Phonecast: Day 50

Day 50: It’s a white out…


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9 Responses to Phonecast: Day 50

  1. Ian says:

    Good to hear you in such high spirits, good rowing.

  2. andy workum says:

    so good to hear from you. I continue to be amazed at your good spirits and jolly humor even during the white outs and the mold and dampness you spoke of. Our blessings continue to be with you from your friends in Chatham.

  3. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi Sarah, Wish you were having the beautiful weather we are having. Trust tomorrow will be better. You are fantastic. Hard to believe that you are approaching Greenland, Good luck, Ethel

  4. TimBob says:

    Hi Sarah, Your amazing to still have a fairly cheery attitude and the fortitude to carry on ! THat amazing English tea is waiting on the other side of the pond.
    Life is Short,
    Paddle it !

  5. virgil funderburk says:

    please keep safe. it has been interesting and amazing to follow your travels, you are a true warrior


    Good going Sarah we follow you frequently and are impressed with your progress.Stay strong , we met you at Ryder’s Cove the day you were taking Bill Burlin for a row and have been fans ever since.
    Best wishes,
    Joanne and Paul

  7. Karen kasich says:

    Hi sarah! My cousin Carol Penfield “introduced” you to me while I was vacationing on the Cape. My family took some rowing classes at The Club to raise money for your charities- we are in awe of you, and so happy to support you in this small way. Best of luck! Btw, I am also a wearer of “Happy Socks!”

  8. Soggy Sarah still going strong. An amazing feat and an inspiration to us all.

  9. Heiti Manning says:

    Best of luck to you, Sarah! Hang in there!!! Cheering you on from Cape Cod!

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