Phonecast: Day 105

Catch up on news from the cabin bound rower…

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5 Responses to Phonecast: Day 105

  1. Rilla says:

    I don’t see anything posted?

  2. Lise Desjardins says:

    Hi Sarah! We haven’t met yet, but I’ve been kinda folllowing you for a while. I’m in awe of you as I was of Mylène Pâquette when she was rowing… Alone, in the middle of nowhere, going somewhere only if you decide to go somewhere… Quel périple! Quelle force! I feel very smalI when I think of you in the middle of this ocean that carries you. I wish you well Sarah !!


    Toots Thielemans he plays ‘La Mer’.
    All I can do is cabin stare.
    The boat goes back
    And so does Mac
    As he at swimpool paddles ill
    The whole world seems to go downhill.
    But soon the muse and wind and all
    Will drive me on and Mac his crawl
    As we go on unto the bank
    The one a brave, the one a crank.
    To one deserving fate and fun
    The other a first length has done.

    Thank you again Sarah.

  4. Ethel Leonarad says:

    Hi Sarah, Sorry you are having a rough few days. You are a trooper. Hang in there. You will make it. I sure would like to be in the U.K. when you arrive. All the best Ethel

  5. brent harold says:

    Is Happysocks built to withstand a hurricane? Should we be concerned with the one now apparently headed toward the Azones?

    An interested and concerned fan,


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