Podcast: 33 Days and 2 Forks

This week Sarah spoke about her first 33 days at sea, equipment that has suffered casualties, and talking to friends at sea. 

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  1. Roger Maynard says:

    Hi Sarah..Congratulations on completing your first month at sea.I’m sure you’ll make the finishing line. It must be strange not seeing anyone else for the past 33 days. But at least you’ve got your Ipod and phone, to maintain the human contact. I bet you fancy tucking into a juicy burger such as we enjoyed a few days before your departure. But I mustn’t get your taste buds going, so I’ll wish you fair weather and a safe voyage. All the best..Roger Maynard

  2. xtina says:

    We really enjoyed listening to your podcast this morning. Oh how weird is that ~ to hear you were talking about your conversation with Andy and Guy on Flying Ferkins, from your ocean residence. Whatever next!!
    keep safe
    lv xtina
    (guy’s mum)

  3. St Hugh's College Chronicle Readers says:

    Well done Sarah. You are doing brilliantly – pity about the forks! Hope you hang onto the last one. It is surreal sitting here in UK comfort and trying to imagine your huge effort every day at sea. Your podcasts make you sound so close! It is good to hear you sounding so up-beat – so once again may the winds stay fair and carry you forward on your unique voyage.

  4. Hi there Sarah, shame about the headphones and forks, how annoying. Must be so strange not to see anyone for so long. Your blogs and podcasts are fab. So glad you managed to speak to Guy and Andy on Flying Ferkins. It makes us feel so comforted here at home that you have made contact and are so supportive of each other out there in your ocean homes! Stay safe,can’t wait to meet you. Kathryn, Tom(Guy’s brother)and Amelia xxx

  5. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,great to hear from you,sorry to hear about the forks and headphones,can you still play music?,i doubt i would have the fortitude to do anything like what you are doing but the thought of doing it without the distraction of music would have me rowing backwards for sure!your podcasts are a highlight when they come through,i’m hoping to write an article about your epic voyage for the magazine of a group called eng-age,this is a third age advocacy charity based in grimsby,lincolnshire,i have been encouraging our members to follow your progress and cheer you on,hope all continues to go well for you



  6. Geoff & Lucas says:

    Hi Sarah, Lucas and I just looked at the tracker on google and reckon you are a third of the way. Lucas reckons that means you’re looking at 101 days total voyage. Bloody brilliant if you can pull that off, but away from the WA coast its all starting to look mighty possible.

    Great to hear your voice. (Was it twice you mentioned Andy and Guy are a few hundred miles behind?) Keep it up.

  7. Graham Hadley says:

    Great to hear your news Sarah, you sound in great spirits! ope the rum went down well! Cant help thinking Andy and Guy will give you an incentive (not that you need one!) But they are chasing you!
    Hope its not got anything to do with the cleaning ritual!
    Podcast was great, look forward to hearing from you next week.

  8. Hello Sarah great pod cast – you sound really happy and content out there on the ocean. Hope you get to see your shark soon, but rather you than me! Excellent to have mention on your last sea blog! I wish we could have a holiday and come out to meet you and dippers in Mauritius, but alass time is not our friend at the moment. We will definitely catch up on your return to the UK. Love Emily and Jamie x

  9. Sarah Pascoe says:

    Sarah that was such a nice blog to hear and fab that you got to speak to the boys. I know they would have loved chatting to a fellow rower, as you said experiencing what they are and swapping tales. Even if shark related!!!!! Hope you carrying on as well as you are and you have the support of the delaney/watts clan behind you too. Sarah (Andrew’s girlfriend)

  10. Malcolm Scriven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    A big hello from SES Business Studies. We are following your progress daily and enjoy the podcasts. We had the 2009 Conference on 30th April and you were the main topic of conversation over lunch – your contribution last year seems a lifetime away! Much love and respect, Malcolm

  11. Sara Pike says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great to listen to your podcast – you’re doing fantastically well and sound in greta spirit! We’re all following your adventure and send you our love from SJS; Libby was absolutely thrilled to speak to you the other day. Take care, Sara Pike

  12. June Bibby & Sue Crowe says:

    Dear Sarah, You are a great girl and I have nothing but admiration for you. You are doing so well – keep going, there are so many people wishing you well and willing you on. Thinking of you – very best wishes June Bibby

  13. David & Ann (Uncle and Aunt ) says:

    Hi Sarah, I find 10 minutes on the rowing m/c at the gym about my limit – your 8 hour daily effort seems almost impossible but the end result confirms it and is impressive. Well done on achieving your first milestone. Perhaps you could put in some overtime – we would like to have sight of your arrival before we leave Mauritius towards the end of the month! (We are off tomorrow) We both wish you continued fair weather and a safe and successful conclusion to your voyage. Love Ann & David.

  14. Amy Bryant says:

    So great to hear your voice Sare, you sound so calm and strong. Keep on trucking, hope your wildlife list gets longer as the days go by! Lots of love matey, Amz Bry xxx

  15. ian hall says:

    Hi there Sarah well done on your latest stage of the adventure, you are making great progress. Elloit is still hoping that you will be back in time for that autumn DoE trip. We are all thinking of you, you are in the best place warm & sunny, cold and miserable here.
    Love & Gods Speed ~ Hallie & Elliot from SHS

  16. Graham Hadley says:

    I noticed David and Anne’s comments above, and was wondering (re the 8hrs versus 10 mins) do you row to a set schedule, like 2hrs on 2hrs off during the day, or a set pattern through a 24 hr period, or just as the sea takes you?
    The ‘line’ on google earth seems to be getting closer. Looks like great progress over the last 48hrs (well 35 days actually) but you know what I mean (I hope)!
    Sure no news is good news as your track looks fantastic. All the best!

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