Photos from Russian Border

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Logistics Manager for the L2L Expedition, Tim runs adventure website The Next Challenge offering free advice and support for anyone planning an expedition or dreaming of one.
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7 Responses to Photos from Russian Border

  1. gennady says:

    Hi Sarah! it’s me again, that guy-policeman who accompanied you in the car from the city of Donetsk in Kamensky. how are you doing?

    • Sarah Outen says:

      Thanks for the escort Gannady – much appreciated!

      Russia has been so kind and warm to me so far.


  2. Ab Fab!! Wonder if Dawn French is following your blog and if she still thinks you’re “certifiably bonkers”?Wonderful photo’s, great memories. Loving every bit of your blogs and FB comments.

  3. Susie Hewson says:

    How heartwarming that the lovely Russian folk came out to give you such a warm welcome – they recognise a big event in the making. 188K in one day…blimey. I cycled to Berkely Castle and back, a swift 30 miles with the wind in the face….and I thought that was a brisk run out of a Saturday:) Hope you are singing as you go, give us a blast of “I did it my way” whilst you are out on the Steppes for all of us here at home:) Brilliant Sarah Outen with the rising sun in her face and those miles at her back…..whoooah!!!

  4. Happy big birthday to you! We’re all completely in support of your ride/row/wonder adventure!

    Come visit us in Seattle, WA

  5. sergey says:

    Russia is always happy to see foreign visitors! Greetings from Volgograd!

  6. Gordon says:

    Nice to see your latest photos. Just goes to prove nationalities and reputations mean nothing. Its people that really count and you seem to be bringing out the best. Good luck with the next leg.

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