual bubbly self. Pleased to report that she has no blisters, no sores and has plenty of food and is in great health. To tease me (she knows I like my fishing), she told me of the shoals of yellow-fin tuna that she sees most days. She didn’t see the funny side of my suggestion that she might catch one for tea!! She’s also seen pods of pilot whales, albatrosses and the most incredible sunrises and sunsets. Apparently the last couple of days have been a bit overcast so conserve battery power (solar generated), she has not listened to much music but the sun is set to return today. Technology never ceases to amaze me that I can speak on a mobile to Sarah in the Indian Ocean as though she were next door. It was good to hear her crazy laugh again and to know that she is safe.

  6. Ashika says:

    this is fantastic news Sarah..I am sat here at work thinking of you at sea, hoping you have some great music playing on your i-pod to keep you going..! All the best

  7. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations on the Big 1K! And for achieving it so well in advance of your May target. And for rowing off the page – that’s a curiously satisfying bonus for those of us glued to Dippers’ blipper.
    Yesterday was the London Marathon and those running for Arthritis Care thought of you out there, doing your own Ocean Marathon – cleaner and greener than the Smog Jog

    Hope you have rewarded yourself with an extra jellybaby ration, best Jane

  8. George, cousin J and monsters says:

    Sarah fantastic progress, keep it up and hope the weather and tides stay kind xx

  9. Cousin Jeremy says:

    Hi Sarah

    Brilliant progress, very well done! Thanks also for the text, our barometer is up, up, up, as it happens, hope yours stays steady. Thinking of you a lot yesterday because of the marathon. It was a very sunny day, as when you did it, which meant a lot of outdoor fun with the monsters this weekend. I see George has beaten me to it on the messages today, the advantages of (another) career break.

    Best wishes Sarah, thinking of you lots.

    Love from Jeremy x

  10. Clare Sach says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic news. You are doing amazingly well. Thanks for the good luck message. I passed it onto the rest of the squad. The eights campaign is really underway now so hopefully we can send you some good results soon. xxx

  11. Sarah Black says:

    Utterly brilliant Sarah, keep going!!!! Lots of love from all at The Green Blue

  12. Mark McGrouther says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have been following your progress since the beginning of your odyssey. The last three weeks I have been in Japan so have not been able to keep track of what is happening. I’m delighted to see that you are going so well. Keep up the great work. I’m sure that there are many people who are tracking your progress but don’t comment on your site. For every comment, think of the quiet hundreds in the background.

    Best wishes,

  13. Grant Rodwell says:

    Good on ya darl! Your doing brilliantly Sarah! Awesome stuff.
    Stay safe
    Grant and Bec

  14. Graham Hadley says:

    Fantastic Progress!!! Go girl! Must mean you have at least 3 days in which to put your feet up, relax, take in a glass of Chardonnay…Fingers crossed everything keeps on ticking in your favour Sarah, I truly hope it will!

  15. BPC and Albie says:

    So happy with your progress – can only imagine how you must be feeling!!! i was following excitedly for the moment you moved off the tracker page!!! My grandma, who has arthritis, is on a no fruit diet, so she says she knows what you’re going through having finished ur fruit! love as always, xxx
    ps – albie called out in the night – think he must have been sending a message to you!

  16. Susie Calderan says:

    Never underestimate Otter Power! You are brilliant!

  17. Anita says:

    Hi Sarah,
    SJS so excited by your achievement!! Pictures of you up in the reception area and children constantly crowded round to see how you’re getting on! Great to get your SMS this morning, a good start to a Monday!
    Lots of Love, Anita xx

  18. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    Well done Sarah — Great progress –

    Brilliant Effort –

    Tim –

  19. Graham Hadley says:

    Just had a thought, No pressure, but you should be hitting the 2k point in about 3 weeks!!!! Great going Sarah!

  20. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Hey Sarah
    Huge congrats on making such massive progress. And guess what… You were in the Daily Mirror on Saturday. Spotted your photo and realised Stuart Marconie had given you a fantastic write up in his column. More fame! It was a brill photo of you too!

    Hope the Ocean is behaving and you continue seeing wonderful things.
    Arthritis Care

  21. amin says:

    all the best..keep up..

  22. Mike Pearce says:

    The first K is always the hardest one, the next 2 1/2 k’s should be a doddle. you are doing a great job keep it up.

  23. Class 10 Stafford Leys Primary School Leicester says:

    Well done Sarah, you are doing brilliantly. We bring up your tracker on our class interactive whiteboard and monitor your progress. We hope you might be able to come and tell us all about your trip when you get home. Keep on going and you will soon reach Mauritius and a well earned rest.

  24. Mike Pearce says:

    The first 1k is always the hardest to do, the next 2 1/2k’s should be a doddle. Keep up the good work.
    All the best Mike.

  25. Susie Hewson says:

    Well done for the first 1000K. Writing that number is so easy cannot imagine rowing it and all alone except for the albatrosses, whales, fish, our planetary system to gaze up at – MARS BARS!!! I am totally respecting the dedication to a dream. What a Star. Big SISTERS support. Susie

  26. Chris says:

    Indeed, what a star, WELL DONE Sarah! Thinking of you loads. All the very best Chris

  27. Marcel says:

    Shit! I better start getting things ready for Sarah’s arrival in Mauritius.

  28. Joan Beaton says:

    Bravo and well done on your 1K !
    Continued best wishes –

  29. Andrew C says:

    Amazing ! Congratulations from East Lothian.

  30. Charly Sissons says:

    we can’t wait to hear from you again
    i loved talking to you on the phone
    Love you

  31. Barry Gumbert says:

    WOW 1000nm in 26 days? That’s awesome. You are awesome. Love from Oregon USA

  32. Sam Coghlan says:

    Congratulations, Sarah. In reaching 1000km you have displayed strength and stamina! Keep it up!

  33. Sam Coghlan says:

    Congratulations, Sarah. In reaching 1000nm you have shown strength and stamina.

  34. Don Golding says:

    Congratulations Sarah –superb effort Kindest regards Don G

  35. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Well done Sarah on reaching the 1st 1K. Good to hear things are going well and hope it continues. £40 on its way to you from a car boot sale, better thna nothing but wiuld have loved to have made more for you, but considering things it wasn’t bad.
    Sending the money c/o your Mum
    Take care abd happy roing.

    All good wishes

    C & K

  36. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,brilliant news about crashing the 1k barrier!what a boost for you,congratulations!

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