Renewal and rotten eggs

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A whole week off the bike and I feel human again. This is reassuring. Hercules and I head out from Mutsu, Aomori this afternoon for the final run south. In contrast to the whole journey so far, now there is no rush. No time pressure. No weather window to worry about. No visa issues. Just me, Herc and three whole weeks to cover the 1400ish kilometres of meandering route that I have roughly sketched out to get us down to Choshi and Tokyo.

The week off the bike has been defined by new friends, lots of eating and sleeping, a luxurious visit to an onsen (hot spa) and a rather bizarre session of electrocution and chiropractic crunching, and hours and hours of catching up on admin. The latter hasn’t been a bad thing – it is good to be back in control.

One afternoon I rode up through the hills, all rich in autumn leaf, to the sacred Mt Osorezan. Not only was it a beautiful ride and a tranquil reward for my efforts, but perhaps the most wonderful thing was the headspace – it was so refreshing to be sat on the bike with a clear head, my mind either happily empty or skipping about thoughts and questions voluntarily, rather than feeling overwhelmed as I have done in recent weeks. Oh yes, and fresh legs, too. Not a squeak of lactate or stiffness in sight.

Until next time,

Sarah and Herc x

PS Exciting week – our shiny new Schools HQ will be going live with a library of new educational resources, which we have worked hard on with our partners Digital Explorer.

PPS Next month polar explorer and all round lovely lass Felicity Aston heads down south to traverse Antarctica. Alone. It is set to be a huge expedition and, from what I know of Felicity and her expeditions, I know she will share the stories beautifully and it will be a great follow.

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12 Responses to Renewal and rotten eggs

  1. peter booth says:

    Well sarah,that certainly looked a lovely place to visit.Glad to hear that you are feeling refreshed after your weeks break. Has Herc been serviced ready for the next part of your journey. Look forward to your next blog.God Bless Peter Nottingham.

  2. Helen Outen says:

    Good to see you looking so good. Hope the trip down to Choshi will be calm and not to busy.
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Barry Gumbert says:

    Hi Sarah

    That baby Buddha (Jesu) statue reminds me that if you have time or if by chance you should happen across a Rissho Kosei Kai church, you should drop in. I know they would love to meet you. Let them know you know someone from The Klamath Falls Dharma Center and he said they should give you a Bodhi leaf to take with you for luck.

  4. Annie Hall says:

    It looks so lovely, and it’s great to have your voice sound a bit more relaxed.

  5. Maureen says:

    Sarah you look so much better now, and you sound positive and relaxed. Like you I’m not religious, but I found the Buddhism way soothed and calmed me so much I now have a house full of Buddhas – well, a dozen or so!
    Enjoy meandering down Japan, it’s a lovely time of year to be seeing it.

  6. mike says:

    thank you Sarah for sharing with us your moments of calm and reflection on the Holy Mountain. Take care now . love Mikex

  7. Ian Stokes says:

    Hi Sarah, enjoy your final run South. Great to see you looking so calm and relaxed as you begin to recharge the batteries! It’s difficult for me to even imagine how much physical and mental effort you have put in since leaving from Tower Bridge. What a great achievement!!

  8. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Good to see you looking so well after your short break building up your strength again ready for the next leg. You have done so well geteing all this way and more so keeping us lot informed at home an daround the world of your activities.

    Happy pedalling on the next bit

    C & K

  9. Ray Girard says:

    Right now you are doing what I call “Staying close to yourself”.

    It will be a source of continuing strength.

    Good on ya’, girl.


  10. Belinda Dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Glad to see you looking and sounding rested after your week off! What’s with the electrocution? Something to do with backache, I presume!

    Enjoy the pressure-less final leg.

    Belinda x

  11. John says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thrilled to see you are well and that you have reached another landmark and quite literally another land. Although it is the halfterm holiday here we are looking forward to showing the mini people your progress soon. Enjoy Japan and Im sure Catherine will think of you especially this evening as she is going to have sushi for tea!
    Love and thoughts
    John & Catherine (BPC) xx

  12. Joshua Boitt says:

    I wish a safe journey across the world and here in Asia ..its my dream to follow your footsteps and my plan to cycle in 2008 fell apart but from Africa still the dream set forth by day i will too….. wish you all the best safe secure trip

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