Phonecast: Day 43

Day 43: Catch up on Sarah’s day!

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5 Responses to Phonecast: Day 43

  1. Shelagh says:

    After following you for years while you traveled in other parts of the world, I love that you are off shore where I currently am. I see the same sunsets as you do now, while you are offshore (quite off shore!) of Cape Breton. I hope the tailwind continues.

  2. Joan Kozar says:

    You are doing great, Sarah. All of us at PBCB, in Chatham and elsewhere, are following your adventure. You are amazing! Glad to hear that things are drying out, especially Tigger, Pooh and the Giraffe. Stay well and Carry on!

  3. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi Sarah, Good to hear your voice and know that you are having some good weather. Hope the sunshine stays
    Keep it up Super Lady! Ethel

  4. Ethel Leonard says:

    Listening again. How incredible it is that you can get messages from your friend on the way to Hawaii.

  5. Phil Harnett says:

    Hi Sarah

    I see from your new tracking map … you now have a new boat – congrats !

    It is now about the size on England, so should be plain sailing ( rowing ) from now on.

    Have fun !

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