Phonecast: Day 94

Share in Sarah’s thoughts about the future, here and nows

(Due to signal dropping, there are 2 phonecasts for day 94)


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    There is a trench before my bow
    that’s in our earthly crust.
    I’ll have a swim when I get there,
    it really is a must.
    But I am told it’s awfully deep –
    so deep that no one knows,
    so swim they toes beneath my feet
    or feet beneath my toes?

  2. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi Sarah, Wat amazing news. I am thrilled to be able to hear your voice and know you are doing so well. Continues good luck. Ethel

  3. Marj Burgard says:

    Hi Sarah, I follow you each day so you are always with me and it is so nice to hear your voice. Have you been able to replace your rudder ? You are now on the home stretch !! Love Marj

  4. Rilla says:

    So excited when I see a new update posted, and am cheering you on from a little west coast gulf island in Canada. I’ve been watching your journey since the day it began, and am sending love and best wishes across the miles as you close in on home.

  5. Susie Hewson says:

    28th August..we’ve seen that you have been sitting right under those Low pressure systems that have been crashing on Britain this past week but looking better out there soon. Thank you for sharing your encounters with wildlife – so beautiful and despite the current hardship, what a wonderful experience to come so close to ocean wanderers. x

  6. ian says:

    wow,past half way home!,great to catch up on the phonecasts and wonderful to hear your account first hand,very interested by your musings on solitude,hope the adjustments you’ll be making when you reach land will go smoothly,i’d imagine there’ll be a lot of people very suddenly in your life with complex demands but time for yourself will still be important,the epic adventure you’ve been on has been a delight and inspiration to so many people living a more regular life,really hope you enjoy the transitions to come and take some time to let your monuemental achievements sink in.

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