Running Late



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Sarah is behind schedule for her kayak crossings to Sakhalin island and on to Japan.

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Logistics Manager for the L2L Expedition, Tim runs adventure website The Next Challenge offering free advice and support for anyone planning an expedition or dreaming of one.
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3 Responses to Running Late

  1. Kai Ma says:

    Oh boy! What hard work on those roads. Thank you for your lovely long e mail after my darling Robin died, the last 4 weeks were grim but at least he was at home when he died. Thanksgiving Service for him in London next Monday, am expecting about 200. Just been to Portugal for 8 days of solace and sunshine. Delighted Roostie is even nearer now she’s moved to Divinity Road. Lots of love, we’ll both battle on, Kai Ma xxxxxx

  2. Dave Baldwin says:

    Praying that you make it in good time and in good shape. You are an inspiration to many Miss Sarah. Keep up the good work.
    Loved the video!

  3. Ray Girard says:

    If too much seems to be getting in the way of enjoying this adventure, you may need to take an introspective break to get back into yourself, then continue with a full soul.
    -Canada’s pulling with ya’.

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