Phonecast: Day 129 + day 130

Day 129: A late night call in from the North Atlantic:


Day 130:

Catch up on our very tired rowers news here


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8 Responses to Phonecast: Day 129 + day 130

  1. Hi Sarah, we’ve never met, but your mum took Harry (my husband!) and I out to lunch a few years ago because we made an English oak bench in memory of your lovely dad which sits somewhere around Rutland Water. I have been checking on ‘Where’s Sarah’ and I must admit I was frightened for you when the UK was supposed to be getting the tail end of the tropical storm Hurricane Henri, and I didn’t know if that would affect you!! I have a love hate relationship with water, on the one hand it fascinates me but on the other hand I’m terrified of it – I got my knickers in a twist when I went on the Isle of Wight ferry once!!!!!

    I know things are tough enough for you rowing across the Atlantic without some of your vital technical equipment throwing a wobbly, so I thought I’d send you a boring email to let you know we’re all rooting for you!! Look at the upside, you are nearly home, think about what you’ve already achieved, what an incredibly talented brave girl you are, with each pull of the oars you are one pull nearer home, and you will see all the people you hold most dear.

    We wish you all the best, love and hugs from afar
    Pammie and Harry Stebbing


    ‘Catch up on the news’
    ‘No broadcasts yet…’.
    What am I to do – what am I to get?
    I thought it a trench – but now it’s a ridge,
    Not Cuillin or Eagach for there’s not a midge.
    But we just go on,
    To row and to read
    To tire and enlighten our minds with good seed.
    And Sarah she pulls on the oars with intent
    And Mac with the old struggles on with back bent.
    But we’re all good mates – the world all around
    And the silence of efforts make sacred our sound.

  3. Dawn M. Skiba says:

    Sarah I have followed your row across the Atlantic, from my beloved home on Cape Cod. Your amazing! Your travel is coming so close to the shores across the big lake. I’m sure your tired and very lonely but your almost there. Good luck.

  4. Marj Burgard says:

    Hello Dear Sarah I am following you closely and love hearing your voice from the “Atlantic” I send you lots of
    wishes and fair wings and some ocean currents to bring you home. You are are hero !! Love Marj

  5. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi, Sarah., You are unbelievable. Keep it up.Love, Ethel.

  6. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    Sarah, A wonderful exhausted sleepy voice greeted me today in your podcast. You use the word ‘challenge’, ‘challenged’ like people use salt on pepper on their vegetables! You are facing every day, every hour things that most of us face once a decade. You are totally awesome, unbelievably strong! In the same breath that you speak of challenge, you speak also of wonder and beauty and magic – of the water sprinkling into the ocean from the oars, of the stars overhead, stars that so many people never see. You have this amazing ability to see the beauty and wonder even in the midst of the challenge. You are a delight to me, to all of us who are with you every stroke of your journey. Blessings on my Rower!! Keep the Spirit! Prayers abounding for you! Elizabeth Cunningham, Mount Albert, Ontario Canada

  7. Stephen says:

    I became aware of your remarkable quest via my mother Pat Iliffe who lives on the opposite side of the road from your mother. We’ve both been following your journey at each stage via your website and phonecasts. You’re such an inspiration! We send you ‘good vibes’ for the rest of this last very challenging stretch of the Atlantic journey!
    Patricia and Stephen Iliffe, Oakham, Rutland.


    For the past few weeks it has been a struggle for me to get my mind round some mathematical ‘Group Theory’ proofs despite my unremitting daily efforts. The understanding is necessary for the production of original visual images of the proofs – but the understanding demands an intelligence which I do not really have.
    I lay in bed in the middle of last night in the dark and unable to get through the proofs in my mind, despite numerous attempts to do so.
    I then thought of you rowing in the night when necessary.
    I got up, put the light on, got the books out and had another study session at about 3 am.
    This morning I went through the proofs in my mind unaided and with success.
    You may have floated backwards but your influence has propelled the world of the rational mind forward.
    Thank you very much Sarah.

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