Phonecasts 132 – 139


If you haven’t already, catch up on Sarah’s adventure by following the links below to her phonecasts:

132: After a happy 40 mile paddle they are camped on the mainland hoping not to see any bears!

133: A short stop over in Perryville and they are on once more. Sarah has trouble with some kit and fixes bits and pieces after a long day

134: A steady 15 miles today with strong headwinds, an early night for two very tired paddlers

135: Day 80, 1020 miles done and have seen bears 4 and 5 today with Cupcake island across the water

136: A happy day of cooking bread on a stick, seeing a sow and 3 cubs from the kayaks, lots of sun and an early start!

137: A tiring day of paddling into headwinds, 2 paddlers will be happy to see their sleeping bags tonight!

138: They watched a brown bear feeding on the shore line and Sarah has another hairy encounter with another bear

139: Headwinds and more headwinds, a big day of paddling!

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One Response to Phonecasts 132 – 139

  1. Hi Sarah – good to see yo’ure making steady progress. It’s a wonderful part of the world for those of us who like trees and mountains.

    Sounds like you had a bear behind and a bare behind! Here’s to the bare necessities and no more close encounters of a bear kind.

    PS You might be interested in my new website above – all promotion gratefully appreciated!

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