Roly Poly Over!!

Well, what a shock I had this morning…..a phone call from somewhere out in the Indian Ocean….Yes, it was Sarah…………just ringing to let me know that she was ok after ” having a bit of a roll about ” in the sea!!!!

 I am so glad that she is so particular about being ” hooked up” at all times………if she wasn’t………..well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.!!!

Many thanks to all those who respond to the blogs . Sarah gets all the comments, and she is so grateful for that contact with everyone. Also to those who have given so generously along the way, both to the charity funding, and to help ” fund ” the row…………………………its an expensive trip!!……..satellite charges …………………………for blogging and keeping in touch are  HUGE, so we are grateful for monies that have been given to help.

 Just a quick reminder to people, that to sponsor the charity , the easiest way is to click on the ” charity” bit at the top of the home page, and do it through justgiving,or to help with the trip costs please contact 

Once agin, a huge THANK YOU to everyone for their ongoing help and support!!

 Helen             ( Sarah’s Mum)

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12 Responses to Roly Poly Over!!

  1. Vincent says:

    Thank you Helen! Both for raising such an exceptional young woman and all you have done for our charity.

    I just want you to know that the fundraising & raising awareness of Arthritis Care will really make a positive difference to the lives of people in the UK who have to live with the pain and discomfort of Arthritis.

    Best wishes


  2. Charlie Chase says:

    To Sarah’s Mum – I want to ask BBC TV if they are going to make a programme. And surely they can be at Mauritius to meet Sarah.
    I don’t see how best to do this. Do you know who and how I can contact someone.
    If we all ask – they must listen to us. Start a petition !!!

  3. BPC and Albie says:

    Oh my word!!! i go away for one night and come back to discover you’ve been doing somersaults!!! so pleased you’re back in dippers and in one piece. hope that wrist isn’t too bad. will email about a hilarious dream i had! lots of love, xxx

  4. Ems says:

    I’m glad to hear your ok my lovely!!…take care as always and thinking of you lots. x x x

  5. Susie Hewson says:

    Sarah listening to you on the radio last night for the first time I detected some anxiety in your voice and became concerned for you. Now we hear from your mum about your escapades with Mother Nature and now I see why you sounded so anxious. Like all your followers, I am sure, our hearts skip and bump when you meet these challenges because you have now become a close friend to all of us.
    To get you up and sparky again, here’s a childish joke:
    Why are dolphins cleverer than humans?
    Within3 hours they can train a man to stand at the side of a pool and feed them fish! Keep those spirits up – Susie

  6. ian says:

    hi sarahs mum,just to say i’ve got my fingers crossed for you to,your daughter is doing something amazing with fortitude,humour and no end of bravery,she really is a credit to her family and a very real example to young people of what can be achieved with focus drive and spirit,everyone on the blog will want her safely home and are fervently wishing for this.

  7. Miss Faux's maths class says:

    Hi Sarah

    We are in year 7 and we keep on looking at the map at the end of the maths lessons. we think it is awsome that you are rowing to marecious.
    we are hoping that you don’t hurt yourself anymore

    good luck
    jonnie timi

    p.s. what was miss Faux like at school

  8. John Heslop says:

    Hi Helen,

    I can see where Sarah gets her apparent calmness from. I think you deserve a bravery award yourself, just for being there for Sarah on the end of the phone.

  9. Ian Smedley says:

    Sarah – I heard your interview on the radio last night and was amazed at you, your strength of mind and approach to life.
    Good luck to you and don’t forget to enjoy all that life throws at you.
    I’ll be watching your progress every day in awe

  10. Do you tether yourself in the boat? Having been capsized myself in a sailboat and just managing to grab the line in time, I worry about those things…but then I was in Lake Champlain, not the Indian Ocean. Best of luck to you. I’ll start following your voyage now.

  11. Janet says:

    Hi Sarah
    I make it you are now more than 60% complete in your Eastings which I reckon makes about a further 55 days to complete. Its hardly a downhill run with the weather worsening as winter hits. It may be a good idea to keep an extra rope tied around your waist so that if you go over you can tie on before unclipping or keep another harness on. The key thing as well is to have a knife handy or on you so that if you do get tangled or get tangled around something you can unclip or cut in a hurry. Best of luck I hope the weather gives you some warmth and a break soon.Unfortunately you need to try to rest the sprain. I dont know if you can think of a way to maybe attach oars together so you can row one handed? Anyway as Clem says weather is currently pretty wild and windy. Some races have been cancelled lately because of high wind, keeping in mind you don’t have the choice to stay in and keep dry and warm but maybe you can hatch down and try to get as close to that as possible and just take a well earned break.

  12. Rita Savage says:

    Helen, as my daughter is also rowing at sea at present, I can really sympathise with your concern for Sarah. Roz and Sarah do know each other and were in touch quite a bit before they both set out. Roz is now about 1000 miles into her second stage across the Pacific. Sadly the BBC does not seem to be interested in what our girls are doing.
    My thoughts are with you and Sarah during this time of adventure and anxiety. Rita Savage.

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