Phonecast: Day 30

Sarah has been enjoying some good winds which have been overriding the disruptive currents and has spent some time been chatting to other ocean rowers. The Coxless crew,  a British crew of 4 girls currently  rowing from mainland America to Hawaii. Another Pacific rower, American Sonja Baumstein, left Choshi not too many days ago heading for San Francisco.

Click on the links below to follow the other rowers

Coxless crew

Sonja Baumstein

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3 Responses to Phonecast: Day 30

  1. Chris Nolan says:

    Glad the winds are in ur favor! And that the Canadian flyers are still about. You keep positive and keep rowing!! Cheering for you at each post.

    Chris from Alaska

  2. andy workum says:

    sorry to hear that Ms. Baumstein had to discontinue but glad she is safe.

  3. Maureen Vokey says:

    Sarah, continuing good luck to you, Think of you every day! Go to London Girl!! xo Maureen [Chatham]

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