Podcast: Tour of the Sun Deck

Today Sarah gives us all a tour of the Sun Deck and explains the equipment.

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  1. David says:

    So pleased and relieved to hear that things are still going well, that you are safe and sound and in real good spirits!! 200 miles . . . wow . . . . thats almost 6.5% of the way there . . . . Constantly thinking . . . wishing . . . willing . . . stay strong Sarah . . . you can do it!!

  2. Lina says:

    Sarah it was so nice to hear your voice!!!!! describing your boat!!! I looked forward to hearing from you again. Keep it up girl. Spoke to Marcel this morning he is looking forward to welcome you to Mauritius.

  3. Oaklegs says:

    Hello Sarah,

    Would you please explain what will happen if the weather happens to turn really bad i.e. can you lock yourself in the cabin and just hang on and use the boat as a large unsinkable life raft?

    Also are you and the boat shackled together with something like an umbilacle cord? Similarly are the oars tied to the boat?

    Apart from that I must say that you are doing very well this time. Did you go to church today?

    I think a lot of people are saying a prayer for you in Perth.

  4. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Lovely to hear your podcast and to know how well things have started. Keep up the good work and rowing, take care and enjoy teh surroundings and we look forward to hearing your next link.

    God bless

    C & K

  5. helen jack says:

    well done thanks for podcast keep on enjoying

  6. St Hugh\'s College Chronicle Readers says:

    Good to hear your voice today, Sarah.Loved the description of the sundeck and hatches.
    When your St Hugh’s friends and admirers had the chance to meet you and your boat at College in the Autumn, I remember thinking how hard the wooden seat looked! How do you manage to sit comfortably on it for so long????
    Well done for covering the first 200 miles so fast and so happily – good luck for the next stage.
    St Hugh’s Chronicle Readers

  7. rob bowditctch says:

    take care sara have a good trip keep going babe good luck u r a starxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Your big Brother says:

    Nice one Sarah, 200 miles in four days is very good going. You’ll be in Mauritius in no time. Glad all is going well. Keep up the hard work. Speak soon

    Big Love xxx

  9. Charly Sissons says:

    Good to see your progress. At our party on Friday all the extended family, from Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nth Lincs, were discussing how you keep appearing on BBC news 24 and radio. all our following you with gret interest and say God speed and show them what great packages emerge from Rutland.
    TTFN Ma Sissons 🙂

  10. ian hall says:

    Hi there Sarah, good news on your adventure. You will be pleased to know that Elliot & Hallie are safely back following the ski trip, both in one piece. We are both so pleased that all is well, great pics and it was nice to hear your voice, telling us about your buddie dippers. Lots of love H & E from good ship SHS.

  11. Guy Watts says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Andy and I have been off line for a while now so sorry for lack of messages.

    Pleased to see such great progress being made, really looking forward to that beer in Mauritius. Dont leave without us!!

    Anyway keep it up and good luck,


  12. Charlie says:

    Will it definitely be Wed 8th April that we hear you on BBC Radio 2.

    I have had e-mail from Lizzie Hoskin of The Radcliffe & Maconie Show, Radio 2, saying :

    “There seems to be some confusion out there! We’re hoping to talk to Sarah
    on Mon 20 April – not Wed 8 April”.

    I do want to hear you,

  13. Anna and Louise says:

    Hellloo Sarah from Anna and lou and a packet of mini eggs. We’re currently feeling very lazy thinking of you but discussing doing a half marathon to raise some money for your charity. We think we need to stop eating the mini-eggs though if we are to have a chance! 😉
    Also just reminiscing over old year books and found your “three things to take to a desert island”…you state “a kayak and a paddle so I could get out of here, and plenty of munchies for the trip back too” Amazingly you’re living the dream but we are pleased you have opted for a rowing boat rather than a kayak! Finally, in the U5th year book your quote for the masses, and to go up on your cabin wall, was…”don’t let anything or anyone stop you….EVER” Wahoo, keep paddling Sarah x x

  14. Hi Sarah – we have just enjoyed listening to you and your tour of the sun deck. We are really pleased to see your fantastic progress. Keep up the good work and remember Sunday is time trial day….don’t forget! (a 20min flat out effort on the oars for you and it’s 10miles pedalling for us). Lots of love Jamie and Emily x

  15. Hi Sarah, interesting audio post. First heard about your journey on the Radcliffe & Maconie show, so good to hear you are there again soon.
    Have since been badgering people on my blog to check you out, but i’ve only just started blogging and don’t have many followers yet.
    Have you thought about asking your IT team to build you a ‘widget’, so we could include it on our blogs?
    Stay safe, X.

  16. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah! so glad to see that you are still going strong……following your track with Google earth, a little confuse with your pattern, will be glad if someone could explain! I will be sending some photos to Amy for the press!Row Row Row Sarah!!!! Good luck!

  17. geoff says:

    Some answers while Sarah is busy with rowing; – Oaklegs, if you imagine sending an ocean liner and a cork over Niagra Falls, only the cork would survive. That is the case for small boats making better liferafts and yes Dippers is based around liferaft design and Sarah can shut herself in the end cabin in storms or when it rains. Not sure how long the air lasts. The high cabins provide buoyancy to effect self righting and it is unsinkable. Sarah wears a harness at all times and is tethered to the boat. For Lina,Sarah is battling a bit of northerly current at moment. Drifts north when sleeping then rows south west by day. Should be thru in a few days. See the current at http://www.marine.csiro.au/remotesensing/oceancurrents/Perth/2009040221.html

    She’s averaged about 25 miles ‘made good’ ie toward destination per day so far in difficult current but favorable wind and this runs out to about 120 day passage. This will improve once away from the coast say 300 miles.

  18. Graham Hadley says:

    Any chance of rowing in a straight line Sarah!
    Its a challenge enough without having to do double the distance, or stop sleeping!
    You’re going great guns!
    keep it up; tracking you every day and wishing you all the very best. Your progress shows that your tacticts are working great. Keep it up! All the best. Graham

  19. geoff says:

    Whoops, correction. She’s at 112 39E having started at Fremantle 115 50ish so that’s 3 degrees 11 seconds of longitude. A second is a mile, and a degree is 60 seconds, ie 60 miles so thats 191 miles in 6 and a half days so thats about 30 miles per day which equates to 100 day passage.

    And it should improve when she gets away from the coastal current.

  20. Carol Hanlon says:

    hi sarah, go girl! great speaking with you in perth and that you finally got on your way! fantastic spirit and I have my mum peg from melbourne and her friend Lyall from usa following your journey through your web site. a great challenge you have taken on and spirit of adventure, all the best, carol

  21. Susie Hewson says:

    Great rowing Sarah and making friends with the marine life too! Take two looks good and admiration for your spirit in this attempt is growing with each day of your task. Following your progress daily with astonishment. Susie

  22. geoff says:

    actually, a minute of longitutde is only a mile long at the equator. Its shorter at Sarah’s latitude. (had to correct myself before the experts get in first).

    But in percentage terms; – Start was Freo 115 40E and Mauritius is 57 30. So total is 3490 minutes and she’s done 196 which is about 7%. So current progress is for 130 days. (right the first time) But should improve when free from local current in a day or so.

  23. Lina says:

    Thanks Geoff for the info, very informative indeed! Sarah hope these northerlies die down, so that you can have a better run. I found it very interesting to watch it on google earth. As you know Gerard and I never stop thinking about you on this vast ocean, but I think with all these people being with you following your track, you are not alone…. looking forward to your next talk. Seen any more dolphins or others?….Cheers for now. Go girl go!!!!!

  24. Pam Stocker says:

    Hi Sarah, Just back from sailing with Paul, Theo and friend. Relaxed and happy and some great winds under blue skies. Bit colder than where you are, though. And a spoddy 80% for my George Herbert essay which makes this ex-teacher quite happy! Next deadline in 7 days. Saw Carol Houghton in Cambridge the other day. Do you remember her? I think she was your year group too. She’s married with a baby now! Everyone else seems to do motivational stuff and very helpful information rather than news on your blog (not sure I know bloggy type rules yet – are there any?), so hope you don’t mind some shore-bound stuff. Go well! Pamx

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