Phonecasts: Day 134 +136

Our rower is struggling  this week with the frustratingly volatile weather. However, kudos to this incredible woman, she always finds a positive.

Day 134:


Day 136:

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11 Responses to Phonecasts: Day 134 +136

  1. Joerg Schmidt-Liermann says:

    Go Strong! you are a true inspiration!!!!! just watched your video taking on the kayak trip along the Aleutians unbelievable effort!!!!!


    A current bun is rather fun
    When sliced in two with butter.
    The current current’s not much fun
    And angry words I utter.
    The only anodyne is numb
    And gusts that rage and stutter
    To carry me with evening sun
    To north and out this gutter.


    No rolls nor currAnt buns, but breakfast at tiffling with best backside better than knockdown at current rates.
    Well done again Sarah.


    A stable from the south – (small ‘S’)
    Would be the best I guess
    And Spain (in upper case)
    Would not help homeward race.
    But going round and round
    Though not quite all aground
    On ridge where I ere went
    With loo-roll quite outspent
    It’s rather nice to roam
    And think of log-fire home
    With stable horses high
    To get me back and dry.

  5. Ethel Leonard says:

    Can someone tell me what is going on? My message is no broadcast yet for days 134 1nd 136


    I have just returned from the swimming pool. I tried treading water for the first time in your honour – but with grave misgivings.
    It actually worked as my legs cycled under me – I could scarcely believe it.
    I got nowhere much and it lacked elegance but I did not actually sink.
    You of course are getting more than somewhere in inspiration and example to us all.
    I do not think the Fates will let you sink as you currently circle in dog-legs.
    Thank you very much Sarah.

  7. Margaret says:

    Podcasts seem to have no content 134 / 136.


    Hucklebery Finn, yes.
    The captain of ‘Das Boot’: “Der Alte” also recommends the raising of a sail if necessary.
    He was a 30 year old hardened sea veteran.
    You understand the nature of example and decisive authority in matters of survival, whatever side of the line you are on.

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