Sanctuary of a different kind

One week ago I was salty and exhausted, oh-so-very excited, oh-so-totally-hungry and pretty well mind-boggled by everything. My little ocean bubble burst and my three year three thousand mile goal achieved, a trace of my emotions and energies this last week would have likely made any onlooker more than a  little seasick with all the ups, downs, wiggles and squiggles. But I am pleased to say that I now seem to be somewhat less dazed and confused by this land lark and I do believe I have rediscovered my inner Tigger,  and am glad to report am bouncing just fine. The brain/body mush hybrid is somewhat less mushy, I am clawing back the 18 kilos which I lost somewhere on the ocean, and Mum, Matt and I are relaxing into this final week of holiday out here in M.

Rather than reveal too much about this last week’s rollercoastering, however (I’m going to make you wait for my book), I thought I would introduce you to my latest Indian Ocean haven, Anahita : World Class Sanctuary. Through a wonderful bit of serendipity, both Dippers and the Outey clan have found ourselves welcomed into this wonderful sanctuary, nestled into a beautiful little bay in Beauchamp on the East coast, and are all relaxing and rejuvenating in the most wonderful surroundings imaginable.  Oceanic thank yous to the team here at Anahita for everything – the fabulous apartment; the massage which sent me to sleep; the ”Dippers Clean & Sheen team”; the watersports; the help with Dippers’ repatriation and more besides. Anahita join the team as Gold Sponsors and I am super glad and extremely grateful to have such a brilliantly friendly, professional team on board.

We have the rest of this week here, with lots of relaxing, delicious food and some more fun stuff on the menu, and then fly back to Blighty on Saturday – which I am sure will mark another wonderfully crazy wiggle in my current ‘post-ocean’ journey. Ricardo was right – this journey is now in my heart as I try and process my last three thousand miles  and come to terms with land-lubbing once more.

Next shout Blighty… this Tigger is bouncing out until then.

Outey Toot Toot  x x

PS  Another oceanic set of thank yous to everyone for all the commenteering and donations – over £13000 in the Arthritis Care coffers now, and with the previous monies for Arthritis Research Campaign means that my goal to raise over £20K for arthritis charities has been well and truly netted.

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  1. Helen (Sarah's Mum) says:

    I can only echo Sarah’s thanks and comments to the Anahita team……………they have been absolutely wonderful. …especially the ” boathouse ” crew….their warmth and sunny smiles each day have been uplifting and welcoming. Nicholas Vaudin, and your team ,” I thank you all for everything you have done for Sarah, Dippers , Matthew and I.You have all been wonderful.”
    Mauritius, like UK, has changeable weather at the moment, sunny one minute, then down comes the rain!!.at least its warm. The people of this tropical island are warm and friendly , and always welcoming.
    It is lovely to have my little girl back from the sea, safe and sound……….at last………….what tales she will have to tell…..though we’ll all have to wait for the book.
    Matthew, Sarah and i are now beginning to enjoy some of what Mauritius has to offer, by way of delicious food, sailing, snorkelling,swimming, and nature reserves………………you’ll have to visit to see for yourselves!!

  2. Steve Anderson says:

    Sarah, congratulations and although you cannot see it, I am taking my hat off to you. I was brought up in Blaby and moved to the US in Jan 1990 with my wife and 2 daughters 11 and 14. Whilst it was not a solo trip to match yours, physically, I can to some extent understand the mental side. We had never even been to the States before and knew nobody. The things that we encountered when we got here that caught us unawares, although as an Operations Analyst by profession, I thought that I had covered every angle of the move………..The best laid plans etc.
    It is nice to see someone from my home area do something of considerable note and your feat really fits that bill. Good luck with your life and I look forward to the book.
    I heard a quote recently from Edith Ronne was the first known American woman to set foot in Antarctica and one of two women who were the first to spend the winter on the southernmost continent, she died this year and the quote goes “It’s one of those adventures you wouldn’t miss for a million dollars and you wouldn’t do again for less than a million,” she told the Christian Science Monitor after disembarking in New York on her return in April 1948.
    The quote sort of summed up how we feel about our move to the US, maybe you can relate?

  3. Nina says:

    What will I read now, opening your blogs was the highlight of the day?
    Reading of your escapades and following all your radio interviews has been a portal to adventure for me, enjoy your break and I look forward to hearing that rather like giving birth all new mums say never again but they usually do and so might another adventure pop up for you.

  4. Christina Clarke says:

    My thoughts are with you, Sarah, for a welcome and safe return, but also for your mum and, most of all, for Matthew who is a wonderful young man and who has, I know, fretted about you and can now be released from any worry and simply lie back and enjoy the sunshine with his precious family.
    Much love to you all. Mrs Clarke (Stamford School)

  5. Pam Stocker says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and Helen and Matt! I suspect vicarious adventuring from the family’s point of view may well be more stressful than doing it first hand. Good to hear you are resting and settling. Frustrating to have to wait for the book! Good for sales figures though! Need an editor? (One sneaky way of getting a preview!)Rutland may feel a tad confined, I fear. Keep meeting people talking about you and your adventure. Great fun to have been part of the blogging Tweedles. Lots of love xP

  6. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve been following your blogs for a while and have really enjoyed them. Glad you are safe and sound and enjoying your vacation time.

    Even though you are not on the ocean rowing anymore, I hope you will blog at least once or twice a week to let all your blogging Tweedles know what’s going on in your life and keep us up to date. After all, you are a great adventurer and some might even go so far as to say heroine.

    I just saw a PBS documentary that was talking about Amelia Earhart and you do somewhat remind me of her. Thank you for your ‘daring-do’.

  7. Barry Gumbert says:

    Greetings TIGGER: I still think you have the Bravery of a piglet but…….

    I agree with NINA What are we supposed to do with our boring selves now that we don’t have you to live vicariously through? (You didn’t know us Yanks knew such big words eh?)

    So gain some weight and go row the Atlantic so we can follow you on another adventure.

    Can’t wait for the book. Make sure to include all those sarah-isms. And write slowly. You Know us Yanks can’t read fast……LOL

  8. terry bradley says:

    Great to here from your ,really miss your daily blog , Great that you are having a relaxing holiday ,you have certainly deserve it,
    You sound releived & relaxed now after the last few days of your venture , but i dont think as off yet what you have accompliced your great .TAKE CARE Cherrio TERRY B !!!!! P.S. Happy to hear DIPPERS is all spruced & shiny for the trip home , Will he /she (which ever) travel home the same time as you ?

  9. lynne wells says:

    Congratulations Sarah! What a fantastic achievement and an amazing amount of money raised. Enjoy the next week and good luck for the move back to Old Blighty. Looking forward to the book xxx

  10. Jane says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Gald to hear that you Mum and Matt are having a well earned break together and relaxing and enjoying the beautiful island. I, too, can’t wait to read the book. You are such an inspirational young woman and deserve to do well in life and in any other goals that you set yourself. Warmest Warmest and very many congratulations to you and very best wishes to Mum and Matt who are no doubt both very proud of you and relieved about your safe arrivl. x

  11. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah, Helen and Matt

    Most of the comments have been said already and we second them, so glad that you are now able to enjoy life over there and be together. We shall look forward to when we do meet up, just enjoy the rest of your time on the beautiful shore. Please keep on with the blogs now and again, we do miss them. Roll on when we are able to read the book.

    Much love

    C & K

  12. So glad to know you have safely succeeded in so many of your goals. Those who’ve been out there know the joy, the exhilaration and the dangers and how difficult it is to return to normality (not that you’ll see much of that to begin with). If you make it to the Southampton boat show, come and look us up. Many congratulations.


  13. Peter Fraser says:


    It is always wonderful to see someone you know go out and do something courageous, adventurous and dedicated to such a worthwhile cause. I am sure that I speak for many when I say that I am very proud of your achievements and touched by your dedication to your father. So, very well done and every best wish to yourself, Matthew and mum.

    Peter Fraser

  14. clare holt says:

    Dear Sarah
    After following you all the way we went off to france on hols and I missed the blogs because of lack of internet access! Finally caught up with your adventures again on Aug 6th and reading through those last few days made me cry!! I think I understand a tiny bit of what you’re going through – having done lots of scuba diving, which takes you into a completely other dimension, it’s very very hard to come back to ‘reality’…but you will, no doubt, be working on your next adventure very soon and I can’t wait to see what you have planned! My 8 yr old son Ben has also been a keen follower and is hovering over my shoulder waiting to chuck me off line so he can message you himself, so I will just say again, well done, you’re a complete inspiration and I can’t wait to catch up with you at Alumni Week with my cameras.
    Love Clare H
    PS: you beat the purple carrots to it! They are still nestling in their allotment beds…but would have to go some to be as exciting as following you!

  15. ian says:

    hi sarah,pleased that you are having such a great time reaquainting with “land life”,possibly you’re in one of the best places to do it,after such a huge adventure time to gather will i think be’d be great if you lined up another record breaking jaunt but i suspect that after all this effort you might want a crack at what most of us call normal life so maybe us vicarious adventurers will have to wait a while,no bad thing perhaps……..
    meantime have a grand time and enjoy some of the glory,great news on the fundraising thing by the way.

  16. Steve Whitehead says:

    Thanks for the news. Good to hear that you are enjoying your holiday. Looking forward to the book. Well done with the fund raising. Fantastic achievement with the rowing. Well done Sarah. Steve Whitehead

  17. James Carter says:

    It’s great that you’re being looked after now you’re back on land. Been seeing some good articles in the papers which is great – I can’t wait for the book either.

    Have a safe flight back to Blighty later this week, what’s happening to Dipper, am guessing you can’t smuggle it on the plane?!?

    Looking forward to seeing you once you’re back

  18. navin,Quatre Bornes,Mauritius says:

    Hi Sarah,let’s hope that you have managed to visit the’Jardin des Pamplemousses,a botanical garden,inspite of the winter weather.As well as l’Aventure du Sucre among others.Glad,that you are enjoying your stay.

  19. Steve RPYC says:

    Congratulations Sarah. I knew when I met you in Fremantle you were a very determined person and would complete the trip successfully given reasonable luck.

    Very best wishes for the future; and I look forward to reading your book when it is published.

    Steve RPYC

  20. travijoe says:


  21. Andrew and Jennifer says:

    Sarah, you are a hero!!! Well done to you, you will no doubt inspire many others to reach for their goals and GO FOR IT! We were sorry not to be able to say goodbye to you in Fremantle. Along the way I’ve heard you interviewed and you sounded positive and strong, I knew you’d make it alive! Good luck settling back in to the real world and enjoy many more hot pizza’s.
    Congratulions, you’ve conquered a incredible feat and deserve ever bit of praise!
    Kindest wishes
    Andrew and Jen, North Fremantle.

  22. navin,Quatre Bornes,Mauritius says:

    Photo of Sarah Outen on Hello News TV wwebsite today 12/0/0*. Just click on red and blue icon ‘ile Maurice tourism info.There’s also an eenglish language version.

  23. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, I am so please that you are having a good rest and that the team at Anahita is looking after you, your mum and your brother. Well. let yourself be pampered, you so very well deserve it. Hope you are also trying those delicious punches!!!!! How about the sight seeing? Have you been to Chamarel yet? When are you heading back to UK? hope you keep in touch, and I will be looking forward to read your book. Did you get all the photos I sent on Ricardo’s email address? cheers for now. Lina and Gerard from Perth WA.

  24. Dagmar says:

    Have a safe journey back home on Saturday, and enjoy the last few days of Indian Ocean proximity!! Dagmar

  25. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    Dearest Sarah

    Am so proud of all that you have achieved…and all that you are. Words cannot adequately describe what a sensational feat of strength, spirit and bravery this has been. The eleven year old girl that I remember so well – undaunted by all that life presented to her – has now, as a woman, shown to the world that same fighting spirit and gritty determination. I am moved to tears by your success and yet cannot even begin to imagine all that you faced – and overcame – along the way. May that spirit be with you always…

    Love and congratulations

  26. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Hope you and the Outen clan have an enjoyable flight back to Blighty -crossing the oceans will be easier when you are collecting air miles, not recalcitrant and backsliding little nauties. Hmm airline food may also be better than your marine cuisine.

    Enjoy catching up with your UK pals, even now forming a disorderly queue to cram your diary, Oh, and get the book out fast – make Happy Socks out of all those empty Christmas stockings!

    best wishes Jane

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