Phonecast update from Sarah

A cheery hello from our adventurer – listen below for her news

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8 Responses to Phonecast update from Sarah

  1. Chris Nolan says:

    You ARE still an inspiration to so many! Your journey, no matter how many ups and downs you had was an magnificent undertaking! Thank you for sharing some of your precious time in Alaska with me last year. I still look forward to seeing the final “home” leg of this epic adventure posted on Facebook.
    Yes, you have a wedding to plan for next year! Another wonderful adventure for you and for Lucy!
    Keep your spirits high and the sparkle in your eyes for those new journeys out there.

  2. Valerie Hazan says:

    Hi Sarah, still looking forward to welcoming you back to London after those final miles kayaking up the Thames…I am still puzzling as to how you actually got ONTO that ginormous Federal Oshima. Please enlighten us in one of your next messages. In the meantime, enjoy the company, the good food onboard, the walks along the 200 m deck and the peaceful time to gather your thoughts before the return to land…

  3. Justin says:

    I’m so glad you made this decision. I’m sure it must have been hard to make. I look forward to following your exploits over the next little while as you bring this chapter to a close. Well done.

  4. Jenna Mackintosh says:

    Rootin’ Tootin’ Outen! Have followed all of your adventures on FB and the blog, I’m just so glad that you’re safe and in one piece! You’re a complete inspiration and I’m looking forward to a G&T or two when you get home!!! Love and big hugs Jen xxx

  5. Susie Hewson says:

    be so happy Sarah, on Saturday, a container ship was lost in the hurricane – a ship over 750 feet long fully loaded listed at 15 degrees and taking on water…presumed sunk. The ocean is reckless and heartless so the best decision has been made for you. Pump up the tyres and oil the gears…. Outen is about to hit the road to home…London Bridge calling xxx


      Yes Susie, a very substantial ship, its ‘unsinkable lifeboats’ and the lot devastated.
      There are many now who mourn, and doubtless we all pay our silent respects.
      An appaling reminder of the issues and gravity of sensible decisions.

    • Carol Lyall says:

      I don’t think there can be any happiness gained by a ship lost at sea. Golly.

  6. James Hickerson says:

    This sounds like a plan. Good for you. I will be looking for the video that I am certain will be recorded of your arrival back at the bridge. All in all, well done, indeed. Many thanks to you for the inspiration you have provided and many thanks to your wonderful supporting team that, in the end, made is possible for you to return safely. Rest easy, brave one.

    PS: Sorry about your loss of Happy Socks. Very sorry.

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