Podcast: 40 Days and The Final Fork

This week Sarah talked about the evidence of being at sea for 40 days and the demise of her last fork.


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  1. St Hugh\'s College Chronicle Readers says:

    Thanks for the recent Podcast, Sarah. Hope that Sunday lunch turned out well for you – and pity about the final fork. Your descriptions really bring your voyage to life and I am going to enjoy reading the book….in due course. It will be a winner.

  2. Eddy Joyce says:

    Hi Susan, you are going very well. It just occured to me ,do you have a favorite song you sing as you row. Maybe it`s “Row, Row, Row your Boat, Merrily out to sea” ——— I hope you have a camera with you to record some of your journey. We`re thinking of you. God speed.

  3. Graham Hadley says:

    Great! Keep rowing. Oh and don’t worry about the clothes, we can’t really see you on google!
    And Sunday lunch sounds great too!
    Yoe make Serendepity sound like an Ocean going yacht! I bet it is too.
    Hope the wind picks up and blows you ever quicker to Mauritius, your track is closing with the ‘shortest line’.

  4. Laura says:

    Helen can you email me, I need your help with something I’m planning for a certain 26th May….




  5. Spike says:

    You never know when you are really alone. Google might not see you but the passing submariners can !!

  6. xtina says:

    Excellent news ~ A book is a a must Sarah!! You have sooo much to write about and it is such an interesting read already, just to listen to your podcasts ….

    Do you know if you are still on Australian time? and do you keep ticking off days on the cabin wall??
    Wouldn’t it be great if secretly every ocean rower could have just one special treat once a month, dropped down into their boat. Wonder what you would choose? (Not too big)

  7. BPC and Albie says:

    Listening to you today i am filled again with pride and amazement!! … and im afraid words fail me when it comes to saying what goes through my mind as i sit here open-mouthed listening to you!!!
    much love, xxx

  8. Alan Brazier says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Well Sarah,40 days n 40 nights, you are now in serious company.
    I know, because I ask him every night to watch over you and keep you n ‘Dippers’ safe.
    Its hard to put into words what all my clients say, when they come in and see the days crossed off on my treatment wall. Their expressions are pricless, especially those who have just come on board with the news of your amazing row. B 4 I forget, could you get your Mum to email your home phone number or call me, as I’ve only got your mobile. Did think about dropping in by chopper to give you a quick neck n shoulder massage and drop some chocolate. But decided that I’m not as brave,or courageous or daft enough. Like my clients I’m having trouble getting my head around your amazing mission. Marathon Expo went well, met some nice people, but none gave me that Sarah Outen, WHOW factor, of doing something amazing, although 1 did have a girl say she would win the London Marathon 1 day. good, but not the same.
    Will email again @ 2000 miles. LOL, Have Fun, Gods speed, U R My Hero.
    Alan, your favorite sports masseur.XX

  9. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,great to hear from you and dippers,the podcast really is the hieght of my cyber surfing week,so sorry to hear about the fork,who’d have thought you’d even need three!the podcasts are really interesting and informative,make my days seem a bit pedestrian really,reading the blog comments is i hope heartening,you’ve already achieved so much,if i were you i suspect i would want either a bigger boat or lots of chocolate dropped off!isn’t it odd but until you mentioned rubbish i had given no thought to where you migjt keep it,just another reminder to us lazy lot of the strictures you are under.
    the book would be a great idea ,you might even get another one out the best of these posts,just a thought,any how off for my little coastal amble
    stay safe

  10. susie Hewson says:

    chin chin, cheers to the 40th Sarah. I am absolutely amazed at the steadfastnest of your sanity. Day after day, ever onward towards your goal and in such a happy frame of mind which makes your accomplishment thus far even greater. Your blogs and podcasts allow me and the “sisters” to take part in your adventure and your descriptions allow us to visualise Mother Nature and her astral companions. Now about those forks and lycra shorts…. what’s the story there? Susie

  11. Your big Brother says:

    Wow Sarah, great to hear your podcast this week. Im still finding it very surreal that my little sister is off on such a big adventure. I am watching your progress on google earth daily and your smashing out the miles!! I cant believe you have covered such a distance in only 40 days. Must be pretty amazing out there. All is good back here. Look forward to speaking to you soon. Take it easy and keep up the good work. See you soon. Big love xxx

  12. Your big Brother says:

    ps maybe next time, i’ll buy you a big bag of forks so you hove enough for every anticipated day at sea!!! xx

  13. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news from all apsects for your trip, thanks for your special message to us at this time, much appreciated. We shall be first in the queue to buy your book so will look forward to it.

    We are so proud of you. The podcast is really good. Hope to be in touch with your Mum tonight but she will tell you more when you are next in touch.

    Take care, yes someone else is watching over you 24 hours each day,

    Mucxh love

    C & K

  14. john and andy from melton says:

    hi sarah, keep going, i bet the the weather is better there than here, skeggy was windy and cold for the bank holiday just gone
    all the best, see you soon at whitwell,

    john /andy

  15. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    I find it so incredible to sit here at my computer and hear your voice coming out of a small speaker – the miracle of modern technology! You sound wonderful, despite the loss of your last fork!

    Lots of love from the Dade family xxxxxxxxxx

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