Rowing all the way!

Sarah’s got just 2.3 miles to go and is determined to make land herself (even if she has to swim the last few strokes!). In a complete whiteout with still no sight of land, she has a light wind and current against her so progress is painfully slow.

Soaked to the skin with icy cold waves that crash over her, she sounds amazing and is dreaming of that eagerly anticipated hot bath.

The support guys are a little way off, trying to settle their stomachs before joining her as she gets close to the southern shore of Adak. No easy beaches to land on here but plenty of sheltered coves.

With her rowing almost over (till the Atlantic of course), Sarah has asked me to make one final request for donations to her chosen charities. Any amount, however small, all makes a difference and can be done by clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button on her home page. A huge “Thank You” to everyone who has already donated.

Waiting with the rest of you!


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12 Responses to Rowing all the way!

  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    Go Sarah Go!!! We are pulling with you on those oars

  2. Kaijsa Bellon says:

    Way to go Sarah and welcome to our State! My boat loving dog, Sailor, and I are rooting for you from Ketchikan, Alaska!

  3. Colin Angus says:

    Yaaaaay Sarah! I’m looking at the map and it looks like the cat is truly in the bag. In a couple of hours you will be the first woman to row across the North Pacific from Asia to North America. Well Done!! We’ll be toasting your achievement with a fine Scotch. Enjoy that hot bath!!

  4. Julie says:

    You GO girl. Proud of you, what an accomplishment. Have watched all the way. So glad ypu have made it. Hope to see you as you pass through Cnada…….

  5. kate says:

    Go Sarah go! Amazing following your journey from the comfort of my office. I am humbled by your adventerous spirit and bravery to embrace the adventures life has to offer. Much respect.

  6. Tim Haldane says:

    Holding my breath. Is she going to row all the way up to the river mouth at the head of the bay to land, otherwise it looks like there is no other landing site? There’s nothing else around there is there? How does she get from her landing site to a place of civilisation?

  7. Think you’ve earned that bath, girl.
    Honoured to call you a friend.

  8. I just celebrated Sarah’s arrival by giving 250 pounds to her charities. I challenge everyone else to do same.

    • Mel Johnson says:

      Thank you from Sarah, that is so generous.The money she raises for her charities is really important and helps her when times are tough.

  9. An amazing achievement Sarah!

    Well done!

  10. chris duff says:

    Way to go Sarah, you have met so many challenges and have beaten them all. Congratulations!! We are all so very happy you have made it to land- and safely! Chris

  11. Ralph Hammond says:

    Fantastic Sarah! We’re all rooting for you here in Somerset UK.

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