Podcast: Dry Land

This week Sarah called in from dry land to talk about the progress at getting back to sea.

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14 Responses to Podcast: Dry Land

  1. Danwie says:

    Sarah! A good journey is a varied journey! We learn nothing by sticking to a route, specially when the task is as large as the one you are taking on.

    There’s many a prayer for you flying around on angels wings, no matter where you are…Goddess speeed to you!

    Many Bright Blessings

  2. Mum says:

    Good to hear your podcast again. Hope plans for 2nd assault get underway soon and without too many hitches. Thanks for all the texts etc. Love you lots,
    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Grant Rodwell says:

    Hey Sarah, could you let us know when you are setting sail again? As fellow Poms in Oz we would like to bid you bon voyage. Good luck and stay safe.

    Grant and Bec

  4. Heidi and Lorne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am in awe at this tremendous challenge that you’ve taken on.
    We,( my busband and I) wish you a safe journey, may God be with you.
    You have great courage. Stick to it girl.

    Our best wishes,
    Heidi and Lorne.

  5. Aussie says:

    You do realize Mauritius is only a 7 hour plane flight from Perth !!
    Let’s be honest, you’re not going to make it paddling a rowboat, and more than likely will need to be picked up either by sea rescue or the navy at tax payers expense… spare us all..

  6. Stewart, Venezuela. says:

    As an ex-seafarer (New Zealand Shipping Co.)here’s wishing you every success, second time around. God bless you.

  7. Your big Brother says:

    Hey Sarah,

    good to hear your voice, feels like ages since we have spoke. Im glad al the prep is going well and that you should be back on your merry way shortly. As always I and the boys will be following your progress very closely and look forward to you completing this epic journey.

    Take care, be strong

    Big love xxx

  8. Marcel says:

    “Aussie” is obviously a First Class Loser and a defeatist.
    Stay home and keep staring at your navel, sir, and let people like Sarah shame you into being a man.
    If Captain Cook thought like you, there would have been no Australia.
    To achieve great aims, one must dare great things.
    Sarah will do it…and we are getting ready to welcome her to Mauritius.
    You are not invited!

  9. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah, good to hear the chirpy Podcast. Bah, humbug you were right about the Boat race – but the Minties (must you be so chromatically accurate?) came a powerful second. Think you were toasted in the Rutland Arms.

    Bet you are spoiling to set off – steak and pizza all very well but now you’ve tasted the salt, I don’t suppose anything else hits the spot.

    We’re gearing up for Arthritis Care Awareness Week beginning on the 20th April – everybody thinking of you and how amazing it is to have you out there, supporting us.

    Looking forward to hearing more – hope you get another sponsor, not just because the Podcasts are so great.


  10. Geoff says:

    One easy way to mask our our own fears and limitations is to scorn the courage of others and describe the bold as foolish. Not that there aren’t fools out there, but a detailed study of Sarah’s endeavor reveals it is not foolish. The prevailing winds and current, once away from the Leeuwin, are with her. She has done enormous training and is physically prepared. Her boat, though small, is thoroughly seaworthy and expertly equipped and she spent 48hrs in waves to 16m and winds to 35knts last week 100 miles West of Cape Naturalist. She rowed there and back 400 miles in 10 days variously against winds and/or current. The maths for the distance she must average per day, the hours she must row per day to do those and the provisions for that many days, plus a considerable surplus, all stack up and have been verified many times by other endurance rowers around the world. If Sarah succeeds, she will not have achieved ‘the impossible’, as if defying the laws of physics, because by any analysis, it is entirely possible – that’s not the point. Its that someone has the courage, perseverance and self reliance to undertake such a grueling challenge. Such challenges are not confined to trans ocean rowing. They include caring for sick in our homes, hospitals and hospices, they include maintaining the innocence projects where our legal system has failed, remaining vigilant against corruption, or bullying in schools. Of fighting asbestos and tobacco companies. They include remaining loyal to friends, family and neighbors at their darkest times. It is about going the distance on what’s right when temptation is for the easy path. It is the inspiration people like Sarah provide the community when we feel hopelessness that justifies public support of their efforts. It is a good thing.


  11. Charly Sissons says:

    Hi Sarah
    Go girl. We are all following you with great interest and amid our own difficult times you are a shining star and inspiration to us all. Not just the sissons clan but all my mum’s friends and our family are watching you and mums donations are being shared with arthritus care. As to the aussie, typical weak man who has not heard of dreams and has no ambition or goals in his own life. Those who have the courage to reach for their dreams are to be applauded not mocked.
    As the saying goes
    “if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.”
    God speed and we are with you all the way.
    ma sissons 🙂
    PS Charly’s sight is back to normal following our great shock so give her something to read about and show them how truly awe inspiring you are

  12. Roger and Caroline says:

    Hi Sarah
    Just back from NZ where we saw the statue of Captain Cook in Gisborne – his first landfall in this part of the world. Keep going Sarak the world is a better place for the great seafarers and you are one of them.
    Hope to get down to Freo to see you off.
    All best wishes
    Roger and Caroline

  13. Richard Taylor says:

    Sarah – go for it and we are right with you.

    Aussie – I would be fascinated to hear from you about your achievements, your challenges and the committment you have shown especially for the benefit of others. Look forward to reading all about it – wont take long I suspect.

  14. Tom Scott says:

    Hi Sarah

    I work with Arthritis Care in Scotland and we are following your journey with great admiration. (Couple of boaties here)

    Good luck in your second assault and we hope that the weather conditions and everything you wish for go with you.

    Enjoyed your latest podcast.

    Best Wishes
    Tom and the Scotland Team

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