Phonecasts: Day 85+86

Sorry for the delay in posting these, a few technical hitches but catch up on Sarah’s excitement here:


Day: 86

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  1. Godfolks says:

    Great to hear you so excited and knowing how important food is to you I can understand why!! Wonderful of the boats to ‘drop by’ and my thanks go to them for their kindness. Not long to that half way mark so keep on as we want you home sooner rather than later! Our love x

  2. Andrew Henderson says:

    We have been following your progress across the Pacific, cycling across Canada and and the US, and now on the Atlantic. What a wonderful meeting for you and , I suspect, your visitors who arrived bearing gifts. Following the tracker we were a little concerned that you might hit the Azores but that seems to be very unlikely. Falmouth sounds a better target>
    Andrew and Judy Henderson, Vancouver Island.


    I said ‘Yo ho’ and ‘Garde l’eau’ as I slung out the pail,
    Then in my haste saw that it caught upon the boaty rail,
    So bending down with scrubbing brush and to my nature true,
    Sang shantily to sea and winds and cleaned up all the poo.
    I did not fret, nor curse, nor cry,
    But did a merry dance,
    For that which lay before me there,
    Was of best provenance.

  4. Hi Sara,
    Great to hear you so up-beat and happy – how wonderful to get such a rewarding visit, people to talk to, all be it for a short time. Food! And such wonderful food, carrots and peas and bread! Flowers to brighten up the deck. So you have broken the back of nearing the half way mark, and in no time you will be over that hump and on the downward slope home – well done and keep up the good work.
    Pamela and Robert Cherry

  5. Bill Hayes, PBCB says:

    Hi Sarah–
    Glad to hear you so upbeat. I’ve been watching your progress the entire time and am pleased to see the progress as of late–fewer of the twists and turns that must have been so frustrating, although when they are all averaged out, you appear to be traveling in a relatively straight line.
    Pleasant Bay Community Boating has a board meeting tonight, and I will report on your progress just in case anyone has forgotten to check on you. You might be interested to know, in case no one else has told you, that the fundraiser which we were planning when you visit our board meeting the evening before your departure was a resounding success!!
    I certainly hope that your visit from the ships gave you an opportunity to take a real shower, not to mention using a real WC, for the first time in 2 ½ months!!!

    Fair winds and favorable currents,
    Bill Hayes and everyone at PBCB

  6. Marj Burgard says:

    Hi dear sarah. I follow you everyday and am excited about you hitting the half way point ! Did you get a new
    rudder yet ?? Are you in the Gulf Stream officially ? I love hearing your voice and news from the Atlantic!!
    My motto is eat chocolate sending huds Marj

  7. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi Sarah, Was so excited to hear your latest news. Cannot believe that you are halfway there. You will make it and what a happy day that will be/ Wish I could be there to meet you/ Good Luck,Ethel

  8. Paul Beaurain says:

    With clear skies your view of the perseid meteor shower should be terrific on a nearly moonless night tonight. Enjoy! And congrats on the 1st half of your transatlantic.
    Fair winds…

  9. ron cahoon says:

    I haven’t been following Sara as much as I would like to. Can some one confirm she has her new rudder please. Listening to the last two phone casts I could not determine if she did or not.

  10. Susie Hewson says:

    To celebrate your half way point we have organised a meteor display from midnight tonight so be sure to search the skies for those 100 meteors/hr fabulous display. Well done Sarah for staying the course – regardless – and enjoy those fresh supplies 🙂 🙂 Happy rowing and see you soon x

  11. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    Sarah, I was in Cuba this past week and kept looking out at the ocean and thinking of you way way way north of me on this blue expanse of Ocean. To think that there are all these other sail boats ‘living’ on the Atlantic with you and that you can rendezvous with these yachts is amazing and they give you things like FLOWERS and salami and bread and carrots and cheese!!!! You said the flowers looked so out of place on your boat deck but I couldn’t think of any better place than to grace your boat! God speed on your continuing journey and the delights that continue to surprise you so randomly and beautifully! Elizabeth Cunningham, Mount Albert, Ontario

  12. Bill Burlin says:

    Dedicated, determined, courageous Sarah—You have reached and passed that hump at the halfway point in the ocean over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge marking the mid-point of your voyage. From here, you’ll be “sliding downhill” to Falmouth. The Atlantic has thrown its fierce storms and balky currents at you to test your mettle, and you have responded with “metal”—-the “steel” of your will and grit to overcome adversity. Loss of your rudder was sudden, unexpected and disheartening—-but you adapted to the situation like a true ocean voyager. The French flotilla must have gone a distance off their track to bring you sustenance and into contact with other human beings after 85 days without human contact. There is some delightful weather coming your way in which you can energetically “Row, Sarah, Row”. I’m keeping my eye on the Tropics. So far there appears to be little cyclonic circulation. Congratulations on being named 47th woman most influential in sports. My thoughts are with you. So, blow ye winds westerly, westerly blow. Bill, Chatham MA

  13. Neville Jones says:

    Hi Sarah, I finished your book, A dip in the ocean, last week, i’ve seen the videos of you and Justine paddling in various parts of the world and now I am actually listening and following your progress almost daily, I feel that you are one very special, determined and focused Lady and I salute you for your achievements. Please stay safe, Never give up,you mean a lot to a lot of people, I haven’t looked at your blog yet at all but I imagine that you have already passed through Australia and I never even heard anything on the news etc. so I missed seeing you in person.. Stay safe and focused.. Love .. Nev and Marg Jones. Western Australia…

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