Phoencast: Day 47

Day 47:

Karaoke anyone?!


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5 Responses to Phoencast: Day 47

  1. Margaret says:

    Just as well you do not need to win a singing contract. You can duet with Susan Boyle when you get home.
    Your sweaty mouldy cabin sounds really uncomfortable. It cannot be good for your lungs or skin either. Hopefully some better weather comes your way to help dry things out.

  2. Susie Hewson says:

    you know that thing when the song sounds exactly as it should in your head….but what comes out resembles something else…that’s Karaoke. Mould spores maybe work a bit like magic mushrooms…up side is that we can hear that you are happy and well, if a bit mouldy round the edges like a good stilton cheese:)

  3. Ethel Leonard says:

    Hi Sarah, Enjoyed your singing. What courage to be able to sing out there all alone. Glad you made it through the stormy night and hoper ope the seas will stay calm for awhile. Have a great day. Love, Ethel

  4. Dick Whittington says:

    Hi Sarah. What a girl. So looking forward to a wave from above you in London.
    All good wishes.
    Dick n Tina.

  5. Bill Burlin says:

    Big storm passed thru Chatham this a.m., heavy rain, lightning and thunder. Wind was from s.e. about 10 mph. Winds light now 3 hrs post-storm. You’ll get some good rainwater for drinking when it gets to your longitude. Should be good rowing after the storm passes you. Liked your karaoke phonecast, Broadway next ? You’re making steady progress to eastward now, wind and sea surface pressure look favorable. Row, Sarah, row ! Bill

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