Phonecast: Day 54

Rough weather tests Sarah and Happy Socks’ mind and kit… Catch up below..


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5 Responses to Phonecast: Day 54

  1. Ever so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your rudder. I hope that you can get a replacement airdropped in soon. Fingers crossed. Do you ever encounter flotsam or jetsam that would be useable?

  2. Justin says:

    Not to worry, we are all directionally challenged from time to time. It’ll just add to the tales in the pub when you get back home.

  3. Ethel Leonard says:

    Dear Sarah, I am so sorry that you have lost your rudder. I do hope that someone in Canada can help I hope there is a way for you to be rescued.if necessary. / Love, Ethel

  4. John Young says:

    Even if somebody could drop a rudder off, can it be installed from above without going in the water?

    Keep up your good spirits.
    John Young

  5. virgil funderburk says:

    this may sound as a silly idea, but here it goes: Polynesians ( kon tiki) used boards for stearing a sailboat, don’t know how much of your rudder is left or if you have a spear oar to modify to attach to the side of happy socks, it just would depend of where the ocean current and your rowing direction for this idea to work, in your case it may cause extra drag, just a thought, hope some one can help out.. will continue to pray for you in your journey

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