Photos and Video from Russia

Hi everyone,

Here are links to some photos of Sarah during her time in Russia together with some footage of her showing a Russian television crew around Hercules.  Enjoy!

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  1. Great interview and wonderful to see Sarah so happy, fit and healthy after nearly two months on the road. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today!!!!!!

  2. Elena says:

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!
    More photos from Russia: Sarah Outen and Alexandr Jilkin, the Governor of the Astrakhan Region

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah – you share it with my Mum! Hope you are well & continuing to enjoy your amazing trip. All the best, Taniya

  4. Maryana says:

    Sara happy birthday! Good luck!!!!!!))))))))))))))

  5. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah

    Hope you have had a lovely day and hope you enjoyed your champers.

    all good wishes for now

    Happy pedalling

    C & K

  6. Susie Hewson says:

    HAPPY 26th Birthday…handling the international media very well…another skill for the CV:) Susie x

  7. Robert Douglas says:

    Hi Sarah, Happy Birthday and Best Wishes – sorry it’s a bit late! 😉 Well done getting to Russia. It’s quite amazing how far you’ve got in so short a time!

  8. Alan Thomas says:

    Penblwydd Hapus (Welsh)
    Happy Birthday

    Great to see you clocking up the miles

  9. Michael says:

    Hi Sarah!! =) I wish you good luck! this is a very strong thing. Greetings from the whole of Russia! and vchastnosti from the Rostov region, Kamensk-Shahtinskiy.Schastlivo! ))

  10. Pamela Stocker says:

    Great to see and hear the publicity for sponsors, fab bike, Skeletal Russian, Sarah working the crowd so well, and looking well, super fit and happy. Belated happy birthday from Mrs S. Fun and games here, with Masters grinding on, health drama in Germany for Paul (he came home!- which was not an automatic thing), build finished. xxx

    Poem: ‘June’ (your English teacher ever)
    The tin-tack rattle of a single leaf
    Emblematic of the year’s end,
    Fallen in high summer.
    Why, the oak wood’s greeny billows
    Have scarcely faded,
    And spring’s ochres, limes and yellows
    Were only weeks ago.
    This is too soon for winter
    And the long dark.

    Pam Stocker 1.6.2011

  11. Belinda Dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    A belated “Happy Birthday” to you!

    I pressed the TRANSLATE button on your Russian interview and was amused to read that you are going to “fall through China”!!!! That sounds a lot less like hard work than cycling!!!

    Glad you are meeting lots of lovely people on this leg of the trip.

    Love, Belinda x

  12. Tim Scarrott says:

    G’day to Sarah from a WA Pom working off Nigeria at the moment ! Followed your magnificent row from Fremantle and am following Roz Savage as she rows to Mumbai also at the moment -I am sure you have been in touch with her – Also just watched DVD of Tim Cope who, couple of years ago did your trip in reverse (Mongolia to Hungary) with horses and a dog called Tegan – lovely tale – – my dear Dad died of MND in 1999 and I wish you all the very best in the challenge – Take care – Tim Scarrott.

  13. René Soobaroyen says:

    Go sarah go. I wish i could be somewhere on your way to take some nice shots.
    René from Mauritius

  14. ashika says:

    Happy very very very belated birthday…! what amazing sights and people you have been meeting. I enjoyed the footage through Kazakhstan and the award winning pot holes…! what a journey, and I am very pleased to see hercules has not let you down..
    take care ashika xx

  15. jane fitzgerald says:

    Greetings from all at Brooke Hill Primary School in Oakham. we have a link to your website on our VLE and are watching your progress around the world. Keep on pedalling – you are an inspiration to us all.

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