Phonecast: Day 116

Join in Sarah’s September highs and lows here…

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16 Responses to Phonecast: Day 116

  1. steve and jackie says:

    Stiff upper lip and all that British stuff.
    We have checked on you everyday since you departed Chatham. Rest assured that you are not alone out there.

  2. Team Tony says:

    Hey Dora,
    Massive respect to you. Your challenge just seems to get bigger and bigger but you are the girl for the job. Keep smiling through and singing your way home. Txx

  3. Heck Sarah – cabin fever is such a pain. Sorry to hear that this is a lull before the storm but, as you say, it will pass. I wonder if El Nino is to blame for such a rotten summer? (it’s been miserable in Scotland). Fingers crossed that you can get the rudder and pile on some miles before the end of autumn. We’re rooting for you!!


    Acores, of course,
    A little off course,
    But a cause for another
    Nice brandnew-type rudder,
    And just like the rest
    Finding spidery nest,
    Behind an old chest,
    Or mushrooms that grow
    In a damp cabin’s glow.
    So those still at home,
    Too old to far roam,
    Do find season’s change
    Not welcome, not strange
    But just rather dull
    And mopsing about
    Know there will come cheer
    As endeth the year.
    And creeps petty pace
    From day as we play
    To not get us down
    Sometimes a hero, sometimes a clown.
    Then Scorpio will welcome
    So proud with his tail
    And tell you “You did it.
    Just look at that trail!”

  5. ian says:

    hi sarah,really great to hear from you,hope things pick up for you soon,your endeavour,spirit and pluck are a constant inspiration to those of us watching and listening from the sidelines,willing you on to get that rudder and top up supplies-love that line “being scared of something is no reason not to do it”,a lesson for us all I think.everyone wants you home safe and is right behind you!

  6. Marj Burgard says:

    Dear dear Sarah, My heart as well as my eyes are following you across this great sea ! I am pleased to know a new rudder and supplies are on the way. Imagine your sea friends being so close you can hear and see them as they check you out. I was so happy to hear your voice on my telephone answering machine when I returned from the lake You continue to be an inspiration to us all.Thinking of you and send you oceans of love Marj

  7. Bill Burlin says:

    Courageous, sagacious Sarah—Our Cape Cod weather has been for the most part very good for what you need, but seems not to be making its way eastward across the Atlantic to reach you, as it should be doing. Something to do with the Bermuda High Pressure system possibly. Our hearts and minds are with you from all your loyal friends here in Chatham. Remember—the night is always darkest before the dawn. So, Blow ye winds westerly, westerly blow. And “Row, Sarah, Row !!” Bill.

  8. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    ‘Nothing lasts forever. The storm will subside.’ Your words are like brilliant lights during your podcast. My your courage just eclipses any shred I’ve ever had. Stay the journey! I pray for you day and night. Fresh air is bringing fresh hope to you today! With love, Elizabeth Cunningham, Mount Albert, Ontario

  9. Ethel Leonarad says:

    Hi Sarah, On returning from a few days away from my computer was happy to ohear your voice but sorry for the bad weather etc. I see you get messages from people in Chatham. My brother lives on Cape Cod in Dennis and sent me clippings from their newspaper about your trip.
    What a challenge you have undertaken. I know you are going to do it.
    I wonder how you make progress when you cannot row. Anyway hang in there. Love, Ethel

  10. June Bibby says:

    I pray that good weather is ’round the corner’ Sarah. Just hang on in there my dear; you are doing
    wonderfully well. x

  11. Lynn says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Accolades to you for your amazing dose of patience…..this and good humor have obviously kept you on track—and will carry you home! My strong feeling is that weather evens itself out over time…so perhaps it’s time for the weather deities to tee up glorious warm and relatively tranquil fall weather for you with winds blowing from the west.

    All of your observations are as enjoyable as they are sometimes unexpected…the sperm whale sightings must have been nothing short of a stunning experience! Wow! An alternate universe where they are free and you’re “caged”—what a perspective!


    Corvo the crow
    Said “What do you know?”
    “Our Sarah’s the best,
    She’s 31 West”
    But Florrie with pique
    Said “How can you speak
    When all I can find
    Is to be left behind!”

  13. Susie Hewson says:

    Sarah – 15 to 20 Knots wind looks better today and Lush Cornish surfing waves of 2 to 3 metres – time to dry the washing and air the cabin perhaps. Toughing it out is your way, we know, but keeping yourself well is totally the first thing. Crack on girl and do only your best and we all applaud you for what you achieve every single day of this adventure….xx


    Slowly slowly catchee monkey.
    Plenty wind and wet and dunky.
    But for me, I feel quite fine
    For I am now at twenty nine.

  15. Joan Kozar says:

    You have made it over half way home! I am in awe of your accomplishments and tenacity, and good spirits! May the storms abate and the winds be ever at your back as you make your way. GO Sarah!


    Sheila Jordan does a good version of ‘Baltimore Oriole’.
    If you can get that and like it, you may wish to try Sheila’s version of ‘Anthropology’.

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