Phew. She’s here

It’s a glowy sort of moment when you open the container that you sealed on the other side of the world six weeks ago to find that all is well and your boat is as happy as you would hope. Tony and I took delivery of Happy Socks at Choshi Marina this morning and unloaded her onto Gulliver’s old trailer – still here from last year – with the help of the lovely  marina staff.

A full day of tinkering

A full day of tinkering

Tony and I have spent the best part of ten hours working on her – tinkering with this and that, checking and testing, tying things down and solving the puzzle that is fitting everything into the boat. There’s been a degree of pulling things out to leave behind too – creating the infamous ‘Pile of Shame’, made of those bits which seemed like a good idea at the time but really aren’t as necessary as previously thought. Tony and I sometimes have different ideas on this, so I shall have to do a check before he flies home on Sunday to make sure he hasn’t stealthily removed anything! There is more to be done over the next couple of days, including the ‘Float Test’ – to see how she’s sitting in the water and to run the watermaker too. Hopefully the next picture of her will be all logo’d up and looking the part.

A calm sunset in Choshi

A calm sunset in Choshi

Thanks to everyone involved in getting her out here – from Starlift in Essex, to Makoto in Tokyo, the Yamaha driver who also delivered Gulliver last year and the staff of Choshi Marina ‘Team Choshi’. And thanks to Kerry Waggler for driving us all out here. One happy rower and one Happy Socks.

Sarah  and Happy Socks x

PS: The weather next week isn’t showing any useful windows for departure yet. Fingers crossed it changes.

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11 Responses to Phew. She’s here

  1. Tony F says:


  2. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Yay for no “surprises!” Happy Socks is a nice clean slate upon which you will write this phase of your adventure! 🙂

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  3. Jim Shannon says:

    Great news! Congratulations and good luck with the next part of your adventure…

  4. Barry Gumbert says:


  5. Deborah Powell says:

    Good Luck Sarah

  6. Good luck Sarah, fingers and toes crossed. You’re a brave girl – I feel seasick on the Isle of Wight ferry!!!!
    We will follow your progress with interest – all the luck in the world xx

  7. john Globemasterone says:

    Great report Sarah….very excited for you and Happy Socks. Looking forward to hearing some weather details as you look for that ideal “window” to depart. Best wishes from the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario.

  8. TERRY BRADLY says:

    Hi SARAH
    ” HAPPY SOCKS ” Looks great ,you look a great pair already , can,t wait to be following the two of you .Trying hard with the weather man !!!!!!
    TERRY B !!!!!!!!

  9. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Great news that Happy Socks is with you safe and sound. We shall be with you all of the way and wishing you well, more so that the ocean sees you as a friend and is kind to you this time. Doesn’t seem almost 2 years since that wonderful day when we watched you leave Tower Bridge.

    Hope you soon get that window to start your next leg of your adventure.

    Good luck and all good wishes

    C & K


  10. Ros Mulholland-Gullick, Rutland Sailability. says:

    You epitomise the motivational quote – always remember what has been given to you but forget what you have given to others – you never forget what others do for you & because of this, others will continue to give to you. Good luck with everything.

  11. Alan Hind says:

    “Pile of shame” – love it! Got lots of those at home. Wishing you a safe and successful crossing Sarah 🙂

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