Resting, resting, one , two, three…

Sleepy Sare

The whole Utopian resting lark isn’t really going quite as restfully as I had hoped. My naiive little head had imagined, nay hoped, that I could just sit quietly and write my book this week (in time for my first deadline with my agent Peter on Monday) while supping the occasional tasty beverage with friends, stretching the land legs with Bonnie-the-one-eyed-hound and cycling my way back to the life of endorphine-fuelled inner happiness that I enjoyed at sea.

Instead, following my very peaceful and chilled bank-holiday-in-a-tent Peak District retreat (Duke of Edinburgh awarding with my old school) life has leapt back to Land Busy once more, as I try and coordinate various interviews, Dippers repatriation, Diary Filling, talk booking, email duties and so on. All normal life for most folks, I guess – only I’m still getting back into the swing of it after my time at sea. A mashing by physio and sports masseur today went some way to returning body to normal, even if my mind is still not quite settled yet. I think this whole post-ocean crazy dazed wobbling will be worth a whole chapter of the book – the psychology of it is all rather intriguing.

Good stuff afoot:   Sarah Outen polo-shirts will be available to order in the next day or two, and a cheeky preview selection of ocean photos will be online very shortly, too. 

I think tomorrow the key will be to turn off all phones and emails and go underground for a day of book writing…

Yours in Fruitloopydom from Outey Towers,

S x

PS Dippers will be landing in 10 days time, and delivered to Southampton a few days thereafter. 19th/20th September she and I will be on display at Southampton Boatshow. Details of ticketage to follow.

PPS Advance Warning: Radcliffe & Maconie : 15th September, BBC Radio 2. I will  be meeting my favourite radio boys for real as I join them live for the show in Manchester. Happy days!

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13 Responses to Resting, resting, one , two, three…

  1. Charlie Chase says:

    I’ll have my Radio on. I’ll be listening Sarah – it will be nice to hear you again.

  2. Steve Whitehead says:

    Best of luck with the book writing.
    Polo shirts sound good!
    Southampton boat show and Radio 2! all good stuff! Looking forward to them both.
    Glad you enjoyed the camping weekend – sounded very restful.
    Thanks for all the news.
    Once you can start the book writing it should flow. The trick is to get started and maybe then treat it as a 9 to 5 job?
    All the very best. Thanks again. Steve Whitehead.

  3. Barry Gumbert says:

    I’m doing Lay Minister duties for my Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Sept 13 Which is HOMECOMING day for us. I’m thinking of making mention of your Homecoming trials.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Sam Murray says:

    Looking forward to hearing you with Mark and Stuart.

  5. Hi Sarah
    Sorry I have been out of touch .
    Snowed (or should I say Rained) under with work at both the ministry and the Historic Village.
    I might drop into the Southampton boat show.
    Have a well earned rest.
    Cheers to Helen and Matt too
    See you back in Moz soon

  6. Spike says:

    That is probably why, once people experience life far away from land, they keep on doing it !
    (I love people – but I couldn’t eat a whole one right now)

    Perhaps it is the ‘raw survival in a threatening environment’ psychology thing. In some ways, the ease of modern communications has diluted that. The psych element will warrant a significant passage in the book.

    I look forward to meeting other Blog-Tweedles at the boat show. Do we need “Fruitloop-Blog-Tweedle” badges to go with the T shirts ?

  7. Amanda B says:

    I’m really pleased to hear that you had such a good time in the tent over the weekend; just what you needed by the sound of it! I reckon you should order more weekends like that – perhaps a canvas writing retreat is required? Polo shirts sound good, but sadly I will miss the Boat Show as I’ll be off camping in France. Perhaps I can get the radio show on my mud radio?! Amanda x

  8. Mary Jo Johnson says:

    You look so cosy all tucked up with your furry friend and if you could stay there undisturbed it would be just what the doctor ordered. Life moves at such a pace. How you find time to keep us all in touch I do not know but I have to say you have made the last months so fascinating having your news every day.I have been inspired to do the atlantic crossing this November joining the Arc.So a few days at sea will be wonderful and to get away from dreary November a joy.I hope your mum and Jan enjoy their time at sea on the Lord Nelson and wish them well from me.So you take good care and find some more of those moments to curl up and snooze. With love Jo.
    PS Put me on the list for a tee shirt!!

  9. Adrian Moss says:

    Will see you at the Southampton Boatshow!


  10. Diana says:

    Glad you had a bit of a glimpse of what a rest is- I have a hammock in the garden and write myself a “things to do in the hammock” list (!!!!) that is so bonkers isn’t it. Needless to say apart from the day i hung the hammock I have not had even a few minutes resting in it except one afternoon a 5 minutes snooze accompanied by my trusty border terrier WYSIWYG – now he really does know how to rest and I should follow his example- humans definitely are the crazy species. So glad dipper is soon to be in show and will try to listen to the Radio 2 boys. Best wishes Diana

  11. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    you look nice & peaceful with your pooch in your photo ,you should do it every chance you have, thanks again for taking your time to keep us all in touch with you ,still check the blog every day ,even went through the tracker on the weekend seemed like i was tracking you all over again. love a polo shirt if i can get one all the way out to aussie ( any ideas) .love to go to the boat show & have a good sqize at DIPPERS must be a wonderful little craft, i was in the U.K this time last year ,but thats not much good now can we have some photos in the gallery of DIPPERS arrival home & in the boat show .Will we get the B.B.C show out here? take care ,keep safe & rest &RELAX!!!!!!! Please keep in touch ,Cherrio &God Bless TERRY B XX

  12. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah,

    Seeing is believing.The picture of you and your pooch is great. It proves that you are enjoying a little down time.
    TAke Care
    Grandma Barb

  13. Juliet says:

    fruitloop blog tweedle badges are essential! hopfully see you all at the boatshow! 🙂 .x.x.

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