Perfect seas

Sarah has been really lucky with the weather conditions the last few days and this is reflected in her progress:

Perfect seas, 45nm in last 24hrs all in perfect direction. 850nm logged, on track for 1000 by May 1st.
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  1. Mum says:

    That’s the way to do it!!!
    Great stuff!

  2. xtina says:

    Such good news Sarah ….. enjoy and blow some back to Guy and Andy and all the rest following you …..

    Have just flown over the islands off Geraldton etc, on our way to Singapore,(then the UK) The weather looks alittle better than the last few days….

    Take care


  3. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, what an amazing progress, I was so excited this morning watching your tracker and measuring the distance…….you are one hell of a girl…..It was so nice of you to have sent a message to Andy and Guy. Keep it up Sarah.

    this is for Geoff, thank you for all the info.

  4. Phil Cheek says:

    Are you seeing much wildlife out there?
    The seasons first Minkes & basking sharks are back in Silurian territory.
    Good to see your progress,keep up the great work.

  5. Tony says:

    That’s good news and great progress. May your “pretty pants days” be kept to a minimum!

  6. BPC and Albie says:

    Well done Sarah! Am pleased the seas are treating you well 🙂
    Wishing plenty of happy days for you, xx

  7. Aidcrew says:

    Fantastic to see how well you’re going. Good to see that the weather’s in your favour.There seems to be an added bonus that you don’t have to Eat Your Greens any more. Just chocolate and jellybabies. How good is that?

  8. Adrian Moss says:

    keep it up you are doing really well


  9. Susie Hewson says:

    What fantastic progress and so many miles under your belt. Tremendous grit you are showing us all Sarah! Go SISTER and work out that chocolate stash.

  10. Andy Thomas says:

    Hi ya Sarah, I listened to you on raido 2 on the Radcliff & Maconie show!I admirer what your doing. Keep up the good work! 😉

  11. Marcel says:

    GO baby, GO GO GO

  12. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great to hear things are going well, enjoy youreself and take care, doing a car boot sale tomorrow to help your fund so hope we can make some extra for you.

    Take care and much love

    C & K

  13. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great to hear things are improving, keep up the good row. Hope to do a car boot sale tomorrow to help your fund, so hope it doens’t rain.

    Take care and much love, Keep eating the jelly babies.

    Love C & K

  14. John Williams says:

    Excellent progress and great position to make Mauritius, Sarah. You are ahead of where we were in 2007 by a couple of degrees and (crucially) further south (and I hate to mention it but there were two of us rowing!). I’m getting excited. Stay tethered, all the very best, John.
    John Williams
    Atlantic 2003/Indian Ocean 2007

  15. Felicity Rollings says:

    You seem to be making awesome progress Sarah! I hope you still have some of your Jelly Baby ‘loaf’ left! The blog updates are great and it was so exciting hearing you on Radio 2! All the best, love Flick xxx

  16. Lina says:

    Hey Sarah, it looks like you are eating plenty of spinach, like Popeye,
    giving you a turbo boost in those arms. Following your tracker is becoming very addictive, I must say it is very exciting to see your fast progress towards Mauritius. Go Girl Go!

  17. Graham Hadley says:

    Keep on, keep on Sarah….

  18. Felicity Rollings says:

    wow, you’ve almost rowed completely off your tracker page! it looks like you’ve had a great few days! i hope you’re enjoying it! flickety-roo xxx

  19. Vanessa and Richard says:

    Well done Sarah – you seem to be on a roll now.

    All the best

    Richard and Vanessa

  20. Fantastic ground (or would that be sea?) you are making Sarah!
    Keep on keeping on! From all of your Natracare SISTERS!

  21. BJM says:

    Still fail to see how International Maritime law is not being broken with this ‘adventure’. The important point of the rule is “at all times”.

  22. Ken says:

    BJM, if this was to be carried to the ‘letter’ of the law, surely all solo efforts – sailing, rowing, whatever, would be prohibited? So, what point are you making, and more to the point, why are you making it?

  23. Geoff says:

    Ken it’s not about skirting “the letter of the law”, its about whether the rule is complied with. Don’t conclude the rule isn’t being complied with by the lookout plan which Sarah employs. I think it complies, BJM thinks differently. There is no point me reporting Sarah to the authorities because I don’t think any rule is being broken. And there is no point BJM reporting Sarah to the authorities because that is not his purpose – he’s just stirring.

    But he is obviously something of an authority himself to have clinically excised, distilled the very essence, the heart and lungs, the marrow, the raison d’etre,the needle midst the hay of rule 5 as being “at all times” so perhaps he could clarify which side of the green line Sarah is supposed to be under IRPCS as an outward bound (Australia) British-flagged vessel under 500 tons under 7m (backward facing propulsion) in international waters? And whether, as a rowing boat, does she have right of way over any vessel whatsoever?

  24. Adrian Moss says:


    well done all looking great keep it up


  25. Hilly says:

    Row, row, row ya boat gently ‘cross tha sea, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.

  26. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,glad to hear things are going well,do you have any of the jellybaby loaf left?i wonder if it toasts well?

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