Round the world in a flying carrot

The days are ticking by for ocean rower Olly Hicks. Counting down until he sets off from Australia on his latest endurance mission – to row round the world. Yep, you did read that right – round the world. A journey of about 15,000 miles, split in two with an overwintering period in the middle, aiming to finish up in Oz again in late 2010, having taken on the craziest oceans in the world – the Southern and Pacific.

Very interested to see how he gets on for a number of reasons, one being that the wonderful Jamie and Emily of Global Boatworks built both of our boats. In fact, I saw the Flying Carrot just before she was ready to row – she’s a bit bigger than my little Dippers!

Good luck Olly! I’ll be keeping an eye on his progress and feeding in updates to the site here, but meanwhile have a read of his website.

PS This is the reason we didn’t try Virgin for sponsorship… already engaged!

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