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  1. BPC says:

    The day i have been waiting for: at last i can comment! Fantastic to see it looking like a boat now – she’s a beauty indeed! and very impressed with your own handiwork. Happy ocean crossing, xx

  2. Sarah says:

    How completely exciting – the first commmenteer! Hopefully by the time we’re at sea we’ll have a host of them chatting away. Thanks indeedy.

  3. BPC says:

    Thank you for the buff – love it! thinking of you sailing off from Iceland – hope its a great step on the way to the big Indian Ocean. xx

  4. Godfolkes says:

    It was great to be able to share a day of your race with you but the weather could certainly have been kinder – well done – we have never seen so many jelly babies disappear!!

  5. Alan Thomas says:

    Go for it, Girl.
    Wishing you a safe journey.

    Alan Thomas

    (Personal Everest, Welsh Fan Club)

  6. Mum says:

    Hello there Sugar Plum, Looking forward to your return from the high seas. Good to talk to you this morning.
    Love you,
    Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Excellent to see you today and we are glad you love your boat! Pete our sparky has arrived back now (his van is all fixed) and he is fiddling with lots of wires in your main cabin with Jamie. See you next week when you come to collect your boat – we will be sad to see her go….Speak soon. Love Emily & Jamie x

  8. BPC says:

    Sounds like a fantastic time, well, the sunny and animal watch bits – not so much the gales and midnight watches! liking the new logo 🙂 take care, x

  9. Mum says:

    No, I am not epecting you to fly a desk or something. I just want you to be happy,and to ( hopefully ) fulfil all your dreams .
    Remember, I have always said that you should reach for the stars ….and whales, and water too I suppose.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually, I’m glad you’re not going to outer space, i wouldn’t be able to cope with that, I don’t think!
    Love you loads, and I will always support you. Follow your heart.
    Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Pete says:

    The boat looks great and the challenge is fascinating. I’m impressed!
    Hope everything goes smoothly…

    Btw, you won’t know me but I work with Elaine Way.

  11. BPC says:

    What a beautiful pair! Loving the updates – you’re really keeping me on my toes 😉 Pleased to see everything is progressing so well, xx

  12. Mike says:

    Mums right and should be very proud of you,best wishes for your future voyage I will logon with interest,
    p.s. I’m bound for an experience on the V.L. later this year.

  13. Mum says:

    Hello there, you. Yes, October is here. A very WET one too. Not so nice.Just to let you know it is lovely having you around for a while. See you soon,Mum xx

  14. Alan Thomas says:

    October, yes it came around fast!!

    Your adventure IS getting nearer. so EXCITEMENT, all round

    Sorry cant be there to see you off !!

    But will be watching, via this site.

    GO GO GO GO .

  15. Mum says:

    hey there Sugar Plum,
    It was so lovely to be on Serendipity with you yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vanessa was so chuffed too. She really enjoyed it.
    Hope the shift is good today, and at the boarding house tinight.
    Love you lots!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Rutland Watersports says:

    Good luck on the big trip!!!
    Best wishes from all of us at Rutland Watersports.

  17. Jen Muirhead says:

    Thanks for the chance to go out in your boat on Rutland Water and to be one of the first people to have a go at rowing it. Fantastic fun and I’m so full of admiration for what you’re doing. There’ll be a feature on Sarah in the December issue of embrace magazine – pick up a free copy at the Rutland Times office in Oakham towards the end of November. Keep up the great work, Sarah!
    Jenefer Muirhead, editor

  18. Alex Hibbert says:

    Top effort Sarah, especially in the current financial climate. Keep trucking!

  19. BPC says:

    Hope you’ve thawed by now! Looking forward to seeing the photos, xx

  20. Mum says:

    See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kitty and Tim says:


    Just to say a great evening last Friday, well done, and good to see so many familiar faces! We were very impressed with your preparations to date, particularly the’flying’ press-ups! Good luck in Devon this week, hope you don’t get snow!

  22. BPC says:

    Exciting exciting!! best of luck on the ocean waves – cant wait how hear about it, xx

  23. Colin Bray says:

    Hi Sarah, was very pleased to help you out on Saturday, the beach area at Exmouth can be quite difficult to get out of especially with as large a trailer load as you have. Even us regulars can get bogged down in the sand and without a run up to get over it, it can be a nightmare. Once again I wish you every success with your expedition and really hope you achieve all your goals.

    Take Care

  24. Alan Thomas says:

    Woo Hoo Woo Hoo

    up in the “Limelight”

    Sorry, cant make it (Sunning it up in Gambia !!)

    All the best

    Alan Thomas

  25. Mum says:

    I’m looking forward to the boat show on 14th. Love you, Mumxxxxxxx

  26. Plompey says:

    Looks good , my Sugar Plum. Looks good!! I am looking forward to being there with you on Wednesday!!
    Lots of love, Mum. xxx

  27. Peter Vaughan says:

    I hope you are enjoying the show and I am glad you could use the photo. What a coincidence with the rowers on the screen in the background!
    Take care, Pete.

  28. Charly Sissons says:

    Hey Sarah, it was great to meet you on Saturday, Still not been able to see you and Serendipity but it is coming back. I am still amazed that you wanted to see me. You are the inspiring one I am just doing what I love and anyone who loved their hobies as much would do the same. I can’t wait to hear from you and to tell all at Rutland Sailability about you. Will send you a copy of our photo.
    Break a leg Charly

  29. Plompey says:

    So, so lovely to be with you today at the BOATSHOW. Daddy would be sooooooo proud of you. You’re more than a Sugar Plum, you are the best daughter any Mum could ever wish for.
    It was lovely to meet with some of the faces of people who have supported and given you advice…..even if “”it is all Sally’s fault””…Ricardo too. What a lovely guy.
    Anyway, suffice to say it was good to meet her. A great shame that Geoff had car problems!!!! I know how it feels……(gear box)
    Say “hello ” to him at the weekend….and Timmy if he comes.
    Hope you get some more sponsors.
    Love Mum.xxxxxxxxx

  30. Steve Sissons says:

    Cant leave this Blog with no comments can we?
    All I can say is “Watch out Rutland when These Two Get Together”

  31. Charly Sissons says:

    Hiya What a bummer. Perhaps Charly could give you a tow? Gill S

  32. Robert Nixon says:

    Oh my, best of luck with that problem. As with all things getting there is at least half the battle. You will find a way.

  33. Plompey says:

    Bit of a pain isn’t it?
    Anyway , we’ll get there. Don’t worry.
    Love you,

  34. Debbie says:

    Keep up the good work Charly, you’re a star.

  35. Plompey says:

    Good video daughter!! xxx

  36. Roost says:

    What a great video! Nice one. Sad I missed the launch of the great Serendipity

  37. BPC says:

    Wow wow wow!!!

    What news!!!!


  38. Robert Nixon says:

    Planning and preparation can only get you so far. The willingness of others to believe in your dream and to try to help you achieve it will be what ultimately determines if you will succeed or not. It appears that many others have decided to believe in your dream as much as you do.

    All the best wishes from the other side of the pond.

  39. Sarah says:

    Happy days – we are all packed up now and ready to ship….

  40. The Taylor Family from stamford schools says:

    We hope you do amazingly and finish fine in one piece.
    Lexi Taylor goes to stamford jouior and Eliza Taylor goes to stamford high school.
    It will be a brillant felling if you do it.

  41. joseph yan de Périndorge says:

    dear Sarah,
    our school the splash safety at sea, marine and nautical school has just heard about your program. we have been in tough by Mr Linsay Noé we did told him that we will help for this action be a success and we will pray so that it help along these three month.
    we wish to know what we can do else.

  42. Robert Nixon says:

    Wow, so cool, I am truly jealous at this point. To be packed up and ready to go must be a great relief. Now that the hard part is done all you have to do is cross the indian ocean 😉 piece of cake right?

    Best of Luck

  43. Alan Thomas says:

    Go GO GO
    EVERY GOOD WISH, goes to Your TRIP

    any idea of the event time ??
    Watching, this site, as much as I can

    I am very jealous, about your travels (I will missout the rowing part !!)

    (telling all my contacts, about this)

  44. Sarah says:

    Alan – hello there! How goes it in Wales? Saw Geoff the other week – he’s on good form.

    Hoping to leave around mid March from Oz – I fly out there on Feb 25th.

    How was the holiday? Can’t remember where you were going but it was somewhere warmer than here, right?!

    Sarah x

  45. Alan Thomas says:

    Snowing n Wales

    Went to Gambia (while it was in the minus`es, here in the UK, we were in 35 – 38, during the day!!)

    March thats good.
    Will be watching your progress.


  46. Francesca Lisle from St. Michaels says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Please can you tell me what that big bird was that had really wide wings and it starts witha.


  47. Francesca Lisle from St. Michaels says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Please can you tell me what that big bird was that had really wide wings and it starts with a.


  48. OceansWatch says:

    Hi Sarah


    OceansWatch wishes you a safe, enjoyable and speedy trip!

  49. Robert Nixon says:

    Me personally, I would call somebody on skype or similar service that has a real phone number to call through that service and then the person who receives the call would use a program like “Audio Hijack Pro” on a mac or similar on windows to capture the audio from skype. I could go into greater detail but I am not sure if you are on a mac or windows or if that is even what you wanted to do. Is this like for recording bits for us poor souls still stuck on land to hear of your adventure?

  50. Spike says:

    Bummer ! RPC in St Giles ? Just like me to be on the back side of the drag curve. I was in the Oxford area that day too, but only seen the blog today. Hey ho.
    Best of luck with final preps and I know you will be spiritually inspired by any Albatross you might encounter while paddling across the oggin (It was uplifting to have one follow my steamer for 4 days off the WA coast). If you haven’t read “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”, you should get a copy to read on the flight to Oz.

    Big hug

  51. Charly Sissons says:

    Hiya Sarah, sorry I missed out last night but I did give Steve his orders. Safe flying and Happy rowing and hope little Charly helps. Ma Sissons

  52. Gill Coghlan says:

    I am Sam’s Mum – and wish you every success. Gill.

  53. Helen Cassin says:

    Hi Sarah, just listened to you on radio four. You were fab! Lots and lots of luck, I’m sure you’ll be amazing. I’ll be following your progress! Love, Helen x

  54. Moira Nye and Teddies says:

    Just a note to say good luck from all at Teddies. We will be thinking of you and looking forward to reports.

    God speed and take care.

    With love

    All at Teddies

  55. Sean says:

    Hi Sarah
    Heard you on Womens Hour – Best Of Luck 🙂

    BTW the link you give for BVCO is incorrect (that URL is parked).
    This is the correct URL: http://www.bvco.org.uk/ (note the .uk)


  56. Kevin.Durbridge says:

    Hi Sarah heard you on the radio,the very best of luck to you,i will be following you on your web site.

  57. Sara Pike says:

    Hi Sarah, heard you on woman’s hour this morning – a total surprise and what a thrill. You sounded great and as always, such an inspiration. good luck and love, Sara

  58. Robert Nixon says:

    Good job for being green. I believe that we all should practice what I like to call “Responsible Environmentalism”. That being buy reusable items, recycle, shop local, and help others to do the same. I too am skeptical about the evils of carbon and the carbon offsetting programs but in theory it is a good idea. I absolutely love the solar cookers and have used a home-made one in the past. They work absolutely brilliantly in the warmer sunny climates.

    Use what we have here responsibly and try to put a little back whenever possible. Anyway, I could go on for hours on the topic but I won’t.

    Shipping by sea is one of the most cost(money and environment) efficient way of moving goods around the world.

  59. Ellie N says:

    Just listened to you on Women’s hour, only a few days late… Best of luck, I know you’ll be amazing. Will be following your progress and sending you texts/emails along the way… Good luck, love Ellie x.

  60. Charlie Beesley says:

    Good Luck Sarah, have a great (safe) trip, from Charlie (cameraman)
    your mate in a punt last week crossing the Thames !!!!!!
    I will be keeping an eye on you…….

  61. BPC says:

    Au Revoir and Bon Voyage!

    Wishing you all the very very best. xxx

  62. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Enjoy the adventure Sarah. We’ll be keeping tabs on you to find out where you are! Hope all the messages keep you company.
    Arthritis Care

  63. Spike (ancient mariner) says:

    Dippers – She’ll be right !
    Bon voyage Outey. I hope you don’t get ‘goffered’ too frequently; you’ve put yourself through some good training, now make it work. Just say hi to my ethereal long-winged soaring mates out in the ocean.

    You may not lean towards the big ‘G’ man but Force 12 is a definitely religious experience ! If the Albatross can survive it, so will you.
    Will be watching closely and expect a good suntan whan you return.

  64. Helen Cassin says:

    All the luck in the world – you’ll be awesome, as always! Will be folowing your progress as you go. xxx

  65. Godfolkes says:

    Enjoy your cruise in the Indian Ocean with your five star accomodation on Dippers! Look after your engine and we will be with you all the way. Our love. xx

  66. Jane Spence says:

    Happy landings in Aus – you’ll enjoy being reunited with Dipper and then getting on with it. No more ergs, just the great ocean and the chance to swot up on your briny biology and marine cuisine.

    Hope you have fun in Aus and the last minit prep goes OK – we’ll be checking your blog avidly for highlights and insights, go girl!
    Jane, Arthritis Care UK

  67. Susie Hewson says:

    Brave Sisters are doing it for themselves and Sarah you are an inspiration to us all – West Coast Salty dogs Natracare say look out for yourself on the high seas and we will focus all our positive thoughts to help keep you well motivated – Best of luck
    Susie, natracare

  68. Mum says:

    Hi there you,
    So pleased to hear that you have arrived in Aussieland safely!!!
    Seems very strange here….hardly a box in site!!!
    Good return trip with Anita.
    Matt looking forward to his 1st race on Sunday. Van hopefully will be fixed tomorrow.
    have posted some mail to you.
    Still no charts.!!
    Love you lots. Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  69. Alan Thomas says:

    All the Best

    I`m watching

    Alan / Wales

  70. Annie says:

    This really puts things into perspective… I no longer want to cross an ocean, but it gives me a new respect for those who have crossed an ocean in the passed and in the present. Beautifully written too!

  71. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah!!!
    Make sure you have fun.
    We will all be thinking of you!
    Charly Sissons
    & Ma & Pa Sissons

  72. BPC and Albie says:

    Lovely to hear of the happenings in Oz. Methinks you were probably made for that Aussie lifestyle. Enjoy and make the most of it!

    Hoping Dippers arrives safe and it’s a joyful reunion, xx

  73. ronald mountain says:

    dear sarah . i hope you will have a safe journey when you set out.
    yours ronald mountain

  74. Hi Sarah – glad to hear you arrived safely. Hope that your stuff got there ok. Good luck from all at RWF.

  75. So excited for you, will be following your every move online!!! Thanks for everything you have done for the Arthritis Research Campaign we really appreciate it.

  76. Geoff Holt says:

    So that’s you and the boat arrived safely in Oz – bet mum let out big sigh of relief. Now all you have to do is get the pair of you to Mauritus. Got all my friends (actually I only have 2 friends) watching your progress. Ronald Mountain – great name Ron. I gotta girl I know in Perth, Sarah Nield, nee Lynn, she may have contacts, I’ll email her your details. Take special care. Geoffers, T & E.

  77. David Penny says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We have never met but i have spoken to you on the telephone whilst arranging to install your Fathers bench at Rutland Water. I went to check it the other day looks great hope you and Helen are pleased with it. Helen sent me a lovely thank you card which was most kind what a nice family you are (you must have skeletons somewhere!)
    Your Dad sounds like a hell of a bloke guess you are a chip off the old block by the sound of it although let’s face it you have got to be a bit of a nutter to do this trip.
    If you were short of cash to get to Mauritus you should have said so we could have had a whip round.
    I agree Ron Mountain great name do you know anyone called Sidney Ocean?
    Did you know that Captain Bligh sailed into the OZ area and thanks to Fletcher Christian had to row back out again, perhaps that could be your next trip.
    Enough said well done safe trip.
    David (Your country cousin)

  78. Laura Wright says:

    Woop Woop! Your in OZ!! Thats fabby! I miss our emails, will be thinking of you setting off next week, and I hope Dippers is all ok after being tucked up asleep for so long

    xx Laura

  79. Very pleased that everything has worked out for you. Look forward to following your great adventure.

    take care x

  80. Mike Peare says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just to let you know you have made the front pages of the “Mauritius News” a monthly paper printed in the UK for the Mauritian Community of UK.
    Who is your contact in Mauritius?
    All the best and have a safe voyage.

  81. Jen Muirhead says:

    hi Sarah

    Great to hear you’re settling in Down Under – but don’t get too comfortable! Spoke to your mum today – she rang to say thanks for that lovely pic of you peeping out of Little Dippers.
    Hope you enjoy your last few days on dry land.
    Go for it!
    All the best

  82. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news that things are going as planned. Have a wonderful time and we will be following you closely, Enjoy yourself, wish I was there with you. Glad they are looking after you over there, don’t forget to come back here after the trip is finished as you may take a shine to Oz.

    Much love and take care

  83. The Taylor Family from stamford schools says:

    Hi Sarah this is from Lexi (Stamford junior school and the one with the broken arm when you were rowing at the school)and Iona (also Stamford Sch.) We love reading your blog – very very good luck. We will be following your progress as much as poss. We thought rowing from Edith Weston to Whitwell was pretty hard work so we really admire your project!

  84. Your big Brother says:

    Well Sarah, I want to wish you all the best for your upcoming adventure, I know that it will be tough, much tougher than anything I have ever done, or ever will do. Your an inspiration, and Dad would have been so so proud. I know you don’t believe in the Big G man, and neither do I really but when it gets rough and tough, just look at the brightest star in the sky and you will find the answer. Im looking forward to hearing how you get on and will be following your progress very closely. Good luck Sis, be strong and remember, ‘Don’t eat yellow snow!!!’

    lots of love

    your big bruv xxxx

  85. Sara Pike says:

    Hi sarah, I love reading your blog – I’ve just found the button to subscribe!! All this is quite new to me but I’ll be following your progress closely. Good luck, Sara Pike at SJS

  86. Sarah Black says:

    Go Sarah, Go Sarah…..

    All at The Green Blue are reading your blogs with interest. The latest missive from our litter champeen has been very well recieved. 15th creaping closer 🙂 bet you can’t wait now?

  87. Ben Thompson says:

    And we’ll just spend thousands of tax payer’s money to come and pick you up when something goes wrong shall we ?
    Be a super duper wacky adventurer from your own country !

  88. Bec says:

    all the best. such a great cause, and no doubt will be making a significant difference in awareness of the charity. will have to come down and wish you well before you set sail! enjoy!

    fellow enviro – bec

  89. Marshall Willan says:

    Good luck Sarah.As a local West Australian I am proud to have you setting out from our shores.I have nothing but complete respect for those like yourself who tackle what more faint hearted ones would say is impossible.You have what it takes just by putting your mind to the challenge ahead. Marshall Willan [Perth,Australia]

  90. Peter says:

    Another bloody pommy airhead adventurer who thinks they are going to be famous. Well you will certainly be famous if the Royal Australian Navy has to spend tens of thousands of dollars rescuing you if something goes wrong (remember Tony Bullimore).
    However, having said that, I wish you safe travels, fair winds and trailing seas.


  91. RON BARBER says:

    Hi Sara I wish you fair winds clear skys and following seas on your great adventure. I’ll be watching your travel and day dreaming that I was out there also.If it was not bold and brave people such as yourself doing these great adventures the earth would be a very boring and sad place. Looking forward to updates as you get going.

  92. Steve says:

    In your G’day section, I think you should be acknowledging the Fremantle Doctor, not Docker! You’re close, though. A Fremantle Docker is an Australian Rules footballer. Safe travels!

  93. Ben Thompson says:

    saying that DO call for help if need be.

  94. Oaklegs says:

    Good day Sara and good luck on your voyage, I shall be watching you.

    One small correction, whilst in Freo you were blown around by the Fremantle Doctor and not the Fremantle Docker they are something completely different and actually full of hot air and not the cooling type like the Doctor that we value highly for light relief in the arvo.

  95. Julie Douglas says:

    Hello Sarah

    I listened to you on Perth ABC 720 yesterday afternoon. I wish you a safe and successful journey – you must be a zodiac water sign as you wouldn’t get me out there for “quids” as they say….Old Earthy Capricorn here!

    Best of Luck and I will watch your progress – stay safe, Julie

  96. ian of fremantle says:

    admire your courage and tenacity and will look forward to reading your reports. good luck

  97. fay bahemia says:

    Hi Sarah
    I am very interested in what you are doing because you link 3 countries dear to me:
    You are English – my place of birth
    You are leaving from Perth – my home now
    You are aiming for Mauritius – I am half Mauritian (my late father’s side)
    Also we have both lost fathers too early (mine when I was 22).
    I wish you all the very best and will be following your progress.
    Have you been to Mauritius before? I hope you love it. You’ve picked 2 beautiful points to start and end. Good luck!

  98. jackie warren says:

    wishing you a safe and smooth trip I will follow you all the way
    keep your high spirits up and you will be fine.
    good luck and best wishes

  99. Robert Nixon says:

    Great job getting to this point. We are all excited for you, but I am sure it can’t compare to your excitement at being almost ready to go.

    May the wind and waves be at your back and the journey be swift.

  100. Eddy Joyce says:

    Good on you Sarah, we`ll be with you every minute at every knot.

  101. sally says:

    Hey thanks for the call, that was quick!! Would have been gutted if I had missed the farewwell. Will be down at the RPYC annex for a rum and coke before you dip your oars. Seeya in a few hours….might bring the kayak. Why not? Cheers, Sally.

  102. Kevin.Durbridge says:

    Good Luck Sarah,
    Thanks for keeping me up to-date.

  103. Grant Rodwell says:

    Good luck Sarah! As a fellow pom in Oz i wish you well.

  104. Amy Middleton says:

    Good luck Sarah. I can’t believe that after all the preparation you are actually about to leave. Im really excited for you and looking forward to tracking you all the way to Mauritius.xxx

  105. Chris & Trevor says:

    It’s been a while since fingles cave but I’m sure as then you will be determined to go “all the way”. We hope the weather is kind to you and you have a wonderful trip.

  106. Roost says:

    AHGH!!!! You’re off!! How incredibly exciting. Good luck, good luck, good luck (not that you need it). Can’t wait to see you at the other end. Hope you see lots of exciting creatures. I’ve got a big map of the world up next to my new desk so can stare in awe at quite how huge your row is.. Will be thinking of you. Lots and lots of big GRRRRRRRR hugs xxxx

  107. Karen Buchanan says:

    Good Luck Sarah. It was great to meet you this afternoon. Hope all that food is locked away nice and tight and your special parcel is safe.
    May the wind be at your back.


  108. go for it sarah,

    this ones for our dads

    cant wait to meet you following your success.

  109. Inge Simpson says:

    Hi Sarah, I am a teacher at the Great Southern Grammar School of The Sea in Albany Western Australia. I teach middle school learning support Maths and life skills. My students and I are going to be following your journey from a life skills and mathematical point of view and we will be doing a range of language activities also. We wish you all the very best and we hope to communicate with you during your journey.Bon Voyage!

  110. Good Luck Sarah!

    From all the team at Advance Performance

  111. Nick Pettingale says:

    Hi Sarah, just sending our very best wishes to you from all the senior staff at SES and The Foundation. We will be tracking your progress and be with you in spirit every stroke.
    Good luck, God bless and stay safe.


  112. Bill Chadwick says:

    Good luck, Sarah. I will be following your progress with great interest and wishing you the best of fortune on this great enterprise.

  113. Christina Clarke says:

    Hi Sarah, my name is Christina, I work at Stamford School. I look after the registers for Mr Brown. I know Matthew and I often speak to him about you: he is so proud of you and speaks so warmly about you so I felt I ought to inform myself about your expedition so I can sound a little knowledgeable when he tells me about your progress!
    So.. I know in a short while you will depart and I will be keeping an eye on news. As a mum, I feel for your family who must be terrified for your safely as you embark, but I guess you are well prepared and well equipped and (probably) know what you are doing! It will not hurt for me to add to the list of well wishers leaving their hopes and prayers for a safe journey, so here are mine: good luck, God Speed, eat well, dont forget to pause and enjoy the view from time to time! Regards, Christina.

  114. Charlotte Clarke says:

    All the best Sarah! You’re doing a remarkable and brave thing, and I am absolutely in awe at your sheer determination and courage. I will be following your progress and wishing you the very best of good luck and fortune. You’re a star – all the best 😀

  115. Your big Brother says:

    Go Sarah, Il be thinking of you!!! All the boys send their best and we’ll be taking you for dinner when you get back!!! Big Love xxxx

  116. Sam Coghlan says:

    I wish you a safe journey as you row Serendipity to Mauritius.

  117. Geoff Holt says:

    You think you’ve got butterflies? What about all of your chums and chummesses who are thinking of you? I want to see lots of entries in that log book of yours sponsored by “you know who”. The smelly badger sends wet kisses too. There’s no rush, so take it easy old girl. We are keeping everything crossed for your safe arrival in Mautitus. Love from the Holties. xx

  118. Vincetnt Arthritis Care says:

    Best of luck Sarah! Everyone here at Arthritis Care is right behind you (not literally – we’d need a massive boat!)

  119. Dr Andrew Crookell says:

    Best of luck Sarah, from me and from all of us at SHS. Fair winds and seas go with you. What you will accomplish will inspire many of our girls here to do more, go further and try harder than they believed possible.

  120. kate Llewelyn says:

    Yay! Go Sarah. Go. I’ll be cheering you on every day. Hope the ocean is full of adventures – nice ones! All of us at Arthritis Care are behind you. Kate x

  121. Susie Hewson says:

    Best of British Sarah. There are a lot of SISTERs keeping a watch out for you, so keep safe and row row row the boat… Susie from Natracare

  122. Mum says:

    Wonderful to talk to you earler. Hope you have managed a snooze!!
    GO! GO! GO! go for it. I shall be with you every “stroke / pull ” of the trip!!!!
    Am still sat here waiting for Central News to turn up. THey said they would be here 20 mins ago!! Bonnie will have to wait a bit longer for her walk!!
    Mike rang me shortly sfter we spoke. he sends his love and best wishes too. He’ll be watching your progress….just as I shall. Take care, have a wonderful row……
    Love you,
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  123. Lizzie and Jane and Judith says:

    All the very best of luck Sarah. We are thinking of you and wishing you well for a safe voyage. xxxxxxxx

  124. Theresa White says:

    Wishing you calm waters Sarah and a safe and succesful trip. May all the dolphins and mermaids keep a watchful eye on you 🙂

  125. Sam Williams says:

    Last time I checked it was still “several days to go”!

    Good luck (although you won’t need it – I’ve no doubt you’ll do great). Just think of it this way: you’re already well into the final 4,000 miles, so make sure you enjoy every second of it!


  126. Kitty and Tim says:

    Hi to you both, Good luck and may the wind be behind you all the way! We shall all be thinking of you and wish you a speedy journey. Looking forward to your up-dates and Mauritius here we come!!

    Love Kitty, Tim, Anna and Liv

  127. Alan Thomas says:


    Good luck



  128. Louise says:

    Lots of good luck Sarah, I hope you get to see a blue whale and an albatross and a girafe (though the latter is less likely). Push for the finish and take care

  129. Sarah Dade says:

    Wow, can’t believe you’re finally off! Wishing you all the luck in the world (not that you’ll need it!) and looking forward to hearing all about it once you’ve arrived safely in Mauritius.

    Go for it!

    Sarah x

  130. Cousin Jeremy says:

    Godspeed Sarah, thinking of you lots, much love from George, Cousin J and the monsters (and the cat) x

  131. Janet says:

    saw the accompanying yacht hull in the distance well on way to passing Rotto. Best of luck, i am awed by your bravery, Sarah

  132. Geoff says:

    Sarah departed to a hearty three cheers from well wishers a fraction before 6am West Australian daylight saving time from the Royal Perth Yacht Club’s Fremantle annex which is immediately next to the harbor entrance to Fremantle and Perth’s Swan River. She launched in exactly the place that Australia II lived before and after winning the America’s Cup.
    A small group of us paddled seakayaks out for her first mile and she told me the name of her Mum’s friends family who “owned” the first 40 miles but I’ve forgotten already.

    She was doing 3knts with a brisk ESE tailwind and after we returned for coffee in Fremantle we saw her 5 miles up the coast (we drove up) making good progress. She looked well prepared, very focussed and composed as she set off and was in good spirits. Very organised.

    Weather shows easting breeze for several days so she will have a ripper of a start.

    Row row row our boat Sarah.

  133. ronald mountain says:

    dear sarah have a safe journey my dear friend . with all my love ronald

  134. Karen Buchanan says:

    Glad you are on your way. Stiff onshore wind to assist the push this morning. Best of luck.

  135. Paul says:

    Best of luck Sarah on your epic adventure !
    Thanks for the giving us the time yesterday for the photo shoot prior to your departure.

    Paul – Getty Images

  136. sally says:

    Hi to all Sarah’s friends and particularly her Mum!
    I was down at the ocean early this morning with a small group to farewell Sarah with a hearty 3 cheers and we then boarded a friend’s yacht, aptly named “Just DO It”, to follow her out through the shipping lanes as we watched for the sun to rise. It was a glorious sunrise (they all are here in West Oz)and the light was reflected off a glowing face with a wide, wide smile and we could hear snatches of song. A 15kn E breeze made it all look easy. Gulls were circling over head checking it out. After about 2 hours we turned around and with a rather wobbly (we were at sea!) Mexican wave from the rail, returned to shore.
    To Sarah’s Mum: I am a Mum; how proud you must be and all the other stuff too. Had the priviledge of hosting Sarah for one “sleepover” and we sailed together one day. I thought she was special. Smart, friendly, relaxed, focused. A real delight.
    Best of luck Sarah.
    Cheers, Sally.

  137. Doug says:

    Best wishes. May everything go better than you had hoped.

  138. Anita says:

    Go, go, go Sarah. We’re all thinking about you and spurring you on. My Mum just rang to say she’d heard about you on the news this morning in Oxford!!
    Lots of love winging it’s way to you from Anita, Lars, Will, Jonny and Jalfrezi Xxxxxxxxx

  139. Anita says:

    Aaah – apostrophe queen!! Can’t believe I got that one wrong – noticed as I hit send!! Still, a minor thing in the grand scheme of things!!! And a good excuse to write again!
    Lots of love and a big hug, Axxx

  140. Joao Paulo Diniz says:

    Dear Sarah, from Lisbon, Portugal, I wish you a great success to this challenge! God bless you!

  141. Zar NI Hein says:

    I hope That You will be succeed .

  142. Michelle & Stephen Price says:

    Best wishes for a safe trip Sarah.

    We are locals (from Perth) and will be watching your journey with interest.

  143. Geoff Holt says:

    Heh Ricardo, thanks for that magnificent account, I felt I was thee with you. You should take up writing, you have a talent. It goes without saying, but please pass on our love and best wishes to Sarah when you next speak. Has the tracker been activated yet? I can’t see anything just yet.

  144. Dom Carrington says:

    I was one of the crew on board the rescue boat that took Ricardo out to look for Sara this morning and was totally blown away by her huge grin, given the mammoth task ahead.
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish her every success and intend to monitor her progress every day, with best wishes for every step (stroke) of the way.
    She is an inspiring lady!

  145. Richard Adams says:

    Best wishes for a safe trip from all the trustees on the Rutland Trust

  146. belinda dade says:

    Heard an item about you on Radio Two this morning!!! We shall be watching the news on tv later hoping there will be something about your departure.

    Lots and lots of love from the Dade family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  147. Jaren says:

    I’m impatient to meet Sarah in Mauritius.

  148. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Sara we felt so lucky to have talked to you on Tuesday while loading our yacht next to Serendipity.Your enthusiasm and grin was delightful and I have nothing but admiration. We planned to farewell you tomorrow! Later I found your website and was further amazed by your reason. I too have rheumatoid arthritis and will donate via the site. You must have loved your father very much. Keep focused, he will look after you. heaps of love and good luck for your crossing. jill Lewis

  149. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Ricardo, thanks for that account. it haas put a whole new perspective on it. We were sorry to miss her departure. hope you will keep us posted. Jill lewis

  150. Ati says:

    Dear Sarah I hope you have safe trip my Family and I wish you all
    luck and arrived safe Mauritius the time 9 30pm Sunday night Perth
    W.A. I wonder what are you doing right now???? My Wife is watching
    The Bill, any away good luck and all best. Ati.

  151. Anita says:

    We are rowing with you and tracking your progress on our map at school. Hope Speedy Bear is helping. Lots of good luck wishes from everyone at Stamford Junior School.

  152. Kerryn Barton & Marty Chambers says:

    So glad to have farewelled you Sarah this morning from Fremantle – a beautiful time for us kayaking with you under the cover of darkness and sharing this significant moment with such an inspirational women. Wishes for a safe journey and contented days.

  153. joe lin says:

    cheers from hong kong! best wishes for sarah as she powers ahead! what an inspiring act! will follow her progress and pray for her.

  154. Dyl Powell says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Hope all is going well. I shall keep the girls and staff up to date with your progress. Safe journey.

    Best wishes from Dyl Powell and all at Stamford High School.

  155. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Your departure coincided with Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day! They raised a COLOSSAL amount on the night, to be added to during the coming weeks no doubt. A good omen for your amazing adventure and your goal for donations to ARC.

    With love from the Dade family xxxxxx

  156. Christina Clarke says:

    Sarah, so glad to have had a chance to say bon voyage before you left! Meet the challenges, conquer the fears and enjoy! I will be thinking about you, and have told my girls (Alice and Lily, aged 15 and 14) about the fantastic voyage you are embarking on. Somehow, their daily challenges should get into perspective when they know what you are facing every hour.. Laugh in the face of danger and you are unstoppable. Godspeed. Christina.

  157. Your big Brother says:

    Hi Ricardo,

    Thankyou for your account of Sarah’s depature. I would love to have been there to see her off, sadly work dictated otherwise. Please next time you speak to her, pass on my love, support and best wishes.

    Go Sarah!!

    Michael x

  158. Roz Savage says:

    Go for it Sarah! I’ve been watching your preparations over the last couple of years, and I know how well prepared you are. Now bring it on home!

    Thinking back to my first night alone on my rowboat, on the Atlantic in 2005 – and I was terrified. And continued that way for a couple of weeks. Daunted. Overwhelmed. But then I got tired of being scared, and started to feel more at home. Everything passes.

    Just relax, enjoy, and take it one stroke at a time – it’s the only way!

    with huge love, respect and best wishes for a safe and successful crossing
    Roz xxx

  159. Mum says:

    How wonderful you are…my little Sugar Plum….and your Dad’s too. I know I am so proud of you. Take care, Go for it. Lovely photos.
    I keep meeting people in the street and they all wish you well and safe journey. As I do.

    i am looking forward to mauritius!!!
    Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  160. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Wonderful news that you are on the way, have a great time. Our love and thoughts are with you and your Mum too.

    Thanks for the great report felt as though we were there with you.

    Will be following your progress and look forward to heraing about your journey.

    Best wishes for a safe trip

    Much love and God bless you and dippers, your Dad will be looking down and guiding you through.

  161. Alan Thomas says:

    WEY TO GO !!

    Sorry I just missed the moment, of departure.

    have a good and safe journey

    Alan and Dawn

  162. Danwie says:

    Sarah! what excitement you must feel among the other emotions and feelings! I pray Venus calms the Oceans, and that Cupid’s got your back.

    Just know that Ricardo is right there even though you can’t see him, and so is your Dad, we are all there one way or another; and we wait news of your incredible journey,

    Bright Blessings, Bright Stars, Bright Skies,

  163. Clem says:

    Hi! Sarah
    Been a bit quiet around here since you left! Ricardo monitoring things well and members asking after you and wishing you well. Will keep them up to date.
    Been a wonderful privilege to help you on your way with this fabulous adventure
    Safe travelling.
    Clem (your man that can!!)

  164. margot says:

    Sarah it was a huge privilege to met you and see your amazing start to your journey. Your will is inspiring. Enjoy the southern cross and the beautiful night skies like no one else can.
    I will be following your every move with interest. Fantastic job Ricardo, you were so calm, confident and organised, which made Sarah’s departure so smooth.

  165. Eddy Joyce says:

    I`d loved to have been there to see you off on your voyage. God speed Sarah.

  166. helen jack says:

    Good luck Sarah keep safe …wish I was young again ..do it for us frustrated mature people

  167. Ati says:

    Hi Sarah Sunday morning looking to the newspaper if any
    news about you?? I hope to heard from soon good luck happy

  168. Len says:

    Well Sarah i have to say im very impressed and i hope it all goes well for you . I look forward to your daily blogs . Take care stay safe

    Cheers Len

  169. Steve Clark says:

    It is great to hear what a good start it has been. Let’s hope that good weather and following breezes continue, especially while Sarah is settling into a routine at sea.

    Good luck and God bless

  170. Robert Nixon says:

    So good to see that you are off to a great start Sarah!!! Get some rest, without it you won’t be able to keep up this furious pace.

  171. Sue & Steve Milnes says:

    Hi Satah,

    Greetings and pleased to note all is going well. We wish you all the very best and will write again soon.

    Bon voyage.

    Lots of love

    Sue and Steve

  172. Peter Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Sarah

    Good luck, great to see that all is good so far.
    Best wishes for the voyage from us Aussies.

    Take care and may the wind always be where you want it to be!

    Best wishes


  173. Eddy Joyce says:

    I`m sure that there can be nothing more annoying than having a fly on board whilst rowing. Didn`t Sarah pack any Fly-spray.????

  174. Tony Ashby AFP Photographer says:

    Best wishes on your expedition Sarah. We will watch your progress.

  175. Mark McGrouther says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I read about your trip in the Sun Herald this morning so called up your website and signed up to receive email updates. I’ll be following your progress with interest.

    Best wishes,

  176. Mark Ledger says:

    Hi Sarah n Her team

    Well done you lot and may all be safe and achive your goals. I take my hat off to Sarah and I hope her dad keeps an eye on her.

    Kind Regards

    Ledger Family

  177. Paul Cole says:

    Hi Sarah

    My family and I wish you luck and god speed.

  178. Margot says:

    Hi Sarah, great to hear you are doing so well. Sorry about the used gas bottle didn’t realize, probably in the starboard torpedo locker. The green alien is definitely aboard somewhere but don’t know where it got put. Keep looking! Keep up the good work. Margot

  179. Murphy, Zach & Barton Rankin says:

    Hi Sarah
    My name is Bart and I hope you go well.
    My name is Murphy have fun and be sun smart. Go, go. go.
    My name is Zach hope you don’t get a flat tyre.

  180. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great start, will be following your trip every day so will look forward to the blog, Hope the wind will be behind you all the way, everyone will be looking after you, your Dad and him above especially,and of course the little angel. Get some rest so you can build up your strength.

    My first job in the morning after getting up now.

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  181. travijoe. says:

    Hi Sarah,well you got off to a good start,
    may the wind be where you want it always,
    you are a brave lady to do this, will be watching your progress
    and wishing you all the best,take care,stay safe,

  182. Ruth Scott says:

    So excited for you that you are off and doing well. I was at your presentation to St Hugh’s alumni when you showed us Serendipity and we cracked some champagne over her.
    Go well, Sarah, keep safe.

  183. Robert Irvine says:

    I salute your courage. Shackleton would have been proud of you.

  184. Margaret says:

    Good Luck in your quest

  185. Jon Greatorex says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Was driving to school on Friday morning and heard an account of your imminent departure on Radio Four’s ‘Today’ programme. Hope all is going well – I’ll have to relay Mr ‘E’s best wishes too – he only found out what the wheel in the middle of a mouse was used for, last week, and we’ve had to paint ‘Enter’ on the enter key so he knows where it is!

  186. Valerie says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Read about your trip on SMH website tonight. I’m in Sydney but my parents are originally from Mauritius. You’ve picked a fantastic destination! Make sure you dance Sega when you get there – party hard!!!

    You may be doing this by yourself but you are definitely not alone. You are in so many people’s thoughts and I for one greatly admire your bravery and determination! Look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    Take care and all the best!


  187. Hi Sarah, fantastic start, well done! Keep it going – you have loads of support urging you on.

    All the best, Charlie (Adrian Bell’s bro in law)

  188. Ati says:

    good luck Sarah i hope have good sleep tonight.

  189. rob bowditctch says:

    Hi sarah take care you brave lady at night look to the stars one is dad looking over you safe trip rxxx

  190. Felicity Rollings says:

    Hi Sarah! It sounds like your trip is going well so far! What an exciting time ahead of you – I’m looking forward to keeping up with your news updates! All the very best of luck – fingers crossed the good weather conditions continue. Lots of love, Flick xxx

  191. BPC and Albie says:

    Thank you SO MUCH Ricardo for such a wonderfully detailed account of Sarah’s departure. I felt all the suspense, excitement, butterflies. Second only to being there in person! Wonderful to know Sarah and Dippers are on their way. Will be following all the way to Mauritius, xxx

  192. BPC and Albie says:

    So pleased to hear about the good start, Sarah. I guess you’re into the ‘stride for 3,000 miles’ now!! Wishing you lots of happy days and blue skies and calm seas. Thinking of you, xxx

  193. Your big Brother says:

    Great to hear your doing so well Sarah, thats good going. You’ll be finished in no time. Go for it girl!!!

    Big Love


  194. Kirk Zulsdorf says:

    Hi Sarah

    Your enthusiasm is infectious, and Barbs and I find ourselves wondering where and how you are all through the day. I mentioned your departure at my work place. Colleagues are logging in to your website, keen to discover and share a little bit of your adventure.

    Our thoughts are with you …

    Kirk & Barbs (Do-it)

  195. Rene Soobaroyen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It’s great what you are doing! being a marathoner for years i can understand what you are trying to prove to yourself. i wish you all the best to reach my island Mauritius safely. I’ll be there to greet you.


  196. Mum says:

    So pleased you are making good progress…i hope you are getting some rest along the way too….don’t forget to look at the stars…they must be fantastic. All good here.
    Thanks for txt.
    Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  197. Laura says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I’m so excited for you, 45 miles already that’s bloody fantastic. I can’t believe it’s really happening. How many Mars bars have you eaten yet? Ricardo is doing a fantastic job keeping people updated. Good luck my lovely, although I know you don’t need luck, your determination to suceed will wizz you across that ocean super fast!!

    Lots of love
    Laura xxxx

  198. Godfolkes says:

    So excited to hear that you are finally on your way – our love goes with you – keep on rowing!!! xxxx

  199. Dave Wallace says:

    Sarah set off over the ocean
    Copious supplies of sun lotion
    Liberally applied
    By her, vendor-supplied
    Contribute to her forward motion.

  200. Marie and Peter says:

    Safe journey and calm seas as you follow your dream. Will follow with interest your adventure.

  201. Youngest \\ says:

    Well well well… finally happening, only just become a reality about what you’re doing sis! Your doing bloody well, keep pushing yourself… and pulling those awes! Everyone is rooting for you and can’t wait to see you when you finish smashing some serious records when you hit terra-ferma in Mauritius along the way, i’ll certainly be there, i’ve decided!!! Dad’s with you every stroke of the way, all around you, helping you out with some easterlies im sure.

    Ricardo, awesome stuff, im doing A level geography and thought i new a thing or two about weather systems and atmosphere but you have backed up my exam results and have prove i know barely anything! Will buy you a beer, probably more than one, when she finishes.

    Lotsa big hugs and brotherly love to you sarah,
    thinking of you always, keep safe and smiling, and row hard! To the top…


    p.s – remember as Outen family rules stipulate, photo evidence of any fish caught on any fishing outings is needed for recognition… the classic “one that got away” stories have worn thin in our family 😉

  202. Malcolm says:

    Well sarha as the skipper of the Fremantle sea rescue boat and one of the last to see you on saturday 14/03/2009 before you headed west from rotto
    i would like to wish you well and have a safe and enjoyable trip
    best of luck

  203. Malcolm says:

    Sarah as the skipper of the fremantle Sea Rescue Vessle R100
    and one of the last persons to see you be for you headed west off rotto
    i would like to say all the best and have a safe voyage

  204. Janet says:

    hope you’re enjoying the peace and quiet and wind and waves are kind to you, take care the ocean is a place of surprises, always err on side of safety, look after yourself and the sea will look after you
    best wishes for a safe trip

  205. Sarah says:

    Hey Sarah, Sarah here. Best wishes to you, we will be thinking of you. Matt says he may just take you up on your offer of the boat, ha!
    Take care and will write again soon. 🙂

  206. Emma Anda says:

    Hi Sarah, I caught your interview on the radio today just by chance and was fascinated to discover you and your journey – it sounds amazing! I have just googled you to find your website and am looking forward to checking it often. I live in Freo so I swim in the beautiful Indian Ocean very often! I also work in a public library and am interested to hear of such an unusual use for audio books… great idea. All the best, Emma.

  207. BPC and Albie says:

    Brilliant to hear the latest! thank you! Still here with you, xx

  208. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    As promised my first job was to check your blog the highlight of my day, you doing that makes our life so dull.

    Take care and as they say row row the boat.

    Must get ready for work, don’t think my boss would like to think I was late because of being on the web.

    Talk again soon.

    Love C & K

  209. Mum says:

    Good morning,am just getting ready for college. have a good day/ night.
    Love you . xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  210. Peter Christmas says:

    Hello Sarah, Iadmire your courage in undertaking this mammoth project, And wish you all the luck in the world and fair winds and currents. I will be following your progress each day.

  211. Kitty and Tim says:

    Good morning from a lovely sunny spring Rutland! Great to hear how you are getting on, the first thing I do is check your blog and hear about life at sea. Looking forward to the next one!

    All the best Kitty

  212. Donald says:

    Just remenber the longest journey begins with the first step. Good luck from Wales U K

  213. Barney says:

    Read your story in the Sunday Telegraph – truly inspirational. will be keeping an eye on your progress. Go for it girl 😉

  214. John Lyon says:

    Hi Sarah
    Just heard of your trip and wish you all the best.The only rowing I have done was on a machine,done my back in!
    Good Luck and God Bless

  215. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Hope those winds stop blowing you back Sarah! Kate x

  216. Mike Peare says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just to let you know, you have made the front page of the “Le Matinal” a local paper printed in Mauritius it is in french. For those who want to see it log onto on the left hand side click on “Print Edition” then click on 2009-03-16-LM01UNE.pdf.
    Keep up the good work.

  217. Mike Peare says:

    Oops the website is http://www.lematinal.com

  218. Dom Carrington says:

    No news about the fly! Was starting to get a bit worried there that either there were going to be two world records up for grabs,(first fly across the Indian) or that you wern’t going to get the solo crossing based on his support. Hopefully by now he has buzzed off!
    Positive thoughts winging their way to you every waking moment. All the very best, Dom

  219. kiffy mitchell says:

    Scooter Ooter!! You’re on your way! The SJS children were very excited to hear that you had left dry land – EVERY hand in the school went up when Libby asked if anyone knew what Sarah Outen was doing!! I keep looking at the world map in the entrance hall and imagining you out there with the elements – keep going and keep safe. We’re all behind you Kiffy x

  220. Your big Brother says:

    Sarah, im loving getting the updates of little sister’s row. Im still findig it amazing that your doing such a great thing. Im so so proud of you and Dad would be so proud too. He will be guiding you all the way!!!! Keep it up and Matt’s right, pictures of fish are the only way of judging, dont go catching sharks to get one over on us!! hehe

    Big love

    Michael xxx

  221. Lion King says:

    Hi!Sarah!I am a Chinese undergraduate and I just know the news about your great challenge from a magazine.In my opinion,it must be another feat in the history of human being.I hope you will eventually achieve your goal and share us your experiences on the ocean.Happiness just comes after difficulties.Good luck and enjoy your trip!I’ll follow you all the way~

  222. Libby Craig says:

    We all thought about you this morning in Assembly, Sarah, when we gave the children the news of your departure.
    Love and best wishes to the 3 of you (you, Serendipity and Spede Bear)from all at SJS. The childrren will be thinking of you every day and we will chart your progress.
    Forgot to ask if you have taken a copy of the Grandstand music and a football with you?

    Hope the weather stays kind.

  223. Dave Wallace says:

    Although she’s a virgin at crossing
    And over the waves she’ll be tossing
    Be it ever so dark
    And there’s no place to park
    She’ll never forget to be flossing

  224. Jen Muirhead says:

    Sarah, absolutely fantastic that you’re making such good progress and are well and truly under way. It’s one heck of an achievement to get this far and I just know you’re going to be docking in Mauritius and claiming those records. So exciting to read all about it on the website. May the wind be exactly where you want it to be and all our thoughts keep you speeding in the right direction.

  225. Jonny heath says:

    hi hope that you are doing ok and lots of luck from one monkey to another!!!

  226. gary moore says:

    hey sarah….you’re doing great. it was fab meeting you at the boatshow. My own row is coming along well leaving novemember from portugal. I’ll be followiign you all the way.
    go girl!!!

  227. Kenneth & Dawn Homfray says:

    Hi Sarah
    Best wishes from Pembroke UK. Off to a good start, the web blog is a great idea, hope you get masses of support. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress,good luck.

  228. BPC and Albie says:

    Thank you again Ricardo for keeping us updated so wonderfully. I never thought i would be able to ‘feel’ Sarah’s voyage so greatly.

    Thinking of you Sarah during these winds. Sending hugs, xxx

  229. Peter Roome says:

    Go Serendipity! Look after her and she’ll look after you! Bon voyage Sarah. Peter

  230. Marcel says:

    I got your story published on Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network page. America will be following you too.
    Good Luck. Mauritius awaits you with open arms.

  231. Ray says:

    Good Luck Sarah from Melton Mowbray,you put Oakham on the map good an proper

  232. Ellie Miskelly says:

    Great to hear about your amazing progress Sarah! Keep going and stay very safe. Will be thinking about you and keeping up to date with your progress. Ellie x

  233. Sara Pike says:

    Hi sarah,
    We’re all thinking about you at SJS. Anita gave an update on your progress in assembly and 6P are so keen to follow your journey and look at your website (guaranteed distraction from work!). Loads of love and positive thoughts are sent from SJS! Sara P xx

  234. Hi Sarah
    Read about your voyage in the Daily telegraph.
    Admire your courage and wish you good luck over the coming weeks.
    Will be following your progress with interest.


  235. john hamilton says:

    hi Sarah, I read about your website in Davis, California, so I’m recruiting my family here and outside Boston, Massachusetts, to cheer you on. It’s really an inspiring adventure that I’m telling our grandchildren about, as a classic example of what they’ve heard about ‘British pluck’ as we have always called it in the States.
    Hike across Afghanistan? Why not! Row across the Indian Ocean? Why not! Godspeed in your amazing challenge to us all to find creative and invigorating lives that breakout of the humdrum. John

  236. George, cousin J and monsters says:

    Sarah, you are doing amazingly well. Suspect you are more chilled than us. It is so exciting getting the updates and the anticipation til the next one is immense. Hope the weather over the next couple of days is not too bad. Take a piccy of the stars for us, thinking of you, love George, Cousin J and the monsters xxx

  237. Jill Klopfer says:

    Good morning from Sydney Sarah. I picked up on your adventure via our daily paper. Eagerly look forward to Ricardo’s update every day. Thinking of you, and wishing you all luck, and SAFE JOURNEY,

  238. Mum says:

    Hi there,
    Just read about the “not so good weather” approaching……stay safe at all times Sugar Plum. i shouldn’t read this before going to bed. Anyway, hope those stars are looking after you. Read any good boks lately…or heard them?
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  239. Nick says:

    Hi Sarah
    Sorry I missed your leaving as I was away on another job. Best wishes, stay safe and like it says in front of you, “Just keep rowing”
    Nick at Fremantle Sea Rescue

  240. bill leitch says:

    good onya Sarah,we hope the weather is kind to you
    good luck lass and good weather
    Bill & Jeannie

  241. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thinking of you and hope the weather isn’t as bad as feared. Its great to get your updates. Stay safe and roll on the better weather for you.

    all good wishes

    Christine & Kathleen

  242. Dom Carrington says:

    Praying for some favourable winds to get you back on track.
    Hope you are staying chilled out there …

  243. Mike Peare says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Its good to see the tracker working will be following you as you cross the pond.
    best wishes.

  244. Barry Wroe says:


    Good luck; I know why you are doing what you are doing.

    Gods speed.


  245. Don G says:

    Greetings Sarah from Don
    I believe you are doing very well- A few years back I progressively emailed the Englishman, Simon Chalk, throughout his row toward and to Reunion Island. Soon after he departed Kalbarri he was caught up in a current which kept him rowing in a circle for almost two weeks. I pray something similar dosent snare you.
    My best wishes to you Sarah
    Kindest regards Don

  246. Sam says:

    Greetings from the South West of WA.
    I have been monitoring your progress.
    I have a 15km run planned for the morning. I will think of you and what you are currently enduring when I am thinking things are getting hard.
    Sleep well & stay safe.


  247. Adrian Moss says:


    Great to know you are on your way. I am sure the seasickness will pass and then the sun will come out and you will have a great time. we are all behind you


  248. Doug says:

    Keep your chin up Sarah. We are with you all the way. You’ve trained and prepared hard for this so continue to be strong.

  249. sandra bradshaw says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am following you progess for the girls and producing mini displays from your log so they can keep up with you too. I will keep them all for you to see on your return to SHS.Hope the sea legs kick in soon. “God Speede”

    Sandy B

  250. Anita says:

    Bless you, Sarah, – really feel for you. I realise that the extent of my seasickness has more to do with fried breakfasts and cross-channel ferries than what you’re having to endure, but there we go. Sending you lots of love, keep drinking,
    Anita xxxxxxxxx

  251. Spike says:

    Hi Sarah
    (everyone else look away)
    ‘I feel your pain’. Ive chundered all over the Southern Ocean and wouldn’t wish it on anyone (the technicolour yawn, that is). However, it does pass and you are then able to cope with even more ‘roughers’. Humour helps (?) – In a few days you will be able to laugh. It’s amazing that after four days of nothing but glucose sweets, it is still diced carrots and tomato skins !! (Nobody knows why)
    Big hugs

  252. Susie Hewson says:

    Sarah, pull on that inner strength you so clearly have within you and very soon, harmony will return. In our hearts we are all in the boat with you, so you are not alone for a moment. Keep your spirits up and your food down:) Susie

  253. Lucy says:

    Sara,you can not imagine that I am a high school student from China.
    I saw you in the newspaper,and now I am here.
    Sara,I want to tell you that you are so brave(well,comparing to my sitting in the classroom all day)Remember we are with you.Be happy.I am sorry about my poor vocabulary,but May you succeed.

  254. Ian Brown says:

    If you feel like a break Sarah I’ll take over for the next week. I could do with a nice relaxing holiday. May even bring my fishing gear too! lol

    Keep at it sarah. I’m proud of you.

  255. ian hall says:

    Hi Sarah, we are all thinking of you here at SHS. Elliot & Myself are checking your progress daily, well mostly me, you know Elliot & computers !!!!

  256. Dave Wallace says:

    Sarah is corkscrewingly seaborne
    Red and green peppers and yellow corn
    Are the right kinds of food
    Appropriately hued
    For a righteous technicolor yawn.

  257. Ed says:

    Hi Sarah, met you at the Royal Perth Yacht Club, you can beat the Leeuwin current and then settle down to some reasonable conditions. My Dad an old salt used to say “tall timber does’nt grow with ease,the stronger the wind the taller the tree’s” Good luck and may the force be with you. Ed

  258. Nobody Believes (Usually) says:

    There are so many with you/me.

    I could feel them as I smashed my head and puked. What good does it do me, I thought…

    How could I be so well cared for in such discomfort.
    But you are.

    We love you and are with you.

    Thousands off little girls are made stronger, and the world’s load is a little lighter with each slamming wave or tug of the sea anchor.

    Each little stroke or forced nap.

    Not a bit of our discomfort or suffering is wasted.

    We are with you kid.

    I even just choked on some freeze dried food and poured some salted water down my throat and gave myself the runs and I took some hostages and made them do it too…just for fun.
    A real pukefest in your honor.

    Hard to believe in gentle rolling seas and sunshine..but here it is..on its way.

    Your Great.


  259. wenping liu says:

    Try to feed you first and the fish second, no matter how and no matter what.

  260. Alan Thomas says:

    YES Keep Eating !!!
    You FIRST, the Fish SECOND (but they will be OK, whatever!!, they arent ROWING)

    Watching from a very grey Sheffeild (on MY travels)



  261. Carol says:

    ALOHA SARAH from Oregon, USA! Found your blog from Roz
    Savage’s blog, she mentioned you and we are all sending
    you gentle seas, calm winds, happy moments! will enjoy
    following your blog as well! Peace… Carol

  262. Brenda says:

    heard about you on the radio (BBC) – amazing!
    just wanted to send you my best wishes for the voyage …..


  263. Theresa White says:

    As someone with no sea legs whatsoever, I know how desparate sea sickness makes you/me (and that’s not even in a rowing boat). Dig deep Sarah. Stay focused and try to take control of the mind. All these challenges are what makes this achievement momumental. You are amazing and we are all proud of you!

  264. Robert Nixon says:

    Best of luck crossing the Leeuwin Current Sarah. I wondered very much how that crossing was going to go. Having researched the currents around Australia I know that they can be powerful. Just remember… sea sickness won’t kill you, not eating and drinking because of it can.

  265. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Thinking of you especially with the problems which you are going through at this moment. Keep your chin up, you have done so well so far. Hope the weather changes in your favour and you will be ok and on your way again. Wish I could do soemthing for you. Its a great reporet that we get so thank you for it, makes us feel as though we are there with you.

    You will uscceed, you have so many folks rooting for you and wishing you well. take care and keep eating and hope you will soon feel better.

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  266. Mum says:

    Wish I could give you a real HUG. have just spoken to Vanessa…she sends her love.steve Milne sends his best wishes too. Sorry you are chucking about a bit. Hope that will pass soon! Keep drinking and try to get some rest in the “rough ” times.(Save the choc for later!!)
    hang on in there Sugar Plum…..Love you lots!!! xxxxxx

  267. Godfolkes says:

    Sorry to hear that the jelly babies don’t seem so appealing at the moment – do hope all calms down soon and you get under way again.
    Loads of love xx

  268. Hugh Illingworth says:

    Greetings from Hugh, Debby, Sophie & Alex in Oakham. Wishing you Godspeed and a safe journey.

  269. BPC and Albie says:

    Love you Sarah! hoping the sickness passes as soon as it can. I feel so feeble with my slight queasiness crossing the Solent – i know how much that put me out of sorts. You have the determination and the strength to get through your ocean tummy wobbles.
    Happy stargazing – can you see Orion standing on his head – i always found that funny. As my kiddies learnt today, in the words of the Macbeth witches, anon! xxx

  270. Roz Savage says:

    Hey Sarah

    Hope you’re feeling strong and determined – but if you’re not, don’t worry. It was about now that I was thinking, OMG, what have I let myself in for?! But you are much more mature and focused than I was. I know you’re going to do just great. It might take a while to shake down, but once you get away from land you’re away and cruising. Or if not cruising, at least away!

    with huge respect and best wishes
    from someone who knows

  271. Pauline says:

    Good luck Sarah. I wish you fair winds.
    A fellow sailing friend once said that chocolate tastes as good coming up as it does going down, so don’t be afraid to eat it…you get to enjoy it twice.


  272. Jane Spence says:

    Sorry about the whirlpool motion sickness. But if your tummy is churning, your ears should be burning too, with all the well-wishers thinking of you, talking about you, powering you on. You have goodwill from horizon to horizon. Hope you find those sea legs soon…


  273. Roz Savage says:

    30 miles is awesome progress. I would be happy with that! Well done, Sarah – you go, girl!

    Meanwhile, great job Ricardo, for keeping us updated. We are watching Sarah’s track and keeping all appendages crossed for continued good progress.

  274. Bluey Graham says:

    Hi Sarah. This is Bluey from Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club in Sydney.Will keep our members informed of your trip on our surf club website.My 2 sons are lifeguards at Bondi.Good luck. One brave little girl.

  275. Anna Vartiainen says:

    You are doing amazing progress – alone, rough sea around you!

    Good night wishes from Helsinki, Finland

  276. wenping liu says:

    Jia You! Jia You!(Chinese, means:Come on! Come on!

  277. smokey says:

    good going sarah….winnipeg,canada…..thousands of miles from oceans….AMAZING JOURNEY !!! my thoughts and prayers are with you !!

  278. Your big Brother says:

    Yuor doing great Sarah, and you Ricardo. These updates are great.



  279. Jim says:

    Good luck.You will succeed

  280. Dave Wallace says:

    Out on the vast ocean she’s striving
    Toward Madagascar she’s driving
    Although feeding the fish
    Not exactly her wish
    When sea-sick is gone she’ll be thriving.

    (Yes, I know its Mauritius, but Madagascar sounds better)

  281. travijoe vic aust says:

    HI sarah,you are going well, considering what you have had the currents,
    the wind and you having a spell of seasickness , but tracker tells me that you are heading in the right direction you had me wondering for a while if you had decided to go via the south pole ( only joking ha ha )good luck keep yourself safe, as only you know how,
    also thanks to Ricardo for the info that you are giving us along the way, and the encouragement you are giving to sarah,row,row girl.

  282. Louise Richardson says:

    Hellooo Sarah!
    You’re doing an amazing job…totally, totally impressed. You’ve done so well already. Definitely a hidden chocolate bar moment 🙂
    Thinking of you dude.

  283. Teddies friends says:

    Hi there,

    Tova and I are sippin a latte, eating biscuits and thinking of you (what’s changed at Teddies!). We are thinking of you all the time and following your progress. Take care and let’s hope the weather is kinder to you soon.

    Lots of Love
    M and T

  284. Murphy says:

    keep going your doing great i learned about the Leeuwin current at school it is really cool and strong to go against.any way i hope you she some great sea life.remember to keep your chin up even at the really hard times

  285. rick hitchings says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Following your progress from Skowhegan, Maine, USA. Hope all is well out there on the big blue ocean. You have a lot of courage. I wish I had your guts. Good Luck. Be Safe.

  286. ian hall says:

    From Laurel & Hardy SHS,we hope you are listening to your music !!!!, nursery ryhmes and all. If you want a good chuckle, just think about Elliot & Hallie on the slopes of La Thuile.
    Thinking of you

  287. Byrant says:

    What you are doing is courageous beyond description. The best of luck
    we will fokow yiu with interest all the way

  288. Alasdair Stuart says:

    Oi Duchess!!!

    Well finally underway and doing what seems like forever since starting and planning. I will be watching your progress!

    Push for 10 GO!!


  289. Guy Watts says:


    Pleased to see you progressing – keep up the hard work and we will see you in a few weeks.

    Keep going..

    Guy and Andrew

  290. dezhi yang says:

    Dear Sarah

    You are the bravest girl,we support you,good luck to you!

  291. Amanda B says:

    I’m getting woozy just thinking about those waves so can totally understand the seasickness – groan, you are so brave. We’re all thinking of you here in the AC office, wishing good weather vibes your way – from now on it will all be plain sailing(rowing)! x

  292. St. Edward's School, Oxford. Duke of Edinburgh Canoeing Squad. 2008 says:

    Dear Sarah,

    We just thought we would write you a quick message to wish you luck with your inspiring, astounding journey!

    Also we wanted to say that it was great to have you with us on our gold expeditions, which seem to be fairly ‘microscopic fry’ by comparison with this journey! We just hope it goes really really well, and safely!!! It is, and it will be an amazing achievement/memory!!!

    We are very impressed by your inspiring example!!!And we hope you smash the records that you are aiming to break, but above all we hope that you have an amazing voyage!


    Danny Parrott, Izzy Collins, Maddy Fitzgerald, Freddy Sullivan, Sam Bulford (St Edward’s School, duke of edinburgh gold River tay canoeing team, 2008)


  293. Brenda Joint says:

    Hi Sarah, thinking of you out there! I feel more than honoured to know you – what you are doing is just amazing. Keep safe and remember ‘swinpily!’ I will of course be following your progress and I am with uou in spirit all the way.

  294. Susie Hewson says:

    Come on SISTER, pick out the stars and name them, sing a happy song and raise your human spirit. We can only aspire to have your courage and determination. Rest, eat and drink when you can to keep body and soul together. Truely inspirational Sarah, seen any marine life yet? Susie

  295. Hi Sarah! You are truely amazing, hang on in there, the first few days must have been tough, but you are tougher, and we are all thinking of you lots and lots! You can do it! I really hope you manage to get some sleep too… goodness your dad would be so proud! Big hugs and stay happy out there, Cordelia x

  296. Robert Nixon says:

    The current will release it’s grip on you soon enough, then you can get moving in the right direction. Get your rest, eat, drink, take care of yourself. One day at a time, put about 100 together and imagine where you can go.

  297. Theresa White says:

    Sounds like you found your sea legs! Adventures like this are only found in old books and have a man as the hero! Row, row, row Sarah. Twinkle Twinkle!

  298. Laura says:

    Hello my lovely! You are doing so so well! Thinking of you out there everyday! Ricardo is doing a fantastic job keeping all us avid followers updated, Thank you Ricardo.

    Keep plugging away, and you will be in Mauritius in no time at all, make sure you have a good snooze now and again, and plenty of ‘go-faster’ Mars bars!!

    Lots of Love

    Laura xxxxx

  299. Emilie Morris says:

    You rock sarah keep going!!

  300. Adrian Moss says:

    Brilliant news willl listen in. Have suggested to Rod Sharp on Radio Five Live that he does an interview at some stage as well.

    keep up the good work


  301. Joe says:

    Is that 9pm GMT or what time zone?

  302. BPC and Albie says:

    Have set my alarm for 9 o’clock so i make sure i will be listening and dont forget! do hope you will be feeling well soon and have adjusted more to life at sea. Just heard an unrelated report from Rutland on radio so it made me think of my favourite ocean rower!! Calm sea wishes, xxx

  303. Sophie B says:

    Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you, Sarah, and wishing you all the best.
    Will be tuning in tonight!
    Take care


  304. Marcel says:

    Hi Sarah.
    Following you on the Trakker. Trying to organise an interview with the local radio through Amy. Can’t wait to welcome you in Mauritius.

  305. Sam Coghlan says:

    Hello Sarah, yes will definitely listen to Radio2.

  306. Laura says:

    Brilliant interview, glad to hear you sounding so chipper! Dave wants to know if you were dancing on your boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean??

    Lots of love


  307. Susie Hewson says:

    great to hear you so upbeat and positive Sarah – just swanned in from the kitchen dancing to the Queen track – phew burnt a few calories!uncanning listening to you knowing where you are – you are building up a cool fan club and sounds like a regular – sort of irregular seeing what you are doing – radio spot on radio 2 “Don’t stop me – don’t stop me”

  308. Anita says:

    Hi Sarah – fantastic interview. You sound so cool and on top of things! We all listened in. Had a chat with your Mum today, which was really nice. Sending you lots of love, Anita, Lars, Will, Jonny and Asali xxxxxx

  309. delcatto says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I don’t know you from Adam (or Eve) but I heard the interview with Radcliffe & Maconie. I wish you luck and I’ll follow your progress..& I’ll pop some money into the charity after payday.
    Good luck.

  310. christina watts says:

    Brilliant to hear you Sara on the radio just now ….. my son and his rowing partner are soon to follow you into the Indian Ocean in a few weeks time.

    Look forward to hearing how its going next Tuesday ~ Take care xtina

  311. Charlie says:

    Just heard you on BBC Radio 2 Sarah. You sounded great. I check your blog daily, thinking of you daily. Best wishes, Charlie

  312. david farmer says:

    Good on you girl a girl after my own heart wishing you well and following you all the way, Good luck

  313. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great to hear you after what you have been through, so many followers now, You are so special. Hope you are feeling better and that the wind will be in the right direction for you.

    We are all so proud of you, not just your family. I can just picture your Dad up there watching and guiding you.

    Much love for now and safe rowing.

    Christine & Kathleen

  314. Roger Clark says:

    just heard you on radio 2 . deep admiration loads of respect and buckets of good will. enjoy the experience and remember the great memories and good reasons. gods speed make landfall on or before schedule. love and hope Roger X X X X

  315. Alan Thomas says:

    Thank You, for telling.

    it will be on listen again, on the Radio 2 website

    by the way “Dont Stop Me Now” is the name of my BLOG


  316. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    So proud of you Sarah – of who you are and all that you do. Wishing you calm waters and gentle winds all the way…

  317. Geoff says:

    Hi Sarah, watching your progress keenly. That current can be a bugger but it is only a little deviation in the big picture. Love to Wilson.


  318. Libby says:

    After listening to you, Sarah and watching a programme on the oceans and its whales, I nearly feel that I am out there with you. I hope the stars are guiding you on your way, as they are shining brightly here tonight.

    We will report on your progress to the children, who heard about the quokkas from your postcard.
    Keep in fine fettle.
    Libby and Philip

  319. Mum says:

    Heard the interview. it was soooo good to hear you talking again. Hope the wind is settling and that the current isn’t to strong!!!! keep smiling, and ROWING of course. everyone is ROOTIN’ for you. I know I am and soo is Daddy!
    Tryto get some rest.
    Ricardo e-mailed me again, asking who is supposed to be updating the blog!!
    Amy says east Midalnds Today want to spk to me next week too.
    Love you lots, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  320. Sir Walter says:

    Dear Sarah, it came up at committee here at the Royal Mega Club and Sailing, that you were undertaking an expedition of some note. Jolly good stuff that – lot of chaps have gone a bit soft in these modern times. (too much TV and quick food I think, bad for the constitution) Anyhow, thought you’d like to know committee have opened a spot at the end of the Club jetty and set up a membership for when you return.(Don’t know how Upton-Smyth is going to take it – he’ll have to move his tender to the works dock. But don’t you worry about that.)

    Jolly good then,

    Sir Walter Bard-Arse III
    Magazine Editor
    Royal Mega Club and Sailing
    The ‘Fort’ Cowes, England.

  321. Zanah says:

    Hey Sarah, was playing my first netball match when you were on the radio,and missed it, but someone called me to let me know. I thought I was knackered, nothing compares, or inspires me more than to know you are out there. I think about you heaps, and tell the boys that they should look you up to say hi. I am still blown away by you. Keep going, you are an inspiration to us all. We all send you lots of love,

  322. Anna says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I heard you on the radio just now and wanted to come and wish you well. I shall follow your progress and make a donation tomorrow. All the best x

  323. Your big Brother says:

    Sarah, Your doing fantastic. Sadly my computer wont let me listen to your inteview. Perks of being in America I guess. Keep it up girl, also I love yor choice of song. Dad would have been tapping his feet to it, im sure

    Keep it up girl

    You big brother xxxxxx

  324. paul hudson says:

    luv reading the updates u r an insperation to us all

  325. Juliet says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I was just driving home from taking the Collision Regs part of my Yachtmasters exam when i turned on R2 and heard you speaking. How uncanny is that! It made me feel all emotional; bringing back memories of meeting you at the Personal Everest events, and how you were a part of inspiring me to take up sailing more seriously. I’m loving it with all my heart…..keep the passion going!:)


  326. Juliet says:

    p.s. i was singing that song all day sunday when i sailed in The Exmoor Beastie (a 3hr pursuit race at Wimbleball Lake)! thats funny too! 🙂

  327. Jaymac says:

    Well done Sarah, you are doing really well and we loved meeting you at RPYC last week.
    The fundemental in swimming out of a rip, or rowing out of a current is to row across it, not be tempted into trying to row against it.
    Don’t worry about the southing, keep rowing west only, you have 100 days to make up the North again.
    Just remember the big plus of our lovely current … it is beautifully warm..maybe 23Deg C ..enjoy!
    Best wishes from us all.

  328. René Soobaroyen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am a mauritian photogapher working for European press photo agency.
    I am following your progress regularly. I am sure you’re going to make it to Mauritius. Please feel free to contact me for any info. I hope to see you arriving at the Caudan Waterfront, Port-Louis in early June.

    Yes you Can!


  329. ALSOEA says:

    Phoenix, Arizona. Keep it up, your dad would have had a hard time, so face your challenges with him in mind. Keep going, and going and going, of course you will do it. You have a cause to champion!

  330. Val Hempel says:

    Dear Sarah, you are an inspiration for us all, male or female. You must not only be extremely physically fit, but mentally fit as well to undergo this adventure. Good luck to you and am following your tracker and blog daily. Sincerly Val Hempel, NSW, Australia.

  331. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    All the very best Sarah–

    Tim Scarrott

  332. Tim Lux says:

    Saw your boat on the jetty at the Royal Perth in Freo before you left, and couldn’t believe you were going to row something that small to Mauritius. I wouldn’t have attempted to row it to Rotto ! Best of luck from Freo.

  333. ian hall says:

    Hi Sarah, what a great interview on the radio last night, you really are an inspiration to so many. Looking forward to an Autumn pint with you in the Toby Norris. Loove ans best wishes.
    Halli @ SHS

  334. Janet says:

    Hi Sarah

    Plenty of encouragement about here. If escaping out West is escaping you may just be a possible to head East to get out of current and tackle it at a more Northerly point where its narrower.Remember,you know best whats best for you

  335. Sandy B says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Great interview, you sound really positive. With the help of the wonderfull Mr Faux hope to get your interview wizzing round on the interactive boards in school. God Speede

    Sandy B

  336. Byrant says:

    Sarah, You are remarkably courageous in doing this trip. Whilst we
    feel safe and sound on land you are coping with different compelling
    elements each minute. Good luck. We will be with you in thought aal
    the way.

  337. Michaelle says:

    You’ve got a planet full of people you’ve never met cheering you on! Keep your spirit up!

  338. Murphy says:

    keep going Sarah remember NEVER give up. You inspire me so muchhhhhhhhhhh

  339. \'Australia\' Kate says:

    I have just found Sarah’s interview on the BBC iPlayer website.
    Sarah starts at about 1:14.


  340. Keith Kingsbury says:

    Sarah – I heard you talking with Stuart Maconie last night. You sounded fantastic – really buoyant and happy. That’s the spirit. And don’t worry about the state of your cabin – you’ve never seen my kitchen !!!
    All the very best – keep going – we’e all behind you !!

  341. Ellie and Inaky says:

    My 6 year old son and I are following your progress and are full of awe. Good luck, stay calm and be strong – what an incredible challenge! You’re amazing x

  342. Barry Gumbert says:

    Greetings Sarah:

    LOL I thought I was the only one who says “COOL BEANS”!!!

    I’m Barry from Oregon USA. I was a rower in High School and I’ve been planning to build a boat and row around Glacier Bay Alaska. I had my design all but finalized when I saw Jamie’s “Positive Outcomes” , your boat’s older sister. It is so much like my design it is incredible. I plan to build a couple more boats and ruin the kayak rental business in Glacier Bay.

    As I write this it is day 6 for you. Hang in there You’ll beat that current. It’s good to see an ocean rower who actually cares about the ocean and children. I love kids! And I love Bald girls.

    Row hard!!

    Luv ya Barry BEAR Gumbert usa

  343. Ruth Scott says:

    Thank you Ricardo for such brilliant , beautifully written postings. You are a major star in this whole show. Safe homeward journey to you.


  344. Dave Wallace says:

    Sarah set sail on a row-boat from
    Oz, But it wasn’t a sailboat, Mom,
    It didn’t have a sail
    And when it leaked she’d bail
    All this because she’s a bloody Pom.

  345. Richard Taylor says:

    Hi Sarah – my whole family is following your trip. We feel close to it and to you as we have three girls at Stamford and Lexi in the junior school really enjoyed your visit. She oftens talks about you.
    My first love is sailing – I know just how frustrating it can be. Your blog reminds me of a race at Aldeburgh tacking against a 3 knot tide. Lets just say I EVENTUALLY got round the elbow in the river. Motto is keep going – you will beat the current and you will get there.

    Yours with huge admiration

    Richard Taylor

  346. rob bowditctch says:

    Hi Sara Keep going kiddo you doing brill I could not row my bath without company you are one brave young lady take care following you all the way take care Rob Stoke -on- Trent UK

  347. Geoff says:

    Sarah we are all tickled pink at setting up the surprise visit to you by Jamie Dunross. Can’t wait to see it in your book; – “I was 120 miles offshore and this bloke in a wheelchair rocks up to say hello”.

    For those that don’t know Jamie is a quadriplegic with an S&S 34 yacht kitted out for solo. He’s the kind of guy who should run a complaints department – not many people do it tougher, nor with better humor. Great guy. He probably just set another world solo distance record visiting you yesterday.

    I can pass on that he was absolutely thrilled to sail out to you and expressed enormous admiration for you.

    You’re doing well in tough conditions – there’s no pretending. This first bit will be the hardest of the entire journey as you’ve got southern ocean swell, adverse current and wind against current. Rest assured the top of the Indian Ocean is a doddle compared to what you’ve got to get through here.



  348. BJM says:

    Assume that you are complying with the International Regulations regarding keeping a lookout at ALL times? Gonna be rather tired if you are ;p

  349. Your big Brother says:

    Dave Wallace Says:
    ‘March 19th, 2009 at 10:07 pm #
    Sarah set sail on a row-boat from
    Oz, But it wasn’t a sailboat, Mom,
    It didn’t have a sail
    And when it leaked she’d bail
    All this because she’s a bloody Pom.’

    Thats nice and encouraging, if your not gonna be positive please dont bother!!!!

  350. Margot says:

    Hang in there Sarah, things will get better. Thanks Ricardo for all the bloggs keeping us up to date. They have been fantastic. Have a good trip home.


  351. James and Fiona says:

    Hi Sarah,

    We met at Royal Perth Annexe last week. We’re the Scottish couple you met. Your performance so far has been amazing. In a couple of days it will be easier. Watching your track is awesome. Keep it up. It’s nice to know someone as nice as well as famous as you.


  352. Richie Green says:

    Hey sarah, been hearing about your amazing mission from your bro, think your going to do a brilliant job and i wish you all the best in achieving your goal. look forward to hearing about it when you get back.. good luck.


  353. Geoff says:

    Sarah, I guess Ric is on plane and maybe out of comms at moment. Oceanographer from Australian Ocean Research said today when asked;
    “Yes, I see why she is having a hard time. She needs to get south of the centre of the cold eddy. Trying to go north of it would be like driving on the wrong side of the road.

    The arrows on the map attached show the general sense of the flow. The green features south of her are going east, like the water she’s in. If she went south to about 34.0S then west it might be easier.”

    The map he provided precisely matches your track to current influence. And shows the path west at 34S.

    Stay warm.


  354. sally says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I really hope you have the chance to read everyones comments today, both encouraging and useful. Geoff’s especially. All of us in Freo and those you shared bar time with at RPYC are willing you on every hour. Had a call early this morning from a fellow you met. Apparently dreaming of you disturbed his slumber! He awoke me from a dream I was enjoying, I was floundering around in the ocean but it was warm and I was happy. Seems you’ve captured our minds! I’ve been on the phone most of the day with friends calling….Hey, who’s this Sarah?…..how’s Sarah? You were a big hit here and the fan club is growing. Hope the track opens for you at 34S like Geoff suggests. Cheers, Sally

  355. Jamie Dunross says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am still flabbergasted at what I saw yesterday! I spent the last 24 hours battling to get out of the Leeuwin current myself and I had sails doing it for me. It is pretty hard for anyone to imagine how hard it is out there until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Watching you row up these mountainous swells was awe-inspiring. If there is any support you think I could help with don’t hesitate to ring any time – my mobile is 0439 529 520.

    It was a real buzz to set off and actually find you out there. Your courage and tenacity is a breath of fresh air, and know that you have the full support of all who met you in the time you were in Fremantle. As far as I can see everything that you have achieved so far in the conditions you are up against is equivalent to climbing two Mount Everests!

    Best Wishes

  356. Phil Cheek says:

    Hi Otter,
    Any basking sharks about?If so out with the plankton net!
    I`m sure all your Silurian shipmates are thinking of you & willing those currents to turn in your favour.
    The “token male”,Silurian Aug `06
    PS love the hair!

  357. Ellie says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Just listened to you on BBC iplayer – you sounded great! I’ve been following your progress so far and sending the link to this website to literally everyone I know who I haven’t already badgered about you. General consensus of opinion is “Wow! She’s something. Slightly crazy, but amazing!”
    Muchos luck for the journey.

    love Ellie.

  358. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    All the very best to you Sarah-

    Wishing you well and following your progress —


  359. Robert Nixon says:

    Just keep working at it… you will make it out soon.

  360. Glo Pringle says:

    I heard you on Mark and Stuart’s show the other night – always an inspiring experience anyway, but all the more so for hearing of your exploits!
    I took the opportunity to check out your route on google earth with the kids, and we’ll follow your progress with much admiration!
    Good luck!
    Love, Glo and the boys
    (in Worcester, about as far as you can get from sea!)

  361. Bev Murphy, Grantham says:

    Sarah, you don’t know me from adam but my family and I are all following your adventure with great interest as my nephew is taking part in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race towards end of april. He is nowhere near as experienced as you, so we’re hoping he can pick up some ‘tips’. Good luck !

  362. Pam says:

    Hi there, the Outen! Checking in, finally! While I’ve been essay writing you’ve been rowing hard against a horrible current! it’s great to know you’re on your way and your blog has been started in wonderful style by your handsome weather man! (Oops, did I say that?!)I’d not realised you’d set off, so sorry not to have been ‘aboard’. Our boat’s now got a new charger and a solar panel, so, although it’s the epitome of tame compared to where you are, we’re looking forward to going sailing next week. Still at the end of a mobie. my Mum’s anniversary last Friday, so thought of you and what your grieving has led to. I’ve got a picture of my Mum’s of some strawberries in a jar of jam. Around the edges it says ‘if we hadn’t been in the same bed together, we wouldn’t be in this jam now’. Not sure why that seems relevant, but something about the odd things we do when stuff happens. Lots of love, Pam

  363. Emilie Morris says:

    Hi sarah

    Come on you can do it!! You’ll get back on corse soon! I belive in you… your the bravest person ever!:):):)

    Love you lots you rock Emilie Xxx

  364. Don G says:

    Come on Sarah –sing that song ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ a couple of time and beat this bloody problem–You ‘CAN’ do it girl–you really can

    Kindest regards Don

  365. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I would like to dedicate this song for you. It is called “Sailin Home” by Demis Roussos, which can be found on a 2CD set called “Island of Love” SMD CD210.
    Keep on rowing you can do it.

  366. rob bowditctch says:

    Keep it up Sara it is good reading all the comments you can do it young lady Me no way yo are a shining star take care you mad fool robxxxxxxxxxxxx

  367. June Bibby & Sue Crowe says:

    Chatted to you at St. Hugh’s, Oxford when visiting Anja Bibby in November last year. We admire you very much and are willing you to find the strength to complete your amazing venture, in memory of your Dad. Good Luck and Happy Landings. Keep going girl you are doing a grand job. June and Sue

  368. sally says:

    Looking like you have a smart plan Sarah. Good on you. Sally.

  369. Ati says:

    Hi Sarah i hope you get back on track soon,
    keep rowing you doing great job all the best Ati.

  370. Geoff says:

    Perfect weather today – enjoy!

  371. Dominic Carrington says:

    Fantastic to hear Sarah’s voice in such good spirits after what seems like an eternity with no news whatsover other than a frustrating view of her track going in circles.
    Loads of positive energy heading Sarah’s way as always and wishing all the best for getting back on course very soon.
    Politics and funding aside a restock in Freo seems like a very good call.

  372. Geoff says:

    Sounds like a plan!

    For a while there we thought you were ‘going the long way round’.

    See soon,


  373. amin says:

    we pray…..4 u safe…

  374. John T says:

    Good for you,keep smiling,this reminds me of the row boats on lakes in England where a man with a megaphone and a booming voice calls out come in No 7..you go in hand over more money and happily set off again for more FUN !!! Stay safe.

  375. Lucy says:

    Really impressed with your stamina. Much love from Oxford.

  376. ian hall says:

    Hi there Sarah
    Keep smiling, I know you can do it, just play your music take in some sunshine and there you go.

    From Hallie SHS

  377. Juliet says:

    Hi Sarah! 🙂

    Its Mothers Day today, so ‘Happy Mother of the Seas Day’ to you!
    may the tides treat you gently and winds blow favourably.
    Your talk was brilliant, I loved the bit about watching the stary skies from your boat, that must be so awesome, i have an image of it in my head…..amazing, as i think you are too!



  378. Amanda Black says:

    What your doing is amazing. What an adventure! Everyone is thinking of you. Went to Rutland water the other day and thought of you. Take care.

    Best wishes

    Amanda Black xx

  379. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Heard you talking on the Radcliffe and Maconie show the other night – great that they are going to talk to you on a regular basis! Perhaps there’ll be a job for you as a Radio 2 DJ when you get back!

    Lots of love to you from the Dades xxxxxx

  380. Marcel says:

    Hello Sarah.
    “Ce n’est que partie remise” as we say in French.
    Keep in touch.
    Cheers from Mauritius.

  381. Zanah says:

    Hey Sarah,

    SES are thinking about you and send our love! It’s great you are getting a bit of culture out there, Mozart, how grown up. I’m so inspired by you Sarah, keep it going. Lots of love, Zan.

  382. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah! Keep going strong & enjoy the starry nights! I hope you have better luck with the weather the “second time round”! Dagmar

  383. Graham Hadey says:

    Bit like an Olympic race Sarah…Just a false start. Everything is going to fall ito place for you soon, then the sky’s the limit! Wishing you all the very best from us all in Yanchep WA.

  384. Libby says:

    Thinking about you, Sarah, on a starry night here in the UK.
    Said a quiet prayer for you and your Mum during our SJS Chapel Service on Mothering Sunday – put these last days down to gaining from experience.
    Good to hear your voice. God bless.

  385. rob bowditctch says:

    good morning Sara just going bed 112.40 am hope you ok keep spirits up watching you all the way you are so brave take care Robxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  386. Jim says:

    Go West !! Go West

    Good luck in your journey

  387. Geoff says:

    for those interested this is the site that shows the Leeuwin current


  388. Anita says:

    So exciting to get your sms message on Saturday, Sarah – I was there with you listening to my favourite music of all time. You have added to the wealth of thoughts and memories it conjures up – of good times and difficult times which have been overcome. Things will work out for the best for you – how can they not with so many of us thinking about you and sending you our love. Anita xxx

  389. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah, thought of you a lot at the weekend watching 400 crews contending the HoR on a sleek Thames. Bet not one of them would like your rollercoaster adventure on the Leeuwen, even in their Eights! Liked your Pod – your Blog was already a page-turner for we armchair cyber surfers… but now you’re going Solo in multi-media, how cool is that? keep enjoying the stars – per ardua ad astra! Jane

  390. Amanda B says:

    Yay, way to go Sarah – glad to hear that you are nicely “warmed-up” (!) and raring to go again. Wishing you strength, health, happiness and balmy weather. x

  391. Kitty says:

    Its certainly not balmy weather here, being blown all over the place cycling round Rutland Water! Great to hear you, sounds as though you and Dippers are enjoying yourselves! Stay strong. x

  392. Adrian Moss says:


    Well done and keep it up.I am sure that is a god decision


  393. Doug says:

    Sarah, That’s character for you. No dummy spitting; just on with the mission. Better luck this time.

  394. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    Great to hear you sounding so good Sarah – as you say ‘a warm up lap’ and because of it you are now stronger and more focused than ever – glad you are now eating too – that will help! The Sarah we know and love will take this in her stride…

  395. Dr Evans says:

    Dear Sarah, I think you should come ashore and restock, reconsider in the light of your recent adventure! You dont have to prove anything to anyone. You have already shown amazing courage and stamina. Admitting that it is too difficult is harder than carrying on recklessly !

  396. travijoe vctoria aust. says:

    Hi Sarah , good to hear your voice,which is telling me that you are
    in good shape now,you have had a rough patch,well you have had your
    little playtime running around the ocean in a circle( ha ha )
    now is the time to get dinkum and show us ( the world ) how you are
    about to start getting dippers and yourself on track(sounds good ha)
    says me sitting at my computer,typing right hand, choc ice cream in
    left hand ha ha , good luck Sarah,keep rowing,stay safe as only you know how , will be following your day to day reports etc, cheers.

  397. Spike says:

    There is a golden rule for independent operation and that is “Never pass food/fuel, you don’t know where your next meal will be coming from.” However, that has to be set against the possibility that as little as half a day off the water could mean that the whole seasick bit has to be endured again after restarting.
    Only Sarah and those who planned her food reserves are in a position to make that fine judgement. Like being 2/3 the way between Putney and Mortlake bridges and rowing well, being ‘in the groove’ is a good position to be. Certainly shows strong character.

  398. rob bowditctch says:

    take care sara soon be there you are one of a hell brave lady robxxxxxxxx

  399. Pam says:

    Good to hear you sounding centred and assured. The good ship Dippers sounds to be doing her stuff in keeping you safe and the right way up. Have a glimpse of a land view – baby lambs in the field opposite my window on wobbly legs but already learning to bounce. Hawthorn hedges greening and daffodils transparent gold in bright sunlight. Pink almond blossom, yellow catkins, and mounded clouds chasing across a windy sky. Love,Pam

  400. Alan Thomas says:

    Just think POSITIVE and GO GO GO


  401. Ray Girard says:

    One of the few major obstacles is that adapation period, which, it seems, you have endured and mastered. The rest is just hard work. Enjoy your ‘high’ Sarah, there will be many more if you simply let the rest slide right off of you. At the oddest times I find myself thinking of you, out there, in real time, living an adventure. Life is a kicker, isn’t it?

  402. Keith Kingsbury says:

    Keep up the good work, Sarah – we’re all rooting for you.

  403. Amy Bryant says:

    Go for it Sare! Great hearing your voice on the podcast thingy. Thinking of you lots matey and hope you’re keeping strong in body and spirit. Go for the bump!
    Amz xxxx

  404. Barry Blackmore says:

    Great stuff, sarah; you’ve got b…. with a capital B!!

    Good luck

  405. Juliet says:

    Fine fruit-loopy fettle with a little food thrown in for good measure, is the way forward! 😀

    Sarah…..you’re FAB! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  406. Susie Hewson says:

    Great tactics Sarah!! You have such determination to get the job done and tremendous courage – so why am I being a namby missing a day’s skiing to rest my knee when the sun’s shining and the French snow is perfect, not got my ski legs yet I expect:) Susie

  407. Your big Brother says:

    Love the plan Sis, You would have only embarrassed the previous record holder with a super fast time. Hehe, Go for it, Row like the police are after you and you will be fine! Its what i do when im running. Have fun, stay safe and have you caught any decent fish yet?? Big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  408. Janet says:

    Sarah safe and welll in Fremantle


  409. Libby says:

    Well done, Sarah – enjoy a few tinnies, a moments R+R then get back on with the job, with all our support. As we head to the end of Term, you will be heading back out ready to face the challenge.

    The children have been very concerned about your deviation from the route and we can tell them the change in plan through our electronic notice board.

    Good luck, thinking of you.

    Libby and all at SJS

  410. Ange Wheatley says:

    Hi Sarah, Well done for everything so far! You are an inspiration to us all. Get some decent rest and hit the high sea again with renewed strength. Mum (Terry) sends her love and is looking out for your mum.
    God speed. Enjoy…. Ange x

  411. Geoff Holt says:

    Remember Abersoch……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  412. Roz Savage says:

    Hi Sarah

    Glad to hear that you are well and happy, and raring to get going again. I hope you’re soon back in the saddle/rowing seat.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the joys of dry land!


  413. Mike says:

    Hi Sarah

    What you have done so far is amazing. Have a good rest before you set out again, and I hope the currents will be more favourable this time.
    Take care.


  414. Dagmar says:

    Hi Sarah, enjoy the running tap water, fresh veg and fruit. The electrics definitively chose a good time for having a weak moment! Good luck with weather and waves & have a good rest before you’re off again!

  415. Chris Martin says:

    Well done Sarah,
    That’s not an easy decision to make but it’s certainly the right one. The time you’ve had aboard will ensure you’re much safer and better prepared for the trip when you do break away from those currents.
    Enjoy land and say hi to the sea from me.
    Chris x

  416. Sarah Black says:

    Hey Sarah, good for you, good call to make, i am sure it was a tough one, we are hoping for fair winds for your departure.

  417. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi sarah

    The decision was made for you and we were so pleased that you were able to come and recharge and restock so to speak, now you had had the warm up there will be nothing stopping you. Have had a message from your Mum yesterday teeling me that you were back on track etc.

    Have ordered the wind to blow in the correct direction this time. Much love for now and we look forward to more news.

    Must go to work otherwise the boss won’t be pleased. I shall just say I had an improtant job to do and tell him to look on your site as well.

    Christine & Kathleen

  418. Spike says:

    Hi Sarah
    I know I did a runner then but I think WA trumps Abersoch !
    Best wishes for the restocking and electrics evolutions and hope your support team is not too widely dispersed. Take ‘chill’ time for yourself if you can.
    Bon Voyage (2) whenever it starts. We will be watching closely.

  419. ian says:

    hi sarah,heard your broadcast on radcliffe and maconie,just wanted to wish you well and offer condolences for the set back,you’re made of sterner stuff than me,i’d see it as a sign and go back to bed!anyhow i reckon that you deserve a lot of luck and support for what you’re doing,enjoy it and stay safe!

  420. travijoe, victotia aust says:

    hi sarah, the electrics sure picked the right time to play up,
    well have a good rest up, crack a few tinnies and eating some good fresh foods,and look into that cabin( that you said earlier was
    getting a bit ripe) I had a laught about that,knowing that you were having a rough time out there, but still had your sense of humor,
    good luck looking forward to reports etc of your restart and progress of journey on the computer stay safe,as only you know how.

  421. Room 6 says:

    Hi there Sarah,

    Luckily this glitch happened at the beginning.

    We are hoping all goes well, when your able to start again. You should be proud of how far you have come so far.

    Lets hope the wind blows in right direction to make it favourable for your adventure.


    Room 6

  422. Jane Spence says:

    Honestly, if it isn’t one sort of a current, it’s another. Let’s hope electrics and Leeuwin play nicely from now on. Bit shocked to hear that you are doing the washing and dusting however – is there no escape from housework, even on the Indian? Enjoy the fresh water – and your victuals and vits, best Jane

  423. You have done so well already! Hang on in there, get some good food inside you, and plenty of rest, and go and conquer that ocean! The very best of luck!

    What’s all this talk of Abersoch? Do you know it well? I have spent every summer there since I was born, and love it! weird…

    Big hugs Sarah, and your broadcast was fab!

    Cordelia x

  424. Dr Rosemary Taylor says:

    OK – a warm-up lap was proabably a good idea – let’s face it who in their right mind would take on something like this without one?? A wise move. So, when you go for it next time, you’ll be well and truly ready and fingers crossed the winds will be kind, boat fixed (and tidy!) and your strength renewed.

    Love & best wishes Rosemary

  425. Hi Sarah
    You may recall that I got in touch with you some time ago offering the running club’s services if you needed some support with your training, but you obviuosly managed just fine without us given your 400 mile detour demo. Very best of luck whenever you set off again, several club nembers will be tracking your progress and you are doing Rutland proud.
    Paul Rogerson
    Club Secretary
    Rutland RC

  426. Marcel says:

    Hi Sarah.

    Better your electrics packed up now than half way through to Mauritius.
    We’ll increase the power on our magnet in order to pull you in faster and straighter.

  427. Laura says:

    Hi there crazy girl! I have been following you avidly on your ocean escapades, I’ve even got Dave addicted too! So how many mars bars did you get through on your maiden ‘practice’ voyage?? Do I need to ship a box over for the big one?
    Good luck good luck good luck!

    Lots of love

    Laura xxxx

  428. Barry Gumbert says:

    Ahh Yes the inevitable sea trials. You will succeed this time I am certain.

  429. Chris & Trevor says:

    We have been following your progress and please you are able to get your electrics fixed.I hope you’ve not been sitting on the gps transponder as on RW!!!! We admire your courage and achievements so far and hope you and Dippers are soon ready to continue. We wish you the very best from all at RCC
    Chris and Trevor

  430. Judy Young says:

    Hi there! Keep going – you’ll be fine. I’ll use your journey so far to teach vector addition for AS Physics – it’s pity to waste it! I’ll need chapter and verse when you get back – but that won’t be till after you’ve hit Mauritius.

    Lots of love for now

    Judy xx

  431. Calum says:

    Hello! Sorry I havn’t emailed, what exactly is your email? Sound’s like you’re in a good mood, when are you starting the rest of the row?


  432. Calum says:

    Hello, not sure if this works, I’m so confused. good luck, if you have time send me your email or I’ll find out somehow.

  433. James Carter says:

    Looks like I checked the website just in time! At least now you’ve got a bit longer in a proper bed, with proper food.

    Hope you get the electrics back up and running. The sooner you leave the sooner you get back so I can hear all about it:)


  434. Alan Thomas says:

    As Geoff and Spike have mentioned Abersoch

    I do too, watching, the computer (and SHOUTING, at the screen)

    So GO GO GO as soon as you see fit


  435. helen jack says:

    I have been following your adventure …best wishes for rest of your adventure

  436. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Sorry to hear you had to come ashore, however it was probably for the best. I wish you all the luck in the world, and If I know you as well as I think I do (you should hope so seeing as we are brother and sister) I know you will go out there 2nd time round and smash it!!! Go girl.

    The boys all send their love and best wishes too


  437. Ben Thompson says:

    who paid for your tow ?

  438. Rachael says:

    Sarah!!! We are all happy to hear you are safe warm and munching on good stuff back here in Freo!! We, that is me and fellow Notre Damers as well as ‘Mr Coffee’ – Garrett BLINK, have been tracking your progress INTENSELY since we heard of your extraordinary adventure through Ricardo! So we wish you heaps of warmities and spoils while your back here on our warm dry land, enough to mega-recharge for your next chapter on your courageous journey!! And know that there’s one lil coffee shop, the hub of the West End Freo that is tracking your progress and sending you all the goods to help you on your way!!!
    enjoy your recharge time!!! x’s and all the good stuff… rachael, sarah, gabby and Mr Garrett Blink!!!

  439. james hickerson says:

    Hello, Sarah,
    a little shakedown cruise never hurts—you go girl!

  440. W says:

    Dear Sarah
    I could not resist checking on your progress today though it was noted in my diary for 01 April…Don’t worry you have the spirit to hang in there till you get to Mauritius and remember we are at all times with you. We look forward to welcome you in Port Louis!!

  441. Bill says:

    What are these “dippers” you speak of?

  442. Phil says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m looking forward to your second attempt, confident you’ll make it this time. You can be sure I’ll be following you from here on the Oregon coast.

    I look out at the ocean here in Oregon and try and imagine what it’s like for you. I’ve been out in a kayak but never far from land and only in very calm seas.

    Good luck and God bless…


  443. Amy Middleton says:

    Bill, Dippers is short for Serendipity which is the name of Sarahs beloved boat.

  444. Mark Powell says:

    Well the best laid plans of ‘mice and men’ and I thought you knew what you were doing!! These things make you even more determined to get out and concure the seas!! What about the rower!! Any help please relay back and we can see what can be done but head down and go for it. Simon Chalk has nothing on you and I know you can succeed.
    Buckingham Rd is missing the boat and you. Home safe and sound God Speed.

  445. Rene Soobaroyen says:

    Hi sarah,

    it’s Rene from Mauritius. i am keeping track of you. i am a long distance runner. an old one. i can tell you one thing: life is all about challenging yourself against all odds. i like to think that once you have set your mind on something “soit ca passe soit ca casse” what i mean is this: your trip is big marathon: you should focus not on the distance but content yourself on every single step forward and you’ll reach Mauritius sooner than you think. In fact every single row you make you have thousands of well wishers behind you. i’ll tell you that it’s crazy what you are doing, but if you go back in history it’s all about crazy people doing crazy things that have made our world what it is to-day and make no mistake it is unfolding as it should and you are part of it

    God bless



  446. Yikes! says:

    If anyone has ever seen footage of wild ocean seas before, they would not venture too far from shore in anything less than an ocean liner or huge navy vessel, etc.

    I think Sarah may have gotten off lightly by being blown safely back to shore, before being struck by bad weather.

    What she proposes to do is extremely dangerous and will be very terrifying at times. Sarah, I suggest you check out footage of an ocean storm (and related rescue attempts) before committing to a restart.

  447. Rosie B says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Great to keep up with all your news! Cycling along coast in Vietnam great fun – cycling in Hanoi at rush-hour very scary experience!

    My Dad swears that ginger helps sea-sickness – good excuse to pack some tasty ginger cookies if you have space!

    GOOD LUCK with next attempt – will be thinking of you!

    R xx

  448. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi sarah

    its lovely to have an update like all the otherf olks I guess, ceratinly answerted a few of my questions.

    Just take care and things will get sorted when you are meant to go you will. Must get reasdy for work otheriwse the boss won’t be happy iof I’m late.

    Love to you and all the other kind folks over there who are helping you.

    get your energy levels up.

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  449. ian hall says:

    Hi Sarah Hallie & Elliot here, thinking of you, I guess you will be on your way soon. We both have one more sleep until our Italian adventure on the slopes, starts Saturday afternoon. We will seek out a computer to keep our eye on your progress. In the mean time Mr E says get on with the row, he needs you for some DoE camping.
    Best wishes & & E from SHS

  450. steve says:

    Hi Sarah, good luck on your second attempt. What you are doing is very brave. Puts my daily 5km row on my C2 erg into perspective ! Take care l wish you luck. Steve in Leicester. x

  451. Michael says:

    Hi Sarah, You may remember me…the (old & grey) Aussie guy who lives in the U.K. and knows where Rutland is! I stopped by for a chat after a fishing trip just before you set off. I was out there bouncin’ lead again yesterday and was suprised to see your ‘ship’ at the annexe and wondered if you’d bailed out, west of Rotto. Glad to hear the mission is still on. Hope you get some favourable currents and a good north easter to get you rolling, or should that be rollocking? Loved some of the old timber at the Annexe boat show.
    Good Luck

  452. Alison says:

    The very best of luck,Ishall be glued to your reports while Jeremy is in port in Brazil getting his boat patched ready for the sail to the USA.

  453. Yikes says:

    “A most tumultuos sea after the calm we have had recently and the noise is unbelievable. The waves crashing into the boat and breaking all around are thunderous.”

    (The above is just in from your fellow UK rowing buddy, Olly Hicks, who left Tasmania over two months ago and is 2/3 of the way to the southern end of New Zealand in his ’round Antarctica mission.)

    His description is of conditions he is experiencing in some strong wind, which is quite common. What will it be like in an actual gale force storm a few hundred klms off WA??? Yikes!

  454. Andy & Guy says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It was quite heart braeking seeing you come back into land on the tracker, hope your spirits aren’t too dampened and keep your chin up.

    We have arrived in perth and are here for the next few days so wondered where your staying and we’ll come and visit if you like!

    Andy & Guy

  455. Guy Warner says:


    Well done so far – your courage is inspirational to many.

    Your routers should know that current has 4 times as much effect on a boat as the wind and you cannot make progress against a strong one.
    Suggest you head NNW on leaving Fremantle whatever they tell you!

    Best of luck for the next attempt.

    Guy (saw you at the Boat Show – excellent talk)

  456. Felicity Rollings says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Glad to hear you’re in such good spirits and lyou’re ooking forward to setting off again once everything’s ready. The blogs have been great, especially the one recorded from the boat in mid-Ocean!

    Just thought I’d let you know that last weekend we went to Rutland! It’s where my grandpa and grandma went on their honeymoon so we went back on my grandpa’s birthday. Rutland Water looked gorgeous, although I can’t imagine getting up at 5am in the winter to go rowing on it!

    Anywayz, good luck with the preparations!

    Love Fliss

  457. christina watts says:

    Sarah… I guess you will be on your way soon.

    Hope you meet up with Guy and Andy before you go ~ tell Guy you know Lewis.

    Good luck to you and Dippers.

    love xtina watts

  458. Yikes says:

    I am puzzled at the number of people urging this very unexperienced person to attempt such a dangerous feat.

    They (and Sarah) seem to have no idea how dangerous (I mean dangerous as in life-taking) it will be out there. New Zealand stopped the experienced ocean rower Hicks from departing from their shores due to the risk he was undertaking.

    In a big gale, her boat will be flicked from the top of waves and upon crashing down, it could be held under by the following waves.

    Even though I do not think she will get too far from land the second time around (if she really does set off again) any time out there will be a liability to her self and those needing to try to rescue her when she calls for help to save her life.

    Being couragous, etc, on land is one thing, but doing personal dares like this on open water is very different (even for a charitable cause).

  459. Yikes says:

    I am puzzled at the number of people well-wishing and urging this unexperienced young woman to attempt such a dangerous feat. New Zealand stopped the experienced rower Hicks from departing from their shores due to the risks he was exposing to himself and potentially others.

    Although I do not think she will get too far towards Africa the second time around (if she really does set off again) any time out there will be a liability to her self and those needing to rescue her.

    Being couragous, etc, on land is one thing, but doing personal challenges like this on open water is very different – even for a charitable cause.

  460. L.I. Merrick says:

    A cross-ocean rower called Outen
    Left from Perth amidst fanfare and shoutin’
    On return to Australia
    None thought her a failure
    As “out and back” Outen went out again.

  461. Mum says:

    Message to YIKES…
    What is your own personal experience of ocean rowing???
    As for setting off again….if she wants to, and she does, I can assure you of that….she will set off as soon as she is given clearance by the authorities.
    This is not a personal dare, as you say; but an attempt to row across the Indian. It HAS been done before, tho’ not by a woman….and she will have a jolly good attempt. She’s one tough little cookie. I should know, I am her mother!!!
    If you have sound advice or encouragement and support , then I am sure your posts will be welcomed. However, I don’t really think you should be posting if you are so scathing.

  462. Yikes says:

    Hi Mum. I realise she is a strong person mentally and physically and could possibly stand months and months of being on her own, rowing a heavy boat, suffering fatigue, etc, BUT it is when the lovely, blue, serene ocean turns to hell that she will be in danger. She will be locked in the tiny kevlar cabin (life capsule) of her little boat and it will be terryfying for hours, if not days on end for her, hoping it does not split open and that the rest of the boat does not become damaged as it is tossed and dumped in violent ocean waves.

    I spend a lot of time at sea and know how dangerous it can get if caught out by a quick weather change, or simply by entering an area of wind against current.

    One question for you Mum (or Sarah). In the event that it is necessary to call for rescue during this personal undertaking, do you have a pre-arranged private rescue organisation ready to go in all conditions if she calls, or activates her emergency beacon? OR will she be relying on a government-based rescue authority to send people to her aid?

  463. John Williams says:

    Having rowed the Atlantic and Indian Oceans I know that loved ones at home have the hardest time, whatever the physical and emotional suffering that the rower faces. So I do think it’s unbelievably crass to post the sort of stuff “Yikes” is posting, and for what purpose? This guy obviously doesn’t know a lot about ocean rowing or ocean rowing boats, and he should log on to http://www.oceanrowing.com to learn more, rather than post here.
    Sarah is extremely well-prepared, has a great boat and is very capable. She is the first woman to attempt to row the Indian Ocean – that in itself is wonderful and life-affirming – and with a little luck she will make history by completing her voyage.

  464. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  465. Yikes says:

    I searched high and low on that site (and elsewhere) John, but nowhere does it talk about how a full scale rescue will be organised and who will undertake it if a distress call is made.

    I hope with these type of extreme adventures, as opposed to regular mariners in motorised ocean going boats, that a rescue would be by private arrangement, as complex and exspensive as that will be.

    As I presume you do know the answer to the question John, I am sure many other readers would be interested to know too and it will be re-assuring to all to understand what the safety net is. Of course I hope it is not needed.


  466. amin says:

    sarah….good luck…

  467. Spike says:

    As a professional mariner and SAR pilot, I have to agree that you have a valid debating point. However, this blog is not the right place to take that forward. If the politicians had come to terms with it, all adventurers would have to place a bond before departure. Furthermore, you cannot uninvent the satphone and are unlikely to stop all those who attempt ‘Everest in shirtsleeves’. National rescue agenies do sometimes send large bills where crass unpreparedness is shown.
    While she may not have personal experience of oceanic Force 12 (and it IS a religious experience) Sarah is well aware of the risks she is facing and will have briefed/prepared appropriately.

    “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

  468. Danwie says:

    Sarah! A good journey is a varied journey! We learn nothing by sticking to a route, specially when the task is as large as the one you are taking on.

    There’s many a prayer for you flying around on angels wings, no matter where you are…Goddess speeed to you!

    Many Bright Blessings

  469. Aidcrew says:

    I suppose someone has to speak for the sofa loafers and couch slouches – and this lady ‘Yikes’ does a job. Her very name conjures up a cartoon of the little rabbity girl hiding behind the setee, wringing her hands, terrified of everything.

    Can someone reasusure the wee timorous beastie that she doesn’t actually have to go? Sarah’s going for her. Actually, for anyone of any spirit. Hurrah for Sarah and her family.

  470. Mum says:

    Good to hear your podcast again. Hope plans for 2nd assault get underway soon and without too many hitches. Thanks for all the texts etc. Love you lots,
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  471. Mum says:

    THanks John and Aidcrew fo ryour support ,common sense and good wishes.
    Yes, rescue plans are in place should she need it!!! We wouldn’t be that stupid !!! She is wel prepared and has had experience of at least force 10 storms. Again…if you can’ t be positive then don’t post!! She doesn’t need it!

  472. Grant Rodwell says:

    Hey Sarah, could you let us know when you are setting sail again? As fellow Poms in Oz we would like to bid you bon voyage. Good luck and stay safe.

    Grant and Bec

  473. Sarah says:

    Hi Folks – I’m really chuffed we seem to have such a following here, so thank you for your interest. I would just like to ask that we don’t name call or anything unkind. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion, so long as its not offensive. It wouldn’t be good to have to censor the site. So please, be nice to each other!

    Anyone interested in the training I have done can have a look through blogs and the web pages about my preparedness, which has been undertaken over the last 3 years with the advice and support of various professionals and experts in the myriad of fields needed to ensure that I am as well prepared as possible, and to mitigate the need for any outside assistance, save over the satellite phone. (And breathe!) This has included but is not limited to sea survival training, navigation training, advanced first aid and others, but for me the most formative experiences were those out at sea both in rowing boats and sailing boats. I was keen that I would have crossed at least one ocean before setting out on my own independent voyage, to know that I had experienced severe oceanic weather and an extended period of time at sea. My ocean passage was a 1400nm run from NW Iceland across the North Atlantic to Plymouth, in which we experienced some extremely heavy weather and storms. Force 10 was the worst and on this trip I had the good fortune of being skippered by an ex Skipper of the support yachts for various Atlantic rowing races. She advised that I was very well prepared for my trip, as have other ocean rowers, including soloists. My whole passage plan and equipment lists have been approved and accepted by the Australian Maritime Safety Association.

    I can assure all readers that I am not reckless and certainly not insensitive to the potential of any sort of rescue and the risks that others would be making in assisting me. When I was ‘down South’ on my Warm Up lap before deciding to head North under my own steam, and it looked like I might require a tow back to land, this was to be a boat chartered out to tow me in. A private enterprise to assist, rather than rescue me, this would have been a $5,000AUD bill to myself. In the event of a major emergency at sea where I require evacuation from the boat, this is coordinated by Falmouth Coastguard. Where I am depends on the vessel which would assist. Often tankers are rerouted from their course, for example. It depends on the situation and location.

    At the end of the day, you always have to have a first time – Olly Hicks now veteran rower, had to solo the Atlantic for that experience. I look at my ten day run earlier this month as an excellent shake down for Chapter 2 – how many ocean rowers can say they spent ten days at sea before heading out into the big blue?

    I could chat on all day about it as it’s been my life for three years, but really my site has lots of information about my training and preparation to this point, the wonderful boat build and so on. So I shall leave you in peace and sign out assuring you that I would not be undertaking this journey if I hadn’t put in the prep beforehand.

    As I say, thanks for all the chats – just be pleasant to each other!


    PS Loving the little ryhmes that L Merrick keeps making up – great stuff!

  474. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am in awe at this tremendous challenge that you’ve taken on.
    We,( my busband and I) wish you a safe journey, may God be with you.
    You have great courage. Stick to it girl.

    Our best wishes,
    Heidi and Lorne.

  475. Aussie says:

    You do realize Mauritius is only a 7 hour plane flight from Perth !!
    Let’s be honest, you’re not going to make it paddling a rowboat, and more than likely will need to be picked up either by sea rescue or the navy at tax payers expense… spare us all..

  476. Stewart, Venezuela. says:

    As an ex-seafarer (New Zealand Shipping Co.)here’s wishing you every success, second time around. God bless you.

  477. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    good to hear your voice, feels like ages since we have spoke. Im glad al the prep is going well and that you should be back on your merry way shortly. As always I and the boys will be following your progress very closely and look forward to you completing this epic journey.

    Take care, be strong

    Big love xxx

  478. Marcel says:

    “Aussie” is obviously a First Class Loser and a defeatist.
    Stay home and keep staring at your navel, sir, and let people like Sarah shame you into being a man.
    If Captain Cook thought like you, there would have been no Australia.
    To achieve great aims, one must dare great things.
    Sarah will do it…and we are getting ready to welcome her to Mauritius.
    You are not invited!

  479. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah, good to hear the chirpy Podcast. Bah, humbug you were right about the Boat race – but the Minties (must you be so chromatically accurate?) came a powerful second. Think you were toasted in the Rutland Arms.

    Bet you are spoiling to set off – steak and pizza all very well but now you’ve tasted the salt, I don’t suppose anything else hits the spot.

    We’re gearing up for Arthritis Care Awareness Week beginning on the 20th April – everybody thinking of you and how amazing it is to have you out there, supporting us.

    Looking forward to hearing more – hope you get another sponsor, not just because the Podcasts are so great.


  480. Phoebe Brookes says:

    Hi Sarah

    I am here in sunny California explaining to my family your adventure and they all wanted to wish you good luck when you return to the open ocean.
    Been thinking about you and sending you good thoughts. Will continue to look at your updates.

    Keep going and enjoy the ride.


  481. Yikes says:

    Spike and Sarah – thanks for the straight-up info. Answering peoples questions about some of the nitty gritty is important. Two things then I am done.

    One – Sarah said: “I look at my ten day run earlier this month as an excellent shake down for Chapter 2 – how many ocean rowers can say they spent ten days at sea before heading out into the big blue?” I have noticed this before and can’t believe that rowers don’t do at least one voyage of several days/weeks including rough weather, before heading off on trips that will take months – it really is as Spike says: “attempting Everest in short sleeves”.

    Two – I get the impression that rather than have a pre-arranged private rescue contract in place before departure, most ocean rowers rely on the government of those suitably equipped nations to attempt a rescue if asked. My point here is that traditional ocean travellers do so in substantial, motorised vessels (even cruising yachts have motors and they tend to island hop, rather than head across an ocean), whereas rowers/oceanic drifters obviously have an incredibly higher chance of needing to flick the “Save me!!” switch on their EPIRB. I reckon rescue organisations are on standyby to help more “legitimate” ocean and coastal users if needed (commercial fisherman, trading ships, well founded private boats, etc and for their men and women to be called into a mid-ocean storm to rescue someone who set off in a row boat wouldn’t please them.

    Money won’t help the rescuer’s personal safety, but the massive rescue costs should all be borne by the rower/their organisers and hopefully Sarah has been able to get/will now seek funding from her sponsors to pay for rescue insurance if it is available, possibly via one of the rowers’ associations? If not available, sponsors should be sought to pay the costs if needed.

    Hey – this is good idea! A wealthy sponsor could be legally bound by you to pay the complete rescue bill if needed, but if all goes well, they get great coverage (Title Sponsor) and don’t end up paying a cent/pence!

  482. Geoff says:

    One easy way to mask our our own fears and limitations is to scorn the courage of others and describe the bold as foolish. Not that there aren’t fools out there, but a detailed study of Sarah’s endeavor reveals it is not foolish. The prevailing winds and current, once away from the Leeuwin, are with her. She has done enormous training and is physically prepared. Her boat, though small, is thoroughly seaworthy and expertly equipped and she spent 48hrs in waves to 16m and winds to 35knts last week 100 miles West of Cape Naturalist. She rowed there and back 400 miles in 10 days variously against winds and/or current. The maths for the distance she must average per day, the hours she must row per day to do those and the provisions for that many days, plus a considerable surplus, all stack up and have been verified many times by other endurance rowers around the world. If Sarah succeeds, she will not have achieved ‘the impossible’, as if defying the laws of physics, because by any analysis, it is entirely possible – that’s not the point. Its that someone has the courage, perseverance and self reliance to undertake such a grueling challenge. Such challenges are not confined to trans ocean rowing. They include caring for sick in our homes, hospitals and hospices, they include maintaining the innocence projects where our legal system has failed, remaining vigilant against corruption, or bullying in schools. Of fighting asbestos and tobacco companies. They include remaining loyal to friends, family and neighbors at their darkest times. It is about going the distance on what’s right when temptation is for the easy path. It is the inspiration people like Sarah provide the community when we feel hopelessness that justifies public support of their efforts. It is a good thing.


  483. Charly Sissons says:

    Hi Sarah
    Go girl. We are all following you with great interest and amid our own difficult times you are a shining star and inspiration to us all. Not just the sissons clan but all my mum’s friends and our family are watching you and mums donations are being shared with arthritus care. As to the aussie, typical weak man who has not heard of dreams and has no ambition or goals in his own life. Those who have the courage to reach for their dreams are to be applauded not mocked.
    As the saying goes
    “if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.”
    God speed and we are with you all the way.
    ma sissons 🙂
    PS Charly’s sight is back to normal following our great shock so give her something to read about and show them how truly awe inspiring you are

  484. Your big Brother says:

    It looks like that is just what you need. Good luck and get going!! See you soon

    Your big brother xxxx

  485. Roger and Caroline says:

    Hi Sarah
    Just back from NZ where we saw the statue of Captain Cook in Gisborne – his first landfall in this part of the world. Keep going Sarak the world is a better place for the great seafarers and you are one of them.
    Hope to get down to Freo to see you off.
    All best wishes
    Roger and Caroline

  486. Ray Girard says:

    Re-starting has just got to be hard on you, internally, …but when you accomplish this, and you will, and you look back on this, it will be so small a thing as to be forgotten.
    Strength and fulfillment to you, Sarah.
    You won’t need luck.

  487. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Do you have any idea what time you will be leaving?

    Would love to meet you in person before you row out.

    Heidi and Lorne.

  488. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah

    What time are you leaving, have to bring the kids down again and say hi

  489. Robert Nixon says:

    May a strong wind and gentle seas be pushing at your back….

  490. Steve Clark says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Just a few hours notice of your departure and we’ll be able to be there. Is departure from the RPYC Annexe again ?

    A Mandurah yachtie drifted 30 miles out to sea in a few hours after being knocked out by his boom on a voyage from Mandurah to Rottnest yesterday. But then he had a sail.. and the sail had a boom … so I guess things even up.

    Very best wishes for fair winds and gentle seas,


  491. Sarah says:

    Watch this space – hoping to put up firmer details this evening. If the seabreeze drops off as predicted tomorrow then I’ll look to push off somewhere between 5-6pm tomorrow evening from the Royal Perth Yacht Club, Fremantle. Watch this space – this evening/tomorrow morning for a firmer plan.

    Thanks for all the messages,


  492. BPC and Albie says:

    Exciting to hear you will be off again – I shall be sure to share with my kiddoes at school. Im definitley there in the Ricardo fan club – what a legend. Hope the final land preparations go smoothly. Much love, xxxx

  493. sally says:

    Sarah, was that a call for a local manager of The Ricardo fanclub?? Where do I sign?
    Thanks again for blowing up all those balloons. Hope it helped the aerobic fitness. Party a HUGE success. Last man standing, 11.50 Monday! Will be watching out for the departure but if i miss I’ll see you in Abersoch.
    Cheers to the Dark Blues.

  494. Emilie Morris says:

    Hi Sarah

    I hope your boat is up and ready again?
    Me and all my family wish you lots of luck on “take 2.”

    Just enjoy it and don’t think elsewear!

    Love Emilie Xxx

  495. L.I. Merrick says:

    The currents drag
    The winds do blow
    The waves they toss about,
    But Sarah Outen’s
    Set to row
    She does not mess about.

  496. Richard and Vanessa says:

    Good luck – we are all thinking of you and following your exploits through the web site

    Richard and Vanessa

  497. Geoff Holt says:

    Hey Outers. The “smelly badger” says you’re “a rubbish rower”. Take it as a compliment, remember what he said to me? He also says “tell Sarah to catch a fish, any fish, it will be 1 more than my dad”. Oh, he’s so funny. His pocket money has been suspended for 2 weeks. He’s not laughing now. On the Ocean, how bright were those stars at night? It must be awesome. Row safely. The Holts.

  498. Sarah says:

    Sally – yes, you can be the Aussie manager for the Club, Catherine – you can be the UK base – any other international offers?!

    Geoffers – stars oh so bright and they will be all the brighter this time round, I’m sure. Love to the Badger as always – is he bringing home girlfriends and hanging out the window smoking yet? All the blokes are interested in the fishing – must make sure I catch one so I can have ‘fish chats’ and compare notes. Take care. S

    L . I. Merrick – you are officially Poet Laureate for the trip now – loving the poems.

    Phoebes – have stocked up on e-numbers and rubbishy jelly sweets to bring back memories of duty nights chez Oakers. Happy travelling. I’ll still be out next term – make sure the youngn’s behave themselves!

    Mikey Mike – stay safe in those planes! Happy jumping & keep the texts coming through out there.

  499. margot says:

    So how do we sign up for the Ricardo fan club Sally? Sarah, hope to see you off again, but if I don’t make it have an amazing time and remember “Be the second mouse!”

  500. Sally Kettle says:


    It’s official, you’ve passed the test. As you know only the very best ocean rowers go back and start again!
    It’s in the ‘How to be an Amazing Ocean Rower Handbook’
    Those who get across first time… they’re amateurs!

    ( :

    Go kick some current butt (or should that be currant bun! It is Easter after all!)

    Sally x

  501. St Hugh\'s College Chronicle Readers says:

    Good Luck, Sarah! We are all behind you and wishing you ‘good speed’ on your epic journey.
    St Hugh’s College Chronicle Readers

  502. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    On behalf of the Mauritian Veterans we wish you good speed on your voyage across the pond.

  503. Donald says:

    Adjust your pilot, head for Wales UK. lovely beaches, sun,handsome bronzed men on the beach, lobster suppers cant be beat.
    ps bring your own bottle

  504. Spike says:

    Good going Sarah !
    I’ll chomp on a Vegimite sarnie for brekkie in your honour.
    Fair winds and stiff rigging.

  505. Amy Middleton says:

    Wouldn’t it be 11pm our time on Tuesday evening? That is assuming Australia have also put their clocks forward.

  506. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good to hear the updates, will be following you closely. All good wishes for your voyage ahead and take great care.

    Much love for now

    C & K

  507. Clare Sach says:

    Good luck on your next attempt! I hope it goes well and you find your sea legs again quickly. xxx

  508. John Ashby says:

    Rest assured that many old geezers like me wish they could do what you are doing. You are an inspiration to the young generation. Take care. John.

  509. Marcel says:

    Lovely chatting to you on the phone from Gerard’s place today. It didn’t take you long to experience Mauritian hospitality. What did you think of it?
    Anyway, get rowing and blast everything out of the water.
    Yes, tell yr mum to get in touch with me.

  510. Godfolkes says:

    So pleased to hear that you are on your way again – we will do our best with the wind vibes at Iam and will wave you off!
    Our love goes with you and we shall be thinking of you. xx

  511. Charlie says:

    from another HMS Mauritius Veteran
    good luck Sarah; it’s been said before,
    “Those who get across first time… they’re amateurs”
    show them how good you are.
    Charlie Chase

  512. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah
    May your dad’s spirit guide you and have fun 8)
    lots of love

  513. Charly Sissons says:

    We all wish you the best of luck and I am seeing completely properly clearly and in full colour so woo to me but a bigger for you
    Love you lots and I wish you the perfect weather
    and in panto speak break a leg (saying wish you luck is cursed!lol)
    8) x (8

  514. Mum says:

    Wow Charly !!! That’s fantasic news. I am so pleased for you. ( Ihope that you will read this when you next check Sarah’s blog)
    I shall definitely be doing the LONG DISTANCE wave at 0100hrs!!!! and cheering too.
    May the winds blow in your favour, the currents fade ( unless they’re headed west!!) and may you be safe ,strong and full of swinpily!!!!!
    Love Mum.xx

  515. Amber Woods says:

    Hi Sarah! My girls and I found your website and have been following your progress from tropical Darwin, Australia. We think you are awesome and wish you a safe trip(take two). We know you will make it in record time – thanks for letting us ride the waves with you.

  516. Caroline and Sean from Expedition Medicine says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I hope by the time you are reading this everything is back working again and that you are rearing to go or ever better on the waves again. Good luck once more, thinking of you, stay healthy
    love Caroline and Sean

  517. James Hickerson says:

    Wishing you Godspeed from New Mexico, Sarah,
    You go girl!

  518. Pam Stocker says:

    Go Girl, been good to be in touch. Don’t forget the poems! Have emailed Brunswick Group to see if they want to sponsor you. Watch the space. Rowing’s better than essays – probably!xPam

  519. Richard Taylor says:

    Sarah – go for it and we are right with you.

    Aussie – I would be fascinated to hear from you about your achievements, your challenges and the committment you have shown especially for the benefit of others. Look forward to reading all about it – wont take long I suspect.

  520. Peter Roome says:

    Hi Sarah, good luck from all of us in Stamford. Fair winds and even nicer fair currents! Do keep out of that Leeuwin fella’s grasp this time. Did you know that Will is half of a two man Sandhurst boat paddling the DW in 2 weeks time, so that day he may even row further than you?!! The unfortunate part is that Carol, Tim and me are the support crew for 24 hrs… Bon voyage, Peter.

  521. Sarah says:

    Charly you made my day yesterday with the news – absolutely brilliant. And how is the new puppy?

    Marcel – wonderful wonderful Mauritian hospitality with Lina and Gerard.

    Amy – oops! Did you forget that Australia is the other side of the world and therefore opposite seasons?! We put clocks back over here so there is 7 hours difference at the mo.

    2nd time round is always best. I can take in all the views this time!

    Peter – Will did tell me about the DW. I hope you have better weather than when I did it! Jelly babies – that’s all you need. That was my favourite thing on the course.

  522. jackie warren says:

    Its good to have a trial run and sort everything out,now down to the real trip. Safe travelling and keep up your high spirt you will make it,I will be following your progress with much interest. Best Wishes Jackie Warren

  523. Yikes says:

    “Here is the plan: I carry on rowing for about 100 days”

    Now Sarah. You are the cheeriest and bravest lady I have heard of for ages, but really, what’s all this about 100 days of rowing?? What then? (Yes, I had said I wouldn’t pipe up anymore, but your 100 day comment is too inviting!!)

    Hickles has had the prevailing weather basically behind him and 100 days may have him at New Zealand, 1500 klms from start. You are heading against the prevailing conditions and it is 6,000 klms to your destination. Please give me a clue as to how your 100 days could get you so far.

    Of course I really hope you have a safe and pleasant time, but it seems so hard from the latitude you are leaving from. Hey! I have just seen that a bunch of other rowers (solo, pairs, fours) are leaving Geraldton WA in month or so, heading to the same place.

  524. Barry Gumbert says:

    Kick ass, Sarah!!!!!!

    Wanna go rowing in Glacier Bay Alaska

  525. Haven’t gone all through the comments this time Sarah.
    Last time I did there was someone who obviously knew what he was
    talking about, warning you about the dangers of being in ANY boat
    out there. And slagging your on-line supporters, for on-line supporting you.

    I think I noticed him on the foreshore as Joshua Slocum set off too!

    Go for it girl! Negativity doesn’t help.

  526. emma says:

    You are an awesome person!!!!!!

  527. Golly Gee says:

    We don’t know too much about Sarah, but your post will either have her speeding on her way quick smart, or it could encourage her to stay!

  528. Herve Figon says:

    Hi Sara
    Good luck on your venture. Having been 20 years at sea on different ships and sailed btn Fremantle and Mau a couple of times, I can only wish you the best of Luck.
    Am originally from the Island of Mau and still have relatives there. I now live in Sydney with wife Therese.
    Good Luck and God Bless

  529. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great to hear the news again, I am sure this time the wind will be blowing in the right direction. Our love an dbest wishes for a truly safe and happy journey. We shall be following your journey all the way.

    Lots of love to you and your Mum, mustn’t forget Michael and Mtthew too.

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  530. Adrian Moss says:

    Well done Sarah

    we send you all our best wishes from Chichester. I feel I should get my canoe out and do a row as well……

  531. Charly Sissons says:

    Heya Sarah
    The puppy buster is good despite having kennel cough but he is so cheeky. Foreman (cat) has accepted Buster so things are going great!
    I wish you luck for tomorrow and will be sending you “good vibes” even if i have accidentaly nodded of!
    Take care and row your best but mainly again have fun!!!
    Charly x
    oh yeah big hugs from all mum, dad buster and forman!!!

  532. Hi Sarah,

    Jamie and I want to wish you all the very best for your row. We hope you have resolved all problems and did you get the email from Phil?

    You just stay cool and calm and Dippers will do the rest!

    Love you lots E & J x
    Remember you can call us at any time – day or night! x

  533. Byrant says:

    We may be on the otherside of Oz, in Sydney, NSW, but we wish you the
    ideal push off from Fre. We will tag along behind you all the way.
    Best of good fortune.

  534. Byrant says:

    Though we are in the other side of Oz, in Sydney, NSW. we wish you
    the perfect push off from Fremantle. WE will tag along behind you all
    the way, so here’s hoping you the best of good fortune.

  535. Juliet says:

    row, row, row yer boat
    gently cross the sea
    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    fish ‘n’ fish for tea!

    ummm…..maybe I better not give up
    the day job! 🙂

  536. Susie Hewson says:

    Sarah we are admiring your double courage and tenacity and feel that Mother Nature will be taking great care of you on your journey. All the SISTERS will be virtually waving to you and sitting again in that crowded boat…move up make room for another:)Susie

  537. Tom Scott says:

    Hi Sarah

    I work with Arthritis Care in Scotland and we are following your journey with great admiration. (Couple of boaties here)

    Good luck in your second assault and we hope that the weather conditions and everything you wish for go with you.

    Enjoyed your latest podcast.

    Best Wishes
    Tom and the Scotland Team

  538. Michael Healy on the Riviera says:

    Anchors away tomorrow, and you will have many happy memories of Fremantle/Perth just as I have. I also admired you and the boat at the London Boat Show. Glad you enjoyed Jules’ and Brian’s pool and their dog down-under. I’m pledging £100 after you finish the crossing.

  539. Mum says:

    Thanks to al for their positive comments and good wishes. Its good to know she has so much support out there. Go for it Sugar Plum!!!
    See you in Mauritius!! Am just about to talk to BBC TV again!!! they rang and want to speak to me.
    Love you lots…I shall be there in spirit as you leave those Aussie shores. Mum.

  540. Theresa White says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Not really a “fan club” per se, but your SISTERs at Natracare are following your every row and post regular updates there! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Natracare/55275672093
    We are all looking forward to your adventures this time around…we really have missed you!

  541. Jane Spence says:

    Sarah, best wishes from all at your charity Arthritis Care, we’ll be here for you if you get Rowers’ Wrist or Watermakers Elbow! Just satfone our (free) helpline if you find yourself musculoskeletally challenged!

    oh dear, if you were hoping for the proverbial Hundred Days of Solitude, it ain’t going to happen! You’ve built a big global family now – Ocean Family Outen – and we’re all going in the boat with you, admiring, envious, inspired.

    You’re seafaring for one of the last ‘firsts’ – and it’s a green and human endeavour everyone can thrill to. Enjoy it, take us with you, and take care. Forget Rower’s Wrist – we’ll see you in the Rover’s Return! best Jane

    PS have you thought of taking some chocolate?

  542. Robert Nixon says:

    Best of luck on setting out. You have a good plan and the will to make it happen. All of us here are cheering you on.

    Well, it’s almost time, by my clock half an hour to go… tick tock, tick tock…

  543. Geoff says:

    Sarah departed Fremantle 08:20 in 15knt SE breeze. Lots of wellwishers. Wonderful vibe.

    Yikes will be comforted that she has taken an outboard “just in case”.

  544. Seve Peaks says:

    Good Luck Sarah, hope you can pull it off. Stuff the critics, what do they know about having a go. A good plan to install the motor.

  545. Yikes says:

    Well I have to admit I’m glad you’ve seen reason. Just be careful with the matches lighting your stove with all that fuel on board.

    And do the seal the fuel tanks to ensure you haven’t motored some of the way?

  546. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good luck Sarah, don’t be disheartened by those who are just jealous and don’t do anything like you.

    Was with you in time as you left even though I was over here, wasstill awake and thinking of you.

    All good wishes and happy rowing, row row the boat as they say.

    Much love

  547. Lina says:

    We went to see Sarah off this morning at Fremantle and accompanied her up to Trigg. What an amazing Lady!!!! Good luck Sarah, we might come to see you in Mauritius, we know you can do it. Go Sarah Go!

  548. Comoros says:

    For that extra nutty challenge…row a tanker across the ocean! April 1st, hmmm….

    Good luck for the second go, hope you get out of that pesky current, and I’m now expecting a warm-down lap to make it over here once the main bit is done.


  549. Geoff Holt says:

    Heh Sarah. All that fuel is going to add a lot of weight. Don’t be downhearted about the critics. After my near fatal start, the lovely Roz Savage sent me a quote. Now it’s my gift to you: “It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worth cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat”. Theodore Roosevelt

  550. Grant Rodwell says:

    Watched you row out through Freo and off into the horizon, as we sat on a the rockey peninsula. Filled with admiration. You go Sarah, good luck and good bless.
    Grant and Bec

  551. Herve Figon says:

    Hi Sarah
    Where there is a will there is a way. I remember that whilst at sea on one of my voyages we saw a little boat on the great Atlantic ocean. There was a lonely girl on board. We changed course to see if she needed something but she only waved at us. She was British.
    Good on you Sarah.

  552. Yikes says:

    This is the original (pesky) “Yikes” typing.

    The first comment above IS NOT FROM ME, but from some other person who wants to say something, but imply it is something I would say, rather than have themselves being seen as “negative”. (Invent your own fake name, fake Yikes above!)

    Anyway, in the “The Grand Plan” posts, the last post was from Geoff, who presumed I would be glad Sarah is taking an outboard motor, “just in case”. What do I think of the addittion? Tricky one. I am guessing that the motor and fuel have added at least 700 KGS to “Dippers”. That is a HUGE extra weight to add to what you were rowing before, HUGE. Presumeably your boat designer was consulted about all those jerry cans of fuel (weight) being placed above (and below) the waterline.

    I cant figure out whatsoever how you will be mounting the motor to the rear of your boat (perhaps is it side mounted?). If you do need to bring it out of storage and attach it, hopefully you have practised doing it a few times; it will not be easy, if you are slopping around. Make sure it is tied to safety points with a series of very short line as you move it into place, ‘cos it would be very easy for it to slip from your grasp and disappear. They can be buggers to start too!

    Anyway Sarah, if things really do go horrible, PLEASE make sure you do activate the EPIRB before fiddling with the motor. It may be of some help in calm conditions (the boat wasn’t designed to be used with a spare motor) but it wont help you in rough water. EPIRB in a real emergency – promise??

    Good luck xxx (the real) Yikes!

  553. Jane Spence says:

    Thanks for the pics from Clem. With so many others round the world, wish we could have waved you off like Grant and the many wellwishers in Freo. But we were with you in spirit at 01.20 British ‘summer’ Time as you nosed away into Outen Water.
    Hope the new freight isn’t too heavy – but I expect Dippers will shoulder it with good humour and you will make light of it after all the training

    Say hello to any dolphins for us! Jane

  554. Dr Evans says:

    Fell for that one, didnt you, Yikes!

  555. Yikes says:

    What??? You mean she aint taking no motor with her?? If that is the case, then YEP, she got me as an April idiot!

    As I said, I had A LOT of reservations about the motor and fuel, but at least it told me she was thinking of her safety and possible inconvenience to others. (The thought of her transferring all that fuel between storage and final container is pretty scary!)

    If you did trick me Missy, then good on you. xxx
    (But if it is for real, then be very careful and re-read my post.)

  556. Dr Evans says:

    Come on Yikes – you were really sucked in !

    The way, she’s carrying on, I reckon Sarah is sitting in the bar at the Esplanade, having a good chuckle. I reckon her alias is pesky Yikes too !

  557. Sarah Child says:

    Good Luck Sarah…..forget the critics, they have nothing better to do with their time!!! Good luck, I hope all goes well this time (I like the idea of an engine just in case!!), take care and stay safe.

  558. fish says:

    who will be keeping a lookout while you are asleep? Having fished in the area for swordfish where you are travelling it concerns me greatly that vessels can put to sea relying only that others will see them? The logic doesnt cut it in any other place, road path airways etc.

    Remember at sea level you are lucky to see a boxship at 10 miles and they often do 25 knots. Thats less than 25 minutes horizon to you. in good weather.

    good luck anyway!

    PS the person who posted “16 meter waves”
    having spent many winters fishing off that area, I have never seen 16 meter waves there. 8 meters maybe in 50plus knots. If they were anywhere near that I think we might have seen them on the coast here? Perhaps a “over estimation”?

  559. Adrian Moss says:


    Well done. You wont need an engine, but i do hope they gave it to you!

    Best wishes


  560. Margot says:

    Wow Sarah, it’s nearly six and I’ve just looked at your tracker and I’m really impressed at how far north you have travelled. Well done. Looks like Freo was a good decision. I had a nice chat to your Mum and we both agreeded you were a very special person. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean after all your hectic days on land and remember keep eating!

  561. Dom says:

    Love your sense of humour … brilliant…
    All the very best, course looking good, let’s hope it’s goer this time. You’ve got some tremendous support out there! Keep the faith and good luck with the elements.

  562. Geoff Holt says:

    Arghhh, can’t believe I was duped. I guess we are blinded by our desire for Sarah to stay safe, it seemed a plausible, albeit slightly bonkers, safety measure..!!

  563. Jean says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am not a sailor the nearest to sailing I have done is on the Norfolk Broads with some friends.So cannot comment like the rest on what you should be doing etc.I would like to say that I think you are one “plucky lady” and I wish you all the best on your challenge and I hope you make it.

    Best wishes

    Jean from Norwich Norfolk England

  564. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Well done! Your warm-up lap started on Red Nose Day and now you are starting the real thing on April Fools’ Day (apostrophe in the correct place I hope!) It is also Olivia W’s birthday, so, all in all, a highly auspicious day to set off!

    Sarah and I leave for Sydney on Fri 3rd so we will wave over the ocean!

    Lots of love from the Dades xxxxxxxx

  565. geoff says:

    Well its nice to see everyone come to life again. I rather thought the spare motor had stunned everyone to silence.

    Still its a good thing really – safety first and all that.

    The forecast for wind is for average with potential gusts to 40% of average. So 25knts is a forecast for gusts to 35 (25+10), and wave forecasts always say with potential for double. So on the Friday Sarah was off Cape Naturalist the forecast for waves was 6-8m, hence potential for 16m. I said “up to 16m” which was a reference to the official potential, but you are correct, there may have been none at that height at all. Sarah estimated 12m. So Fish I am happy to be corrected on that one. Nice to know someone is paying attention.

    Sarah has a “SEA ME” radar ‘sender’ which is the best on the market. It both sends an ‘enlarged’ signal when it recieves an incoming radar signal and also sounds an alert for Sarah. Sarah then makes a VHF Securite call “All ships, all ships” etc. There is no perfect system for solo but its about the best there is. Also the Fremantle Port Authroity is advising shipping of her presence. Fremantle is not that big a port and once she is offshore there is very little shipping from any one direction and very little at all approching from the West. Not to make light of it, but its an answer to a fair question.

    I guess if worst came to the worst she could light a rag soaked in some of that 700kg of petrol and throw it in the water or something like that.

    Now what was it Sarah said? “Could everyone just be nice to each other” have I done that? Hope so!:)

  566. Doug says:

    Sarah, You little beauty!!! I can’t believe that you all got me with that one. Great stuff. Now you go girl. May every day be better than the last.

  567. Charly says:

    Heya Sarah
    Well I don’t know whether you are taking an motor or not but i still take all of my hats of and I can’t wait till I hear from you again to find out how it is going
    talk soon
    x o x

  568. Ken says:

    I don’t know about this. Whilst I wish you well and am in awe of your attempt to row the ocean, converting your boat into a pseudo motor launch, would seem to me to negate the whole concept of rowing across an ocean using human power only. I thought even taking a sail on board a boat that was making a solo rowing effort was, if not banned, definately a no no. Who is to know you didn’t use the engine? And even so, having the comfort of this ‘fall-back’ would surely cause you to adopt a different attitude than those who venture out onto the seas with only themselves as a resource.

    It’s a shame. I wonder at the position of the ORC on this, and how it will affect all other ocean adventures.

  569. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Nice one!! To all those who criticised you, I hope you beast it and show them that us ‘Pom’s’ are made of something slightly more stern than jelly!!! I find it funny how people can write a post on here criticising something that none of them have the balls to do. I love your sense of humour, and to all those who criticised you ‘UP YOURS!!!!’

    Go girl row like the wind and show the world you can make it!!!

    All my love

    Your Big Brother xxxx

  570. Mark Powell says:

    Great to see you are on your way again, god speed and hopefully progressing well under the starry night skies. Keep an eye out for the good luck charm of the seas.

  571. Laura says:

    Hahahah very good! I was waiting for someone to do something crazy today, didn’t realise it would be you!

    Stay safe and row like hell!

    Lots of love

    Laura, Dave Diddy and the new addition ‘Thunder’!

  572. Aidcrew says:

    You’re fab – next to the chandlery, we’ll have the Wind-Up Motor Merchants! For sale to the seagullibles…. and rowers with blisters.
    Round about the beginning of April. Well, just the First maybe….

    Hope you are enjoying your first day back on the blue, best wishes

  573. Ken says:

    I was hoping someone would take me to task for my entry, so I could say, “Gotcha”. Oh well.

    Anyway, Bon courage, Sarah.

  574. Honest, brave and foolish!!

    Good luck, bon boyage and god speed.

    Take care and remember that it is only a challenge. Failure is no disgrace – the taking part, the effort is what matters.

  575. Susie Hewson says:

    well It’s a funnier spoof than getting a bucket of water over the head, but the price of oil these days, I hope you are packing cooking oil rather than diesel! better for the fishies too:) Good luck Sarah Susie

  576. Spike says:

    Good one Outey. ‘The finger’ to all critics and a good spaghetti trees jest – fooled me. If real, petrol would have made Dippers stink. Have you actually stowed a parafoil below as alternative means of propulsion. Then, if blisters intrude, it could turn into an ocean kitesailing record ! Water generation plant and a better fishing record than Geoff gives Sarah a huge endurance, limited only by the Mars Bar supply?
    My experience of many commercial vessels in deep ocean is that there is rarely anyone on watch anyway – hailing on RT often gets no response. Hover alongside for 5 minutes and you might get a chef appear on deck. Must still be prepared to row like 8’s week to change a steady bearing.

  577. Mary says:

    Good luck Sarah.

  578. Mum says:

    WELL, she had lots of you fooled then didn’t she???????
    I told you al she’s a tough little cookie….she doesn’t need a motor! SHe is the engine and the power.
    Good on you daughter. Glad you didn’t forget what day it was!

    Hopefully all good for a while now. may the winds be fair (and in the right direction) Go Go Go.
    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  579. Oaklegs says:

    Well I for one was caught and I swallowed it ‘hook, line and sinker,

    Very well done and a what a terrific sense of humour you have too.

    Now good luck to you yet again and keep up the good work, but this time use the port oar as much as the starboard one and you may even get somewhere.

    Not that we object to your company of course.

  580. james hickerson says:

    The Navajo here in New Mexico bid adieu with the wonderful phrase “walk in beauty”. Wishing you the same. You go girl!

  581. Mum says:

    So glad that things got sorted out in the end. i had a lovely chat with Margot this morning. What a very kind and lovely lady. I was also very pleased to have a message of Sarah’s safe departure from Fremantle , from Clem Rogers . a lovely man too.
    I know that Sarah is very grateful for all the support so far. she said it made her feel warm inside to know that everyone out there is following her progress and “wishing her well.” I am grateful too.
    Good spoof wasn’t it!!…..how many of you fell for it??

  582. Dom says:

    I’ve got a good feeling this time that you are heading for a very successful record breaking event at last. Best wishes winging their way to you at every waking moment. My life is starting to revolve around your blogs… not sure if that’s sad for me or not. In any event know that you are extremely well supported. All the very best, Dom

  583. Steve Clark says:

    I was one of the thirty people and two dolphins who saw you off from Fremantle yesterday. I hadn’t seen Dippers in motion before, and it was nice to see how well she moves (under your powerful and skilful rowing, of course).

    Here’s hoping that the weather forecasts are correct and that you soon get a good offing from the Western Australian coast and those alluring cafés in Fremantle.

    Wishing you a pleasant and safe voyage,


  584. Bluey Graham says:

    Sarah don`t worry about our navy & the cost of a rescue.Our navy spends millions of dollars on exercises but there is nothing like the real thing.Your 2nd start is looking good. Good luck.

  585. geoff says:

    Sarah, sounds like you might run out of hooks, lines and sinkers.

    I hope the smile lasts 100 days!

  586. Clem (tmwc!!) says:

    Thoughts travelling with you, pleased to know we could help with your planning and get you underway again after the “warm-up lap”.Tracking looking good, all your many friends at “the Annexe” Challenger Harbour following you.

  587. Lina says:

    This is for you mum! being a mother of two, I admire you for letting and encouraging Sarah achieve her dream! I had the pleasure to have had Sarah at my place for a meal and to spend the night, she is indeed a tremendous, courageous and very intelligent girl! My husband and I admired her confidence and motivation. We wish her all the very very best, and we may go and see her in Mauritius. ( We are Mauritians)

  588. Ian Edge says:

    How you kept your cool when dealing with the implacable customs Dept!
    Made me realise that you will succeed in this terrific challenge.
    Good luck.One of the send off crowd.

  589. Charlie says:

    Sarah, good luck! Warm up done, now comes the biggie… Alas not much water here in Nepal… want to swap places??? Charlie Martell

  590. Judy Young says:

    Glad you’re off again and I’m sure you’ll succeed this time. Keep going (and rowing).
    Love Judy

  591. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Nice to hear you are on the move again, hoope so anyway, Its great to ehar of the wonderful friends and support you have had over there, just like back here.

    Take care and enjoy your forthcoming days. We are all thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Love C & K

  592. Mum says:

    SMS from Sarah to me , to say all still good out on the ocean! Long may it continue.

  593. Amanda B says:

    Good luck Sarah – I fell for the April Fool hook and line but not quite the full sinker! I couldn’t work out how you were going to manage with all the extra weight…then realised the date..doh! Fingers crossed for wonderful weather all the way. Amanda x

  594. Richard and Vanessa says:

    Sarah – In Switzerland at the moment but following the blog with interest every day. Its on my iGoogle homepage. Had us fully hooked with the outboard story. Take care and good luck

    Richard and Vanessa

  595. Jenna says:

    Sarah sarah sarah, my new employer would like to know if you’re offering any sort of compensation for the amount of work hours I spend reading your blogs! Every one of them I read I can hear your voice!!!! You make your own luck, you already know that I think what you’re doing is incredible, have a safe trip, no more false alarms please! (F.Y.I you were in the Mercury, so the local press have got you covered!)
    See you soon, lots of love
    Jenna x

  596. TonyM says:

    Some people are just gullible! like me he says sheepishly. Hook line and sinker!

    You have a really good push through the current and I’m sure you’ll be well on your way over the coming week. Sunny days and calms in the Indian Ocean High – optimism.

    Following your progress with interest!

    Kind Regards

  597. Jane Spence says:

    ha ha, good April Fuel, the bestest jest. Glad to see you powering along on the Tracker, you really are motoring……

  598. Tom Talbot says:

    Sara my name Is Tom Talbot and was one of the well wishers there for you depature my grand son Tom Talbot the fourth 7 months old was also there. He was the youngest wishing you bon vorage. I am a charter pilot and flew over you haeding north at six thousand feet this morning at 8.35 and again on the way back at seven thousand feet an hour later it was heart warming to see this small white boat way down on the ocean heading north west. May luck be with you and all your winds be fair Tom

  599. Charly Sissons says:

    Well that was the best laugh I have had in ages you have inspired so many people at my school and they are talking about you and send there love! We wish you the best weather Charly

  600. Graham Hadey says:

    Joking aside, can any of you guys form the support team (or knowledgeable out there) explain to me why Sarah didn’t set off from further North? ie especially given the problems encountered the first time around, and not withstanding customs? I wish you all the very best Sarah, speedy journey!

  601. Adrian Moss says:

    Can we get the guy in the plane to drop Sarah some emergency rations of Hot Cross Buns?

  602. dezhi yang says:

    Just do your best,nothing worry.God bless our bravest girl.

  603. Graham Hadley says:

    Joking aside, can any of you guys form the support team (or knowledgeable out there) explain to me why Sarah didn’t set off from further North? ie especially given the problems encountered the first time around, and not withstanding customs? I wish you all the very best Sarah, speedy journey! ps sorry to post twice!

  604. Susie Hewson says:

    He prayeth best, who loveth best
    All things both great and small;
    For the dear God who loveth us,
    He made and loveth all.

    Gob Bless the Albatross he loves those Southern winds. Susie

  605. Mum says:

    Logistically and due in part to customs it was decided to leave from Fremantle. ( Things were getting rather complicated for a more northerly departure).

  606. Mum says:

    An albatross…wow. they are wonderful birds. Lucky lady to see them in “their world!!”

  607. Susie Hewson says:

    You are lucky that the Aussies didn’t cover you in pesticides. Did you check for spiders on the boat anyone:)

  608. paul hudson says:

    once again we{my 2 primary aged children}look 4ward 2 your quest.may your god paddle with you. we feel that we are.go sarah go

  609. The very best of luck Sarah! Row row row! and enjoy all that is around you 😉 Big hugs to you out there, and take care, x

  610. Aidcrew says:

    Good news that the albatross has taken you under wing – how churlish that you’ve scoffed all the Hot Cross Bun and have none to share… it’s really excellent to see you heading west, going where you want to go – hope you’re in the groove.

  611. Lina says:

    This is for you mum! My husband and I ( both from Mauritius, but living in Perth) had the pleasure to have Sarah at our house for a meal and to spend the night. Being a mother of two I admire you for letting and encouraging Sarah achieve her dream. She is one courageous and very intelligent girl, we admire her confidence and motivation. Our thoughts have been with her since we saw her off, at Fremantle. We follow her tracker every hour of the day. We followed her, in a boat, for four hours after she left the port. We wish her the very very best.
    Come on Sarah you know we are all backing you up, with all these people behind you, you will do it girl! See you in Mauritius Sarah!

  612. geoff says:

    Hey, I saw how many hot cross buns you loaded. Have you seriously eaten all those already. My god! Still, I guess it will lighten the ship for the dash across the current. Now row like there’s no tomorrow. 36 hrs and your home free! Row girl Row!

  613. geoff says:

    Looks like Sarah has just hit the Leeuwin Current once again, as was planned for. The current can be seen at


    the arrows show direction of flow and their length is the distance of drift by current in 24hrs.

    And this site shows currents for all of Indian Ocean


    and you’ll notice there are serious currents and whirlpools all over the place out there.

    She does have several days of very favourable east quarter winds and this can be seen on


    Chose Indian Ocean at left then Southwest Australia and scoll thruough the dates.

    Fingers crossed you get across the main flow without to much drift south this time Sarah.

  614. Remora says:

    Hi Sarah – From your “Say Hello” area: “While I’m at sea I won’t have access to my emails.”
    Even if you don’t want to receive endless emails, I presume you do have full internet access?

  615. Jane Spence says:

    Sorry to hear you had to give up hot cross buns for Lent – just think of them as dehydrate spoiled by a bit of cinnamon and sultanas and get back to your plankton MREs. Look at you! Westering like an exocet. Way to go, as the orienteers – occidenteers? – might say. Hope you’re both feeling as great as you look on the tracker, it’s a pleasure to see your progress. Wonder if Pilot Tom flew over today again and if you saw him.

  616. amin says:

    hi sarah…good luck…

  617. Your big Brother says:

    Hey little Sis,

    Watching your tracker very closely. Looks like things are more in your favour this time. Your doing really well. Keep it up. Will speak soon

    Big Love xxxx

  618. Graham Hadley says:

    The winds seem to be quite fresh over the last 24 hrs (in Yanchep anyway) hope they keep favouring you Westerly Sarah. Must be you are about 70 miles off shore now and going strong! At 10kts (per hour) I reckon you should arrive on the 20th of April at the latest!

  619. Rene Soobaroyen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am Rene from Mauritius. Remember i am following you and hope you reach paradise island sooner than expected.

    All my best wishes to you “Sarah Out There”


  620. Susie Hewson says:

    wow that ocean looks calmer than the North Sea in June hoping it stays that way so you can make good progress Love the Albatross.

  621. Graham Hadley says:

    I have no bird recognition at all except for the drunken kind in Northbridge Perth, which I pick up every Friday and Saturday night as drunken bums.(I am a Perth metro paramedic). But that looks like a seagull to me!

  622. Graham Hadley says:

    I might add, if it is an albatross, I apologise and add the furthest off shore I have been is to go body boarding with my son. What you are doing is awesome!

  623. Theresa White says:

    Is the munching of hot cross buns symbolic of your (re) launch, or just a mad passion for yummy buns? Power to the oar(s)! Row SISTER!

  624. Andy Cockayne says:

    Hey Sarah, keep going sweetheart, keep the wet side down and enjoy the Mars Bars!! I travelled with Sarah on the Personal Everest Project, brave, determined, I am sure she will succeed. Sarah just remember that tough route we took up Crib Goch to the top of Snowden in the fog, this should be a walk in the park!! Still think you should have taken an engine though!! Ha ha. Keep going youngster, I know we said do something that scares you every day, but you win!!

    Lots of Love Andy

  625. Mum says:

    Looking good, looking good. Enjoy your snooze and happy rowing tomorrow.

  626. Mel says:

    You look great – as does the albatross…enjoy your mad experience and eat eat eat (what an excuse!) x Mel, Neil, Daisy and Paddy

  627. Spike says:

    Amazing that something so ungainly on land can be so accomplished when airborne. Still, enough about me. With Andy C calling Sarah “youngster”, I suddenly feel more creaky than the Ancient Mariner himself.
    Great to see current progress Sarah. I’m glad ‘your’ Albatross has appeared. They are masters of dynamic soaring and so uplifting to watch cruising the waves so effortlessly.
    If you read Jonathan Seagull (Richard Bach’s book, not the rubbish film), you can get inside the Albatross’ head.

    Lots of good vibes are with you. In for the long one now – steady but sure. Go girl !

  628. Dismayed says:

    Hey Graham (#4) – one would think a Perth ambo would have a better taste for women than the ones you say you chase on a weekend!

  629. fish says:

    definitely not an albatross. Youll know an albatross when you see one-much much bigger. Cant recall ever seeing one that far north and close to coast. Possibly you might see one mid ocean that far north. not sure what the correct name is for that but we called them mollyhawks.

  630. Lina says:

    So happy that you are doing so well Sarah! don’t know much about the ocean! just got up and am already on the computer to check your tracker. Like someone else said, there are good vibes!!!! photos look awesome….. albatross or not!

  631. Sand Crabs Disco says:

    Go girl go, its a long way to the next hot cross bun. You have the whole of crew watching your progress.

  632. sally says:

    fish….mollyhawks are albatross I believe. (ref: my Dad). There are many different albatross, not just the large Wandering Albatross of the Southern Ocean. Looked in my book and this could be a Black-browed or maybe Grey-headed Albatross as they are only little ones,80-90cm and the colouration esp. of their bills changes are they mature. I really want it to be an Albatross so hope I am right. So many beautiful sunsets this week Sarah. What a wonderful start.

  633. Juliet says:

    Hi Sarah!

    You’re getting quite a symbolic support crew together here of man and beast!…..you have The wisdom, seamanship and humour of the grounded Ancient Mariner, the sketchy Salty Seadog and the spirited Freethinker, and the kind of guiding Jonathan Livingston Seagull frendship of the albatross…..thats not to mention all the other ‘new’ crew that have joined your ‘ship’!

    cheers! heres to keeping the inspiration alive!


    p.s. fab photos btw! 🙂

  634. Ati says:

    Hi Sarah great to heard you are going great i hope the
    Birds will be still coming to keep you company??
    all the best Ati.

  635. HotWheels says:

    The Albatross debaters would be wise to remind themselves that Sarah has a degreee in Marine Biology, a 1st Class degree I seem to recall. What she says “goes”, by me.

  636. Spike says:

    Rowing the Indian is “getting immersed in your subject” with a vengeance ! With good fortune, Sarah will get to see many of the occupants of the deep domain while she paddles across.
    With the exception of the Great Southern Ocean Albatross, the flyers usually go under one common name to most seafarers. 🙂

  637. Marcel says:

    Hello Sarah.
    Great going.You now have three Mauritians following you and numbers will increase believe me.
    Just looking at the Tracker projection line. it lands in Mauritius in Mahebourg which is in Vieux Grand Port (Old Grand Port), the most historical part of the island where , some believe, the Phoenicians landed some 2500 years ago. Later the Arabs came , followed by the Portugese and the Dutch who were the first settlers before the French took over until december 1810 when the British – your mob – came and stayed until 1968 when we got independence. Old Grand Port is the scene of Napoleon’s only naval victory (august1810)and we are celebrating the bicentenary next year. All this history to come to the point I want to make.
    Why don’t you come in Old Grand Port, following the Tracker line (the Racers leaving from Geraldton are coming in further north near Grand Bay). By coming into Mahebourg you will gain at least 12 hours as you will have to go over to the west side to reach Port-Louis.
    Charles Baudelaire, the Famous French Poet (infamous for some)visited Mauritius and he has written a beautiful poem on the ALBATROSS. I’ll get a copy for you.
    (In case some of you guys don’t know, I am Sarah’s representative in Mauritius…and President of her Welcoming Committee!!!)

  638. Andy Cockayne says:

    Hi Sarah, hope all is going well and you are seeing plenty more wildlife, please find something other than an albatros so we can move the conversation on!! Remember the Basking Sharks on the west coast of the UK and the Gannets at Bass rock? I am sure that you will see even more exciting things. And of course Spike and myself are available at relatively competitive rates if you need any help down there! I will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am out on the Solent in Scarlet doing 50 knots!! We must finish those powerboat lessons so that you dont have to row everywhere! Seriously youngster I am truly impressed, head down, get the job done, you know how it works. big kiss X

  639. Juliet says:

    ummmmm, I see AM and SSD (alias Spike and Andy) continue to be on top form regarding their humour! …..always an essential I say, especially when challenged in whatever form that takes!
    Continue to enjoy the amazing beauty and wonders of this planet you star…..what a privilage!

    Think I better hit my slumber now, race sailing a new n sexy black trimaran tomorrow!
    nite, or morning, or whatever time it is with you! 🙂

    love, Juliet.x.

  640. fish says:

    Mollymawk is a type of albatross, mollyhawk is a southern black backed gull, quite a bit larger than your run of the mill scavenging seagull.

    Sarah-if you watch carefully around the full moon, especially in the calm before bad weather, you will possibly see swordfish hanging around for a look.

  641. Lina says:

    It is looking good Sarah!

    Each moment sacred in my shell.
    The moon shares secrets I’ll never tell.
    But Dawn will rise, and I must go.
    She broke the spell, my moonlit row.
    -Margaret Gregory

    Thought the above is quite appropriate, hope you getting some shut eyes.
    cheers, think about the “Green island and the coconut punch” I will make sure Marcel has one ready for you!!!!

  642. geoff says:

    African Mollyhawk or European? Doesn’t look big enough to carry a coconut. (although if two of them had a piece of string and ….) Sarah, please find a turtle, anything!

  643. David says:

    So pleased and relieved to hear that things are still going well, that you are safe and sound and in real good spirits!! 200 miles . . . wow . . . . thats almost 6.5% of the way there . . . . Constantly thinking . . . wishing . . . willing . . . stay strong Sarah . . . you can do it!!

  644. Lina says:

    Sarah it was so nice to hear your voice!!!!! describing your boat!!! I looked forward to hearing from you again. Keep it up girl. Spoke to Marcel this morning he is looking forward to welcome you to Mauritius.

  645. Oaklegs says:

    Hello Sarah,

    Would you please explain what will happen if the weather happens to turn really bad i.e. can you lock yourself in the cabin and just hang on and use the boat as a large unsinkable life raft?

    Also are you and the boat shackled together with something like an umbilacle cord? Similarly are the oars tied to the boat?

    Apart from that I must say that you are doing very well this time. Did you go to church today?

    I think a lot of people are saying a prayer for you in Perth.

  646. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Lovely to hear your podcast and to know how well things have started. Keep up the good work and rowing, take care and enjoy teh surroundings and we look forward to hearing your next link.

    God bless

    C & K

  647. helen jack says:

    well done thanks for podcast keep on enjoying

  648. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,glad to hear you are going so well this time around.ithink your precautions are very sensible and do not detract at all from this heroic endeavour,good luck and god speed!

  649. Spike says:

    Great progress and welcome reports. You could always let us know when you have caught a fish – that would give Geoff something else to ponder !!
    (Tee hee)

  650. St Hugh\'s College Chronicle Readers says:

    Good to hear your voice today, Sarah.Loved the description of the sundeck and hatches.
    When your St Hugh’s friends and admirers had the chance to meet you and your boat at College in the Autumn, I remember thinking how hard the wooden seat looked! How do you manage to sit comfortably on it for so long????
    Well done for covering the first 200 miles so fast and so happily – good luck for the next stage.
    St Hugh’s Chronicle Readers

  651. rob bowditctch says:

    take care sara have a good trip keep going babe good luck u r a starxxxxxxxxxxxx

  652. Your big Brother says:

    Nice one Sarah, 200 miles in four days is very good going. You’ll be in Mauritius in no time. Glad all is going well. Keep up the hard work. Speak soon

    Big Love xxx

  653. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    What fantastic spirit – all the very best Sarah –You set the world a magnificent example of courage and determination-

    Most of all — have fun.

    Tim –

  654. Charly Sissons says:

    Good to see your progress. At our party on Friday all the extended family, from Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nth Lincs, were discussing how you keep appearing on BBC news 24 and radio. all our following you with gret interest and say God speed and show them what great packages emerge from Rutland.
    TTFN Ma Sissons 🙂

  655. ian hall says:

    Hi there Sarah, good news on your adventure. You will be pleased to know that Elliot & Hallie are safely back following the ski trip, both in one piece. We are both so pleased that all is well, great pics and it was nice to hear your voice, telling us about your buddie dippers. Lots of love H & E from good ship SHS.

  656. Guy Watts says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Andy and I have been off line for a while now so sorry for lack of messages.

    Pleased to see such great progress being made, really looking forward to that beer in Mauritius. Dont leave without us!!

    Anyway keep it up and good luck,


  657. Charlie says:

    Will it definitely be Wed 8th April that we hear you on BBC Radio 2.

    I have had e-mail from Lizzie Hoskin of The Radcliffe & Maconie Show, Radio 2, saying :

    “There seems to be some confusion out there! We’re hoping to talk to Sarah
    on Mon 20 April – not Wed 8 April”.

    I do want to hear you,

  658. Anna and Louise says:

    Hellloo Sarah from Anna and lou and a packet of mini eggs. We’re currently feeling very lazy thinking of you but discussing doing a half marathon to raise some money for your charity. We think we need to stop eating the mini-eggs though if we are to have a chance! 😉
    Also just reminiscing over old year books and found your “three things to take to a desert island”…you state “a kayak and a paddle so I could get out of here, and plenty of munchies for the trip back too” Amazingly you’re living the dream but we are pleased you have opted for a rowing boat rather than a kayak! Finally, in the U5th year book your quote for the masses, and to go up on your cabin wall, was…”don’t let anything or anyone stop you….EVER” Wahoo, keep paddling Sarah x x

  659. alex says:

    hey sarah
    i have moved down to somerset to work at millfield school but thinking about you lots sorry not written anything yet!!!good luck going damn those currents

    lots and lots of love alxx

  660. Hi Sarah – we have just enjoyed listening to you and your tour of the sun deck. We are really pleased to see your fantastic progress. Keep up the good work and remember Sunday is time trial day….don’t forget! (a 20min flat out effort on the oars for you and it’s 10miles pedalling for us). Lots of love Jamie and Emily x

  661. Hi Sarah, interesting audio post. First heard about your journey on the Radcliffe & Maconie show, so good to hear you are there again soon.
    Have since been badgering people on my blog to check you out, but i’ve only just started blogging and don’t have many followers yet.
    Have you thought about asking your IT team to build you a ‘widget’, so we could include it on our blogs?
    Stay safe, X.

  662. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah! so glad to see that you are still going strong……following your track with Google earth, a little confuse with your pattern, will be glad if someone could explain! I will be sending some photos to Amy for the press!Row Row Row Sarah!!!! Good luck!

  663. geoff says:

    Some answers while Sarah is busy with rowing; – Oaklegs, if you imagine sending an ocean liner and a cork over Niagra Falls, only the cork would survive. That is the case for small boats making better liferafts and yes Dippers is based around liferaft design and Sarah can shut herself in the end cabin in storms or when it rains. Not sure how long the air lasts. The high cabins provide buoyancy to effect self righting and it is unsinkable. Sarah wears a harness at all times and is tethered to the boat. For Lina,Sarah is battling a bit of northerly current at moment. Drifts north when sleeping then rows south west by day. Should be thru in a few days. See the current at http://www.marine.csiro.au/remotesensing/oceancurrents/Perth/2009040221.html

    She’s averaged about 25 miles ‘made good’ ie toward destination per day so far in difficult current but favorable wind and this runs out to about 120 day passage. This will improve once away from the coast say 300 miles.

  664. Graham Hadley says:

    Any chance of rowing in a straight line Sarah!
    Its a challenge enough without having to do double the distance, or stop sleeping!
    You’re going great guns!
    keep it up; tracking you every day and wishing you all the very best. Your progress shows that your tacticts are working great. Keep it up! All the best. Graham

  665. geoff says:

    Whoops, correction. She’s at 112 39E having started at Fremantle 115 50ish so that’s 3 degrees 11 seconds of longitude. A second is a mile, and a degree is 60 seconds, ie 60 miles so thats 191 miles in 6 and a half days so thats about 30 miles per day which equates to 100 day passage.

    And it should improve when she gets away from the coastal current.

  666. Carol Hanlon says:

    hi sarah, go girl! great speaking with you in perth and that you finally got on your way! fantastic spirit and I have my mum peg from melbourne and her friend Lyall from usa following your journey through your web site. a great challenge you have taken on and spirit of adventure, all the best, carol

  667. Susie Hewson says:

    Great rowing Sarah and making friends with the marine life too! Take two looks good and admiration for your spirit in this attempt is growing with each day of your task. Following your progress daily with astonishment. Susie

  668. geoff says:

    actually, a minute of longitutde is only a mile long at the equator. Its shorter at Sarah’s latitude. (had to correct myself before the experts get in first).

    But in percentage terms; – Start was Freo 115 40E and Mauritius is 57 30. So total is 3490 minutes and she’s done 196 which is about 7%. So current progress is for 130 days. (right the first time) But should improve when free from local current in a day or so.

  669. Lina says:

    Thanks Geoff for the info, very informative indeed! Sarah hope these northerlies die down, so that you can have a better run. I found it very interesting to watch it on google earth. As you know Gerard and I never stop thinking about you on this vast ocean, but I think with all these people being with you following your track, you are not alone…. looking forward to your next talk. Seen any more dolphins or others?….Cheers for now. Go girl go!!!!!

  670. Amanda B says:

    Hi Sarah, It’s so good to hear that you are enjoying yourself but you’ve put me to shame – how come you can spring clean out there on the open ocean when I can’t even get my act together to do the dusting on dry land?! Keep smiling – and stay away from the mystery package for a few more days! x

  671. Oaklegs says:

    Hello Sarah, I have a question for you.
    Please let us know what you think about hour after hour whilst you are rowing.
    Does your mind just switch off or do you have a mental routine that you go through just to stay focussed.

  672. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Sarah, I’m not eating my Easter eggs this year – I’ll save them to give to you when you are back in England!!! Hope you are getting to see some amazing ocean life? Kate x

  673. Spike says:

    ‘Spit & polish’ ship and personal husbandry is not just for show – The ‘wet dog’ pong of a small enclosed compartment in a moist environment is probably a pretty good incentive for a good huck-out whenever conditions are favourable ! Shows Sarah’s excellent psychological state at this stage of the trip.
    Tick VG. Good going Outey.

  674. Stuart Jones says:

    Keep it up Sara we are looking forward to seeing you at the far end.

    Stuart xxxx

  675. bastien says:

    all the best sarah. this is an amazing trip.

    take care and enjoy

  676. Mark Powell says:

    Great to see that you have time to keep ‘all decks’ in good shape. ‘A tidy ship is a happy ship’ also you are progressing so well and your spirits high just like the albatross’s.

  677. Marcel says:

    We’ll be thinking of you at Easter…like every other day since you have been at sea.

  678. Chris & Trevor says:

    Great to see you are making good progress. Pleased you are keeping ship shape, no sheep skeletons to decorate the accomodation out there!!!! We are off sea kayaking round Anglesey this weekend and will be thinking of you and the great paddles we have had with the crowd from RCC. We all wish you all the best and will be following you progress.
    Chris and Trevor

  679. rob bowditctch says:

    Thanks for the update sara you should have called mr muscle lie back and enjoy your cruise take care RGB STOKE

  680. Ken says:

    It’s a good point on how to occupy yoursef whilst undertaking something like a rowing adventure.

    I’m an ultra cylist, riding 130 miles at a time and find the time passes very quickly, since I have to navigate the roads, look out for dogs and traffic, watch some of the scenery and generally be busy moving the bike over the roads.

    But in the gym, on a spinning mchine, or treadmill, the time creeps along, because I am not visually stimulated.

    I do row, but never more than a couple of hours along a river, but I can just imagine rowing across an ocean, with no visual points to occupy one’s mind, or provide stimulation, would be one of the most tedious of activities, and one which no doubt Sarah is going to have to adjust to.

    How does one do it? You can’t watch videos, the music after a time must pall, chanting a mantra will eventually drive you nuts. I think I’d just fall asleep.

    I’ll be interested in hearing how Sarah adjusts to all of this.

  681. Jaymac says:

    Hi Sarah, well done, a great achievemant for the first week, I am the guy who could not catch up with you on a Jetski!
    Just a a reality check, during the 8th night you passed thru the 200mile out point, You have averaged 26 nautical miles a day, At this average your transit for the 3150 mile journey is 121 days, you only have food for 120 ! keep a little in reserve!
    We can still ‘see’ you on rain radar from Fremantle, you are 384 kilometeres out, and had a bit of rain in the night perhaps. Hoping that the change in weather is not too detrimental to the push westward.

    Good luck and best wishes, we are all thinking about you, (in the comfort of the Wed night bar at RPYC!)

  682. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    “Happy Easter” to you Sarah and “Very Well done” on progress so far –

    Keep having fun — Enjoy the peace and quiet – too noisy here on Exploration Oil Rig !

    Take care

    Tim –

  683. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Good to hear things are still going well. We shall be thinking of you over Easter like we do everyday. Obviously another one that enjoys mini eggs, will have to sen your Mum some for your return.

    Much love, safe trip and happy rowing

    C & K

  684. Tom Talbot says:

    Sarah I tried to submit this message a few days ago. I was one of the well wishers that saw you off. I am a charter pilot and flew over you the next day at 8,30 am. I was at 6000 ft heading north and an hour later going south it was heart warming to see you way down there rowing along, we will be coming to Marishas for you arrival .All the best of luck and may all your winds be fair you sure are one gutsy girl Tom Talbot

  685. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, We will be going on the farm tomorrow for the Easter Break, We will be meeting with Andy and Guy,the farm being close to Geraldton ( on the coast) and I am sure you will be the “talk of the town”, i will be missing watching your “track” and “blog”, will be back on Monday, and I am sure you will have done quite a few miles by then. Have a Happy Easter, and will keep some mini eggs for you when you get to Mauritius!!!!!

  686. Pam Stocker says:

    Hi Sarah, Just back from sailing with Paul, Theo and friend. Relaxed and happy and some great winds under blue skies. Bit colder than where you are, though. And a spoddy 80% for my George Herbert essay which makes this ex-teacher quite happy! Next deadline in 7 days. Saw Carol Houghton in Cambridge the other day. Do you remember her? I think she was your year group too. She’s married with a baby now! Everyone else seems to do motivational stuff and very helpful information rather than news on your blog (not sure I know bloggy type rules yet – are there any?), so hope you don’t mind some shore-bound stuff. Go well! Pamx

  687. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,just to wish you a happy easter,hope you were right about the mini eggs!

  688. Rent a crowd says:

    Hi Sarah

    Hey fantastic progress, I was going to say keep it up, but its bloody obvious your going too. Don’t gorge too much on that football sized easter egg I floated out of whitby last weekend for you. Just remember to look after the boat I may want to borrow it when your done. Nick

  689. Graham Hadley says:

    Great to hear you are 336nm off shore…
    Would love to see the tracker show a ‘how far to go’ type result. Is that possible, support team?
    Guess with the Easter break coming up you will be hunting for Easter bunnies and looking for a hill to roll your painted hard boilleds down!…. Not too many other chicks that far out to sea!
    Keep on rowin’
    Hope the seas stay smooth with the wind and currents from astern.

  690. BPC and Albie says:

    Hello Sarah,

    It’s dissertation time for me again so needless to say i am swatting up on your website and all things harry potter! am loving wearing your t-shirt and sharing your story with all who ask 🙂 I am still amazed at your progress and very proud!

    Much love, xxx

  691. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Sarah, row that boat ashore………….hallelujah.
    Sarah, row that boat ashore………….hallelujah.

    The ocean is deep and the ocean is wide…….hallelujah.
    You’ll soon be on the other side……..hallelujah.

    Great stuff….enjoy easter.
    Heidi and Lorne.

  692. Mum says:

    Message for Tom Talbot….sarah was wondering ewho was in the plane the other morning. She will be pleased to know it was someone who “cares”.
    I spoke to her yesterday, and she is fine. She had found a choc bar in one of the food bags and was saving it for later in the day…she had just had a mars bar so didn’t want to eat it all at once!!

  693. Keith Kingsbury says:

    Go fot it, Sarah – I hope the Easter chocs give you more strength !!!

  694. Susie Hewson says:

    Great progress that you are making Sarah. Those chocolate bunnies got their sea legs too? Did a girl ever need an excuse to eat chocolate – I guess you need the calories:) happy days! Susie

  695. Jo Mitton says:

    Hi Sarah, every one at Welland Vale cheering you on, we are nearly working as hard as you, 7 till 7, though this will finish long before you do. Hope you are enjoying it! Best wishes from us all. Jo

  696. Iona Taylor says:

    you have done sooooooooo well already and getting your boat back on to the track would have been very hard!!
    i sail my self but only a little boat and i love it
    good luck
    Iona Taylor

  697. Remora says:

    Hi guys – when you are tweaking the Tracker, could you also cause it to put in a small marker every 24 hours, so we can see progress on a daily basis? I already do this on my G/E track, but your fix would save me doing it my end.

    I see Tropical Cyclone Jade has been lashing Mauritius over the last few days and is now heading east, but I am sure it will fizzle soon. Are cyclones still likely to be a possibility in that area, by the time (three months) Sarah gets there?

  698. Robert Nixon says:


    I have been thinking about doing this and probably will sometime this weekend or next week in the Google Earth kml file. This is not part of the web-tracker though and is just something I created to help here. I just need to sort out the time to have the script automatically add a daily addition to the file marking the days.

    Sarah, great job so far, looks like you have straightened your course out a bit and are getting out of the costal influences. Now it’s time to hit high gear and hammer out some miles.


  699. Margot says:

    Fantastic progress Sarah! Great to see you have finally broken free of the Leeuwin current. Freo was definitely the right decision. Were they right, is the rowing the easy bit? Have a great Easter. From all of us (the people, horses, cat and mice) – the mice with heads

  700. Spike says:

    The ‘progress fixes’ may already be there but something might need a tweak at Marinetrack ?
    When I access the tracker, the initial image shows all the hourly fixes (arrow in orange circle) but within a second or two, they all disappear. Sometimes they are seen briefly on zooming in.
    This effect seen on different PCs running different Operating Syatems and with different Anti-Virus applications – so it is not finger trouble at this end.
    I’ve heard some girlie excuses for ‘having to eat chocolate’. Enjoy your Easter Bunnies Sarah – I guess if you don’t consume them they might start breeding in the cabin.
    CMG starting to look much better.

  701. Graham Hadley says:

    Noticed today that the tracking on google earth includes daily positions. Can any one explain / help me out. If Sarahs position on day 9 is 30.54Lat (to two decimal places) and is 30.89 on day 10, does that mean she has made 35 (ie 30.89 minus 30.54) ‘minutes’ progress west(ie 35 nautical miles)? I appreciate the progress may include deviations north / south in that period, but is the course made good west 35nm?
    Thanks for the info if any nautical people out there can explain.
    Guess the surge forward was from all the chocs!! Never mind all this technical stuff about currants! (unless they are in the hot cross buns!)

  702. Mum says:

    Don’t know about the nautical stuff BUT she has had a dip in the sea today, and with heavy rain is now having a choc and film nite!!
    She sounds happy and good!!

  703. Robert Nixon says:

    Graham Hadley, that is roughly correct. At the equator one minute equals one nautical mile but the further towards the poles you go the less distance it is. …HOLD THAT thought… you are reading latitude(N/S), you want longitude(E/W) for that estimation. Since after all Sarah’s goal is westward. So roughly you could say Longitude 112.01 E on day 9 minus 111.14 on day 10 would make it 47 NM. But in actuality it is more like 41 NM made good.

    Hope this helps you understand.

    Also a note about the days in the G/E. They start at the beginning of a new day based on GMT which is during Sarah’s morning. This was done because of a lazyness on my part when it comes to writing the code to generate the G/E file.

    Anyway, I agree, it must be the choco and some stashed hot cross buns providing that surge.

  704. George, cousin J and monsters says:

    hi Sarah, fab progress so far. It only seems 2 minutes since the boat show when you were staying with us. Amazed at your willpower with the chocolate, would have gone in the first few days with me. JJ and I having pub lunch on the Solent and thinking of you as ever. Much love George and cousin J xxx

  705. Vanessa and Richard says:

    Hi Sarah

    Things seem to be going really well since the restart – well done – keep the focus (and enjoy !!)

    Vanessa and her mum are off tomorrow to cross another ocean. The Caribbean and their little boat is only 77,000 tons !!

    We are all thinking of you


  706. Remora says:

    Thanks for the G/E “fix”, perfect!

    News just in – Olly, whose rowboat was being forced closer and closer to New Zealand’s west coast, has announced on his VOR site that his journey is finishing up.

  707. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Happy Easter! And what a memorable one for you…. I’ve been in Wales for a couple of days you’ve made wonderful progress since I was last able to check your blip and your blog. Thought of you as we watched seals and fulmars from our ‘little’ boat round Ramsay island -although it was a bit of a QE2 compared to Dippers! No albatross or dolphins for us though.

    Sounds as if you’re gobbling up the nautical miles – hey, a mariner will eat almost anything I guess? Hope there is somme festive choc aboard as I can’t think of anyone who deserves a pascal tuck-in more. Maybe your so-called ‘Spring Clean’ was really an egg-detecting operation – to ping any oeufs hidden by the support crew for your Ocean Easter Egg Hunt.

    We’re all thinking of you, best Jane

  708. Viewer says:

    Graham H was wondering how to measure Sarah’s daily progress. In Google Earth (the best choice to view Sarah’s journey) there is a ruler in the toolbar to measure a wriggly path, or straight line and you can choose klms, miles, nautical miles, etc.

    To Robert Nixon – is there a way to show the lines of Lat and Long in Google Earth?

    and (thanks and pleases of course) could you include the temperature at time of report in one or even both versions of the trackers?

    …. and now that Olly Hicks is heading for land so early, I reckon Olly’s fans will want to continue their life at sea, via Sarah.

  709. Tore says:

    Hey Sarah I’ve seen the massive progress you have made incredible stuff BTW I’ve never ever known a braver person than you well done and keep up the work!!!!!

    ONLY 111 DAYS ill ask my grandparents to come visit when you have finished all the luck in the world Tore.

    P.S don’t let the Easter bunnies bite!!!!


  710. Geoff Holt says:

    Hi Sarah. Been in France for a week and only just picked up the internet – your site was the first place I checked. Holy Moly – are you sure you didn’t take that outboard engine with you after all? Great progress. Perhaps next time, I’ll row around UK…!! Please ignore Spike’s jibe about my fishing prowess, I’d like you to know I caught a minnow last summer so I’m on my way…. Thanks for your email and update on the moon and stars – glad they are exactly as I remembered the. Smelly Badgers says “bon voyage et bon chance”. Geoff.

  711. Graham Hadley says:

    Thank you Robert, very helpfull, as too was the comment from ‘viewer’ on the measure function on GE. Today I can now see, using the Lat calcs that Sarah has travelled 12nm West (approx) but has actually covered 14.5nm using the path measure function.
    Good to here you’re not too smelly any more Sarah!But did you know everyone viewing on GE saw you skinny dippin! Enjoy your choc and movie. You’re earning it.

  712. geoff says:

    degrees and minutes are shown as minutes, degrees then decimals of minutes. So you will never have 30.89. At 30.59, the next minute rolls you into 31 degress. Same as time. Hey do you think that’s wehre time comes from? Yes. earth rotates 360 degrees in 24 hrs ie 15 degrees per hr which is why at 115E we in Perth are UTC (GMT) plus 8hrs.

    Anyhow. minute of longitude is not a mile except at the equator and s progressively less until at the pole it is nil. Best way to measure Sarahs progress is take a right angle to her position from the rhumb line shown on the tracker and use the scale. I reckon she’s made 300 miles CMG (course made good) even though she’s probably traveled 450 to do so. So at average of 30 miles per day that still sets her up for 100 days complete passage, but progress may be a bit better away from teh coastal current. Northing at present is due partly to wind but wind becomes more favourable north of rhumb line than south of it. Cyclone season ends May.

  713. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Happy Easter Sarah, hope you have enjoyed some mini eggs, keep up the good rowing, you are doing so well.

    Much love

    C & K

  714. Parson from RPYC (Wed) says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great to see your progressing so well and that the weather gods have been looking after you. Can I ask why you are now so far north of the Rhumb line?

  715. Rene soobaroyen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Greetings from Mauritius. Hope you are not too tired to enjoy Easter in the middle of the ocean.

    All the best


  716. Well done Sarah, looks like you’re making good progress.

    Enjoy the chocolate, and good luck.

    Happy Easter !

  717. Hi Sarah – well done your doing great. I hope you did your time trial today – we did! Happy Easter to you and enjoy your chocolate. Thinking of you always, love Emily and Jamie x

  718. Tim in Ghana(from WA) says:

    “Happy Easter” to you Sarah —

    Keep up the mighty work — Well done indeed –

    Tim (now off Balikpapan)

  719. Charlie Chase says:

    It was great hearing your Easter Podcast.
    It’s probably better to hear you that way than on the radio.
    Thinking of you on Easter Sunday, as I do all days, Charlie

  720. wagga says:

    You are supposed to row Westerly
    And we all know it’s your besterly
    So what’s happening girl
    Your tracker shows a curl
    But you are still on your questerly

  721. Weather Watch says:

    Parson from RPYC (Wed) Says: April 12th, 2009 at 8:34am

    “Can I ask why you are now so far north of the Rhumb line?”

    Sarah’s Google Earth track shows she is a little over 300 klms north of the line – Mon, pre dawn WA time.

    The easiest way to see why she is way up there and also to see how she will do over the next few days, is to simply look at the Synoptic Chart. As per her original “outen back” trip, Dippers will once again only go where the winds are blowing to. On calmer days, rowing will assist progress, but any ocean currents will influence direction.

    For the first few days of this second trip, Sarah enjoyed a perfect easterly breeze and was headed for Africa, but around Thursday it went more SE, so Sarah went NW. Now, a small low pressure area (anticlockwise in Aust.) is causing her to do a bit of a circle, but during Tuesday the charts show she will be off to Africa again, albeit pointing a little high (too far NW). It wont be until later in the week that the winds will help her drift closer to the Rhumb line as she rows.

    Here is the link for the current chart: http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/nmoc/latest_MSLP.pl?IDCODE=IDY00050

    and here is one for the 4 day outlook: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDG00074.shtml

    This link: http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/nmoc/latest_D.pl?IDCODE=IDX0033 is for the Indian Ocean. It shows a massive “low” heading towards Australia, but a lot lower down than Sarah. The top of the low may give her some easterly winds, taking her back to Australia for a day or two, but things change daily and it may stay low enough down to not affect her greatly.

    Summary: Sarah’s journey at sea will only go in the direction of the breeze on the day. If she gets lots of easterly type weather, she will progress towards Africa and if she gets lots of westerly stuff, she will head to Australia. Her direction made good is very much in the hands of the weather systems.

  722. geoff says:

    writ large on Sarahs rear bulkhead (so she can study it while rowing – questions will be asked on arrival) is Geoff’s Equation for Elective Progress For Ocean Rowers (GEEPFOR); –


    EP is elective progress
    S is speed
    r is rowing
    c is current
    w is wind
    ww is waves
    n is hours factor present per day

    GEEPFOR is no internationally recognized as the multi variate model to trans ocean rowers. (or it soon will be)

    A regression analysis of Sarah’s performance so far to solve for r,c,w and ww it became evident that w is big and c is next biggest, and that as w and ww are invariably additive, that c, w, and ww will nearly always sum > than r.

    The implications of this are amplified when the weighting of n comes in to effect. It means that if Sarah can row twice the speed of c+w+ww and keep it up for 12 hours,she will remain stationairy when c+w+ww are in oppositin to r.

    Accordingly the quickest route to Mauritius is the most wind favored route. And that is, the bottom of the trade wind belt. It is not the shortest route by any means but as the mid Indian Ocean, where the rhumb line goes, has lots of winter westerlies, it may well be the shortest route is not possible.

    So it is probable that Sarah’s northerly route is largely where the wind has blown her, but it will probably have been a deliberate decision by her router anyway. She will probably head well noth of Mauritius’s latitude for the crossing and then have to row south to actually arrive there.

    It goes some way to explaining whey no-one has rowed Mauritius to Australia.

  723. jaymac says:

    There are a few different ways to compute Sarahs’s voyage.

    On Monday morning she is 12 days out and has covered 315 N miles in a straight line from Fremantle. An average of 26.25 miles a day.
    She is presently 2,914 miles from Mauritius, and based on her past average, she requires a further 111 days to complete the initial 3181 mile row. Her northerly postion has added an extra 38 miles to her trip. These maths are based on the Earth being a perfect sphere with a radius of 3443.9 nautical miles.
    So she has to row 50 kilometres a day, every day for the next 111 days, without a day off. I suggest that all us Fremantle supporters should go out and paddle our canoes 50km in one day, just once, to show support for her project.
    Course from Shoalwater to the River, Sunday 3rd May, entry fee $20 plus $2 fine for every uncompleted kilometre. All proceeds to Sarah’s Charity.

  724. Remora says:

    Weather Watch: “Sarah’s journey at sea will only go in the direction of the breeze on the day. If she gets lots of easterly type weather, she will progress towards Africa and if she gets lots of westerly stuff, she will head to Australia. Her direction made good is very much in the hands of the weather systems.”

    Geoff: “It (weather/currents along the Rhumb line) goes some way to explaining whey no-one has rowed Mauritius to Australia.”

    Remora: Bearing in mind that her little boat will only be going where the winds allow, I reckon it would be far easier to hit the big Australian coastline coming from Mauritius, than it will be for Sarah to target and hit tiny little Mauritius from Australia.