Packed, stickered and floating


Three days of tinkering, sorting, testing, packing and decorating in Happy Socks and today we reached a big milestone – dropping her in the water. Happily, she floats and even more happily the trim is looking pretty sweet. The trim refers to the set of the boat in the water – essentially whether she sits bows up or bows down or leans to left or right. The aim is to have her sitting pretty evenly and tilting neither this way or that.

After a few days of hard grafting, Tony flies home in the morning and I shall finish off the final bits and pieces – some techy and some not quite so. Decorating the inside of my cabin with photos and a map of the world, loading up the North American coastline charts into the GPS units, running some satellite phone tests and so on…

It certainly feels good to have  a floating boat, smartly decked out in all the decals and knowing that the final few jobs are tickable off the To Do List in an afternoon or so. It will be good to have her to myself too and  I shall spend a few nights aboard this week ahead.

We are still watching the weather and hoping that towards the end of next week might develop into something useful, where useful means anything blowing gently out to sea for a few days – allowing me to get safely away from shore and settle in to life on the water once more.

For now, I shall focus on ticking off the To Do’s and topping up on sleep.

Happy weekending wherever you are in the world.

Sarah and Happy Socks x

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19 Responses to Packed, stickered and floating

  1. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    The pictures are great. Good to hear your news and to know that things are going in the right direction. All good wishes for now, Happy Easter hope you have some chocolate to enjoy.

    Much love and happy tinkering.

    C & K

  2. Shelagh says:

    Lovely to see Happy Socks floating beside the wharf. Happy Easter to you and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for fair winds.

  3. Julie says:

    Hoping the weather is indeed good for your upcoming departure. Happy Socks is looking good…….

  4. Gigi Walentiny says:

    She looks fabulous! So exciting!!!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  5. Dave Mitchell says:

    Dear Sarah, Thinking of you with your new endeavour! I have great faith in you. Love, Dave Mitchell of Perth, Western Australia.

  6. Les Brandt says:

    all the best! i’m rooting for you!!

  7. Axel says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Happy Easter from the Netherlands!

    Hope Happy Socks has enough nooks and crannies to hide secret cashes of everything you do not want to run out of. And lots of Tweedles to accompany you!

    The other day I thought Justine was editing with all the cackling going on, but it was the both of you Skyping 🙂

    Take care,


  8. Rosemary and Horst Hamp says:

    Happy Easter Sarah from Rosemary and Horst in Perth, Western Australia.
    We are looking forward to reading about the next step of your journey and
    send our very best wishes to you and Happy Socks! Take care Sarah!

  9. Tim Mark says:

    You go Girl !!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to hear those encouraging words…..about settin sail !
    Greetings from Ontario Canada……. can’t wait to hear you have landed in C A N A D A !

  10. James says:

    Hi Sarah, awesome to see you’re nearly away.
    Good luck and enjoy yourself.

  11. margaret says:

    You are one helluva woman.

  12. Kim Quick says:

    Hi Sarah, so pleased that everything looks ready, you sound so positive! We are all looking forward to keeping up to date with news and send you lots of encouraging thoughts. Lots of love from the Quick family xxxx

  13. James Hickerson says:

    Bon Voyage and best wishes from New Mexico, USA, where a wonderful Navajo farewell still seems appropriate, in spite of your watery departure: “Walk in beauty”

  14. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Oh yes, a definite case of – on your marks, get set ……..!

  15. eddie edrich says:

    Thinking of you Sarah, exciting times ahead. Best wishes for a safe crossing.

  16. Hi Sarah, Glad all is going well in Japan. Make sure you get as many chocolate bars in as you can.

    Thanks so much for you support for Future Hope in Kolkata – The books that you left with me have been safely transported and are now in the school library out there.

    Thank you also for finding the time to answer the questions that the children produced for you following my talk to them about your adventure.

    Go well – Fair winds and following seas


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