Phonecast: Day 22

Day 22: Sarah has managed to travel East and South the last couple of days which is great! But with some adverse weather and currents coming in the next few days she will be cabin bound and is finding it hard psychologically to see through it.

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  1. andy workum says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you Sarah

  2. Annie says:

    From the relative calm of the Oxfordshire countryside, please send Sarah best wishes and strength for the difficult times aboard Happy Socks. There are many people thinking of her, with admiration for her spirit and inspired by what she has done and is now doing. Xx

  3. Barbara crellin says:

    Thinking of you all the way, especially next few days with love and prayers and feel the hugs when you need them
    Can’t wait for my next trip to the ‘bridge’ haven’t been there since April 1st
    Go Sarah xxx

  4. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah
    You are on a roll. One side then the other but you are on a roll and heading in the right direction.
    Hang in there for the next couple of days and then the sun will shine.

    Cheers and stay safe from sunny Queensland

  5. Eleanor says:

    Hi Sarah… I’m one of the many people following your blog that you don’t know but I have to tell you how impressed I a with you, I tell everyone I know about this mad Englishwoman and how amazing what you’re doing is- especially young girls – I think it helps them see that there are no limits to what they can choose to do, and shows that they do have choices. So Thanks and can’t wait to applaud your success in London, tomorrow’s another day, and there’s lots of love and support willing you safely on

  6. suzy McDowell says:

    Sarah…met you on Cape Cod…Pleasant Bay Community Boating. Following your journey home. Good thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. Safe, safe journey to you and keep that sunny disposition. You are amazing!!!

  7. Leah Belliveau says:

    You can DO it, Sarah! The students at the Eddy school were sorry we didn’t have enough time to ask you questions so we want you to come back to Cape Cod after your trip. You are always welcome! We’re all cheering for you and wish you calm seas & sunny skies. You are an inspiration!! xxoo

  8. Jane Drewe says:

    Coscote calling, come on Sarah and Chimpy, every day I look to see how your doing and the progress is fantastic, you’ve been here before and will be again on this extra ordinary journey of yours but this time you have Lucy and all of her family behind you, for this experience and what ever the future holds.
    Keep Happy Socks pointing towards Chilton and row!! Grans got her special medication ready for you.!!

    Love form us all
    Jane xxxx

  9. dot says:

    You’re not alone. There are lots of us land lubbers trav elingwith you. You’re an inspiration!

  10. Chris Nolan says:

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. So many people are cheering for your success! Hang in there and stay positive.
    Maybe some tailwind might be beneficial!

  11. Ethel Leonard says:

    Dear Sarah, Hang in there You will make it. Thinking of you every day.
    I have a special affection for people from the UK because my generation are first time Americans. We go back a long way. My Dad was born in Keighly, Yorkshire and my Mom in Hastings.
    Their families migrated to Canada about 1914. My father joined The Black Watch Regiment and was wounded at Vimy Ridge.
    My parents met in Stratford, Ontario and were married there then came to Massacjusetts.
    Hope This is not boring but thought it might help to pass the time. All the rest, Ethel

  12. Ann says:

    Hello Sarah…….You are always in my prayers and thoughts as you courageously tackle this expedition. I look forward to seeing you again. You will reach your destination where the world will shower you with their love and admiration.


  13. Tony F says:

    You beat the Indian Ocean, you beat the Pacific, you will beat the Atlantic.

    Stiff upper lip!

    All the best. Tony & co.

  14. Marilyn says:

    just checking up on you Sarah…Wow you are back in the water! look at you go!! You are in the deep water now so draw from it’s mighty depths all the power that lays there.pull it up into your soul and know that you,and your vessel are not at battle with the sea, you are all one.
    much love to you
    If you are locked up and strapped in close your eyes and imagine a wonderful massage head to toe.

  15. Andrew Henderson says:

    From Vancouver Island, a destination you unfortunately had to miss many wishes are sent. We have followed your wonderful story with its many peaks and felt something of your downs but hope you can see through this and achieve your goal. All the best, Andrew and Judy Henderson

  16. Louise says:

    Hang on Sarah – perhaps you are having all the tricky bits early on in the voyage and better things may be just round the corner (don’t think oceans are big on corners but you know what I mean.) You are an inspiration to us oldies so don’t give up. Easy for me to say from comfort of home and I can’t imagine how you must feel on your own but lots of us are cheering you on!

    Much love

  17. Karel says:

    Keep your head up ,looking good out there

  18. Marj says:

    I am tracking you on your blog and want you to know I am thinking of you everyday. Love Marj

  19. Stephen Stewart says:

    Go Sara Go!

  20. Best wishes from Ottawa, Ontario. You are an inspiration to many. Onwards!

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