This page will now be updated regularly from all over the world by at least three people in the next 24h.

Here you will be able to monitor every little piece of action as it happens.
All times are Local time Mauritius +3 GMT.

14:40 – Helen, Matt, Marcel, René the photographer and myself are now leaving Anahita Resort to catch a Coast Guard boat that will escort Sarah through the reefs and towards land. The next update will be made by Silvia in my Delfinus office in Portugal.
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius

Update by: Sarah Outen, on the Indian Ocean!

12:36 – Sarah is 15 miles away now. Just made the shore team some lunch. Pasta, Tuna and sweet corn. Never fails! 🙂
Update by: Sarah Outen, on the Indian Ocean!

11:16 – Sarah is now under 20 miles away from the reef entrance. Final information about the approach has just been sent to Sarah. Once past the reef she will be heading north to Bois de Amourettes approximately 3 miles away. This is an ideal landing spot as it has sand, a large pontoon for spectators and is directly downwind, so easier to row to.
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius


10:45 – Marcel has just arrived at the AnaHita Resort with Helen and Matt Outen. Marcel gifted Helen and me with a Mauritius flag and Matt is having a shower after his luggage didn’t make it. Oops.
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius

Update by: Sarah Outen, on the Indian Ocean!

10:23 – Forgot to mention that when I last spoke with Sarah last night she had whales playing around her!! Big ones!! I have already put in a special request for dolphins as she glides past the reefs.
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius.

10:21 – Rather pleased to be seeing Sarah’s speed up to almost 3kts again. She really must keep her foot down all day today. Some more wind would be ideal to push her along faster…
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius.

10:07 – ONLY THAT I GET FIXED UP WITH MASSEUR.NICE HOT BATH.MMM 4 ARRIVAL?LEMONADE AND A WARM BLANKET.AND SOME FOOD. NOTHING TOO RICH. MAN I’M EXCITED! (In reply to the simple question: “Any special requests for your arrival?”)
Update by: Sarah Outen, on the Indian Ocean!

10:02 – Conditions have calmed down considerably. No more white caps on the sea and the wind is half of what it was all day yesterday. The sun is also coming out.
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius.

09:56 – Sarah has been on the phone doing an interview, hence her slow speed. Ricardo has suggested she focus on just getting in now as her safety net is quite limited. The press will, of course, understand her priorities! (Thank you…)
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius.

09:43 – Phones are going off all over as press and photograhers rally for the best spot!
Update by: Ricardo Diniz, in Mauritius.


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  1. Sue & Steve Milnes says:

    Well done Sarah. We’ve been following your progress and your Mum phoned to let us know she and Mat were flying out to meet you. Hope the landing goes smoothly and we look forward to seeing you and hearing all your news first hand. Sue and Steve

  2. Jill says:

    I am very excited for you all..what an amazing girl xx
    I found out about Sarah when her lovely Grandad came in our shop to buy a bon voyage card for her… we got chatting and I have been following her ever since.

  3. Charlie Chase says:

    Well Done Sarah.

  4. Granny (Perth) says:

    Sarah – you are TRULY INSPIRATIONAL. I’ve been following you since your practice lap here in WA. Your respect for the vast Indian Ocean has been obvious throughout. Good luck with the final tricky few kilometres through the surf to a wonderful landing on those beautiful beaches. I’ve so enjoyed your journey, your positive attitude and sense of humour. Enjoy what’s coming your way, it is so well deserved.

  5. xtina says:

    Coming down Sarah wait for me!!!


  6. Well done Sarah, many, many congratulations – you are totally amazing – enjoy your moment and that hug from Mum. Your Dad would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud.
    With love from us all at Forda, Gillian xx

  7. Amanda B says:

    Wonderful stuff – sooo exciting! Glad Helen and Matt got there in time, even if the luggage didn’t quite make it (yet). Huge good luck wishes winging their way over to you – can’t wait to hear the next instalment!
    Amanda x

  8. Lina says:

    You have made it!!!!! How super!!! I will send you an email via Marcel….CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Lina and Gerard

  9. Charly Sissons says:

    well done Sarah. knew you would do it. charly and all the familly

  10. Dagmar says:

    HOW EXCITING!!!! Sarah, keep telling your team about your special requests – this is YOUR day!!! Wish I could contribute – could send you German chocolate (or sausage, mustard… whatever takes your fancy) when you’re back at home. Let me know!!! Keep going, you amazing woman, you’re nearly there!!!

  11. Jenna says:

    super super super!!!! Keep going! x x x

  12. Nedd says:

    What a buzz! Might have to stay up into the wee hours in New Zealand to watch you hit the beach on Google Earth. Go you great gal!

  13. ian says:

    hi sarah,what a fantastic way to start a monday morning!this is really exciting,quite overwhelmed by the magnitude of what you’ve done,offering specil thanks to your entire support crew for thier effort and dedication but as Dagmar says this is your day,hope everything stays calm until you get to the beach,truly inspirational stuff!
    happy landings to you and dippers

  14. Claire C says:

    Oh Sarah – well done, well done, well done. How proud and impressed your father would be. How proud and impressed are your family, and all of us who’ve tracked your epic journey from its beginning 3,100 miles ago!

    You deserve a fabulous warm, dry, waveless sleep. I suspect though, that you will feel the sea bouncing your legs for a good couple of days though!

    I can’t wait to see the news o the telly – we’ve got it tuned in ready at work.

  15. Annabelle Holland says:

    Very many congratulations Sarah. I am so impressed by your achievement.
    Watch out for the ‘wobbly’ land when you finally reach it. Even after two weeks at sea (which we have just reeturned from) it is incredible how unstable you feel on solid ground!! WELL DONE!!

  16. Amy Bryant says:

    go go go Outey!!!!!
    Just had to catch up on all the weekend blogs, and I’m so excited I can’t keep still!
    Brilliant, brilliant, fantastic, and brilliant – wishing hard for a safe landing xxxx

  17. Sara van der Hoeven says:

    Final miles!! You go Sarah!
    I’ve been following your blog and tracker for the past few weeks, and you’re amazing!
    Have a safe landing!

  18. Vincent says:

    One record already broken! YOU HAVE BEATEN YOUR TARGET AND RAISED OVER £11,000 for Arthritis Care.


  19. Shannon says:

    Congratulations Sarah! You have now entered the satellite image of Mauritius!!! Keep it up and stay safe, only a few more hours to go.

  20. Mark McGrouther says:

    Sarah, Congratulations! You really are a champion. I have been following your progress with great interest from day 1. Well done. For what it is worth, I’m very impressed and my wallet is a little lighter.

  21. Ingrid says:

    Well done! You are an inspiration to us all….I must run want to see you at the finish line!! Fantastic!

  22. Clare S says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Sarah!!! You are truly amazing. I hope you enjoy every moment of your landing. You deserve everything that gets thrown at you. xxxxx

  23. David & Annie MacLehose says:

    Congratulations Sarah on your superb effort. Two years almost to the day since you were here on the River Tay – practising for your huge journey. We’ve been thinking of you and know that you’ll enjoy the last few minutes – great satisfaction – and then there will be nothing better than the wonderful sand below your feet. Have a great celebration you deserve it so much.

    David & Annie Perth Scotland

  24. Susie Hewson says:

    Amazing, astounding, unbelievable, crazy, historic, all these things we can use to describe what you have done, selfless in your work to raise funds for Arthritis care, so that congratulations sounds like an understatement, so we have invented a new one to praise your achievement today: fantastamazinglaudations!!!! from Susie and all the Natracare SISTERS x

  25. Jane says:

    There are not sufficient complimentary words in the world to express the huge respect that I am sure we all have the enormity of what you have undertaken and why you have undertaken. Please take it steady on the last stretch and really revel in, and enjoy, your very greatly deserved celebration. It’s odd but reading the blog and responding to you makes me feel like I know you already. Can’t wait for the book ‘though to read all about it all. Glad that Matt and Mum arrived in time – what does luggage matter at a time like this?!!!

  26. Rick says:

    Well Done Sarah, an amazing journey that many have followed all around the world. Now what are we going to do when we log on in the morning? lol
    I hope it was everything you hoped for,and you achieved all of your goals..

  27. Sam Coghlan says:

    Congratulations! An achievement that inspires awe. Well done.

  28. Pam Stocker says:

    Dear Sarah! Take time and space for what you need – to savour the moment. Taste it deeply.xP

  29. Anne L. says:

    Total Suspense, Total Silence
    I hold my breath for you, Sarah Outen
    Absolutly spicy moment
    To never forget 🙂

  30. Gilly says:

    Well done girl! Have been following your progress ever since the lovely H-L girls told us about you. Your father would be so proud of you. You will now be in our favourite island which I know you will enjoy.

  31. robert jones says:

    a fantastic achievement what a hero and insparation to others you are
    well done and all the best in the future

    best regards

    Robert, Tracey and stanley( who i have to say is the cutest jack russell ever)

  32. Steve Walton says:

    Well done Sarah, a mighty effort. Being wheelchair bound, you have allowed me to venture with you beyond my confines. For that, I truly thank you. Blessings Steve (Tasmania).

  33. Totally inspiring for today’s young people, many many congratulations.

  34. Gillian Chibbett says:

    Sarah, Helen and Matt,
    Totally delighted that the last message from Silvia said that you, Sarah, are now safe and being towed to the beach.Words cannot convey how relieved we all are that you are soon to be on dry land, safe and sound and with Mum and Bruv!!
    Lots of love, Jim, Gillian and harry

  35. Fireworks, gun salute, doves, balloons, ticker tape, bands playing truimphant music, and the cyber crowds go WILD! Whohooooo! Well Done Sarah! What an amazing achievement! Absolutely amazing!

  36. Richard C says:

    Hope you are on news at 10 tonight !!!

  37. rob bowditctch says:

    well done sarah congrats robxxxxxxxxxx

  38. rob bowditctch says:

    congrats sarah now going on holiday well done rxxxxxxxxxxx

  39. Wow Sarah!!!! I’ve been thinking of you these last 100 or so days and I think you have done an amazing job!!

    It would be great to hear how you felt while you were out there and how you found the whole process…..write a book!!!

    Anyways, when you are back to yourself send me an email and let me know how you are.

    One of your two favourite nutritionists, Naomi xxx

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