Phonecast: day 26

Having cleared only 331 miles directly East, Sarah remains upbeat. With the last apple and the last of the Desert Island Disks swiftly  approaching, she hopes more easterly progress can be made (!)

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3 Responses to Phonecast: day 26

  1. Andrew workum says:

    So grateful for the video you made before leaving the cape. It explained a lot about how you live on your beloved ship. Many thanks and our blessings. Andy

  2. Bill Burlin says:

    Yesterday and today offer a great chance for rowing to eastward with warm weather and favorable winds, even a relative calm yesterday. It would be like rowing on the Thames ! You should be in the Bermuda high pressure cell now, a very favorable location. You’re in our thoughts constantly. Bill.

  3. Susie Hewson says:

    Those Canadians are so polite. Nice to know you are being watched over…weather variable…Iceland is nice this time of year with warm springs…maybe we should deploy the home magnets to grab a bit of Easterly progress. You are Sounding Jolly, which is always good to hear…and the Tweedles found you again – splish splash, must dash!!

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