Phonecast: Day 131

1000 miles to go! Listen in below (apologises for the volume, will ask Sarah to sing to the phone next time rather then the ocean, we will put it down to the 1000 mile excitement…)


Any celebratory 1000 mile donations to her 4 wonderful charities… follow the link here


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    Pity the barnacle in his demise,
    He thought it all fixed but had a surprise,
    For he left in a rush the bottom to flee
    As Sarah with brush did scrubscrape with glee.
    “‘I’m into three figures my friend she told him.
    That’s why I’m so happy – why cannot you grin?”
    “Try leaving your home” said Barney, “And tell
    if life on the waves can sometimes be hell?”
    “You think I don’t know?” said our Sarah at last
    “And the smoother the bottom – the chance I’ll go fast!”

  2. Richard Adams says:

    Your determination and application is an example to us all. Not so sure about your future about your future on the musical stage but do keep singing!

  3. Angie Humphreys says:

    I am in awe of your tenacity, courage and cheerfulness in the face of any trials you come up against. Well done Sarah and may those final 1000 miles be as free of any problems as possible. Rutland awaits you …..

  4. Susie Hewson says:

    can feel the ripples of excitement washing up on the shores of Bristol already…Beautiful weather here so keep it coming and enjoy the warm and calm to dry out and take in the seascape because soon you will be seeing the wonderful Kernow coast xxx Hip Hip Hooray for 1000 miles and counting (downwards)

  5. Ehel Leonard says:

    Hi Sarah, Amazing. Loved your singing. Hope the weather cooperates the rest of the way.All the best, Ethel

  6. Maureen Vokey says:

    Sarah, well done to pass the half way mark!! Sorry you are having to endure rotten weather! It will change sooner or later, & then you will cruise to England I hope! Lots of good luck, Sarah. Keep your pecker up!!
    Love & all good wishes, Maureen, Chatham, where we are having excellent weather.

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