Phonecast: Day 16

Sarah is happy to have crossed over the continental shelf after a long 12 hours of rowing, and even found a little friend ray on the bottom of her sea anchor!


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5 Responses to Phonecast: Day 16

  1. Ray Girard says:

    Hey! You ALREADY have a little Ray friend. Keep positive, girl.


  2. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi Sara,
    Good news. Love from a 93 year old from BrooksbynVillage, Peabody, Mass. Keep up the good work

  3. Marj Burgard says:

    Hooray Sarah, we love hearing from you and tracking your course. Let us know when you reach the gulf stream
    Think of you every day Hugs Marj

  4. Bill Hayes, PBCB says:

    Good work!! Judging from the maps you should soon be getting into some warmer, Gulf Stream water, if you haven’t already…..

    cheers, Bill Hayes

  5. Bill Burlin says:

    Great to hear you’ve reached the great bend in the road where the continental shelf at 200 meters depth ends and the depth plunges off to 18,000 feet on the abyssal plain. The Gulf Stream should start carrying you to the eastward now. Northeast wind and rain here today, so you’ll get some fresh rain water for your tanks. Admiration is the word for Sarah’s courage and perseverance. Your detailed descriptions of life on the briny are priceless. Watching your progress every day. The Bermuda High pressure area should be coming out your way soon, after this cold front passes, with helpful clockwise rotation winds. Cheering you on !

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