Starting in her kayak under Tower Bridge on 1st April 2011, Sarah made it to the east coast of Japan in November 2011 after cycling and kayaking over 11,00 miles. Sarah was then out on the North Pacific for 25 days before being hit by Tropical Storm Mawar and rescued by the Japan Coast Guard in June 2012.

Spending 9 months in the UK preparing physically and mentally for a second attempt, Sarah relaunched her campaign with another boat in 2013, rowing from Japan to Adak Island, Alaska (USA) over 5 months. She decided to change her route during the crossing due to adverse weather conditions and winds hampering her progress towards Canada.

In 2014 Sarah returned to continue her journey, paddling 1500 miles along the Aleutian Chain and Alaskan mainland with paddling partner Justine Curgenven, to reach the nearest road.

Two weeks after stepping out of the kayak Sarah was on her bike heading East. She cycled 5000 miles across Alaska, Canada and the USA through one of the harshest winters North America has ever experienced.

She then made the necessary preparation for her solo ocean row from Cape Cod back to the UK. After 143 days at sea she was forced to call for a pre-emptive pick up as Hurricane Joaquin was heading her way.

Come mid-October 2015 Sarah set off once more, this time on the final leg of her journey.  She cycled from Falmouth, Cornwall to Oxford before kayaking down the Thames to London.  She paddled under Tower Bridge at midday on 3rd November to complete her expedition.

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