On the road

Today I felt a bit like Forest Gump, though happily without the beard. It was the crowd of cyclists of all ages, on bikes of all shapes and sizes gathered to escort me out of Homer as I fiddled with Hercules and answered questions from a journalist.

More joined us on the way. Just magic.

More joined us on the way. Just magic.

Bright blue skies whisped with white, the ocean lapping quietly onto the beach and mountains and glaciers looking gently noble across the bay. It was a morning to make you beam with happiness at being alive, albeit a calm squeal.

It felt poignant to hold the hand again of the bronze chap of the Seafarers’ Memorial, me in my lycra and him in oilskins, feeling a kindred spirit and connection with this mute, cold giant. It is where we have come from and where he had gone that tied us. My journey is of oceans and islands and watery passages – inherently salted and blued. The city of Homer is just the same, proudly proclaiming itself as ‘Halibut Capital of the World’ on the way into town. Sailors, airmen, Coast Guards, kayakers, fisherfolk – they are all remembered in this memorial.

Homer's Seafarers' Memorial

Homer’s Seafarers’ Memorial

It was a super escort out of Homer and I am grateful to everyone who joined me and those who tooted, waved or held signs for me. Martin and his two young children, Frieda and Lucas (7 and 6 yrs)  carried on  when everyone else had diverted for lunch at the Farmers’ Market, making it the first run up Baycrest Hill for the children. Frieda, pedalling her own bike, left Hercules and I far behind – it was so uplifting to see her beavering away, legs hauling. If only all youngsters had those opportunities to be outside, active and trying new things.

Woop woop!

Woop woop!

As the family turned back for home, local lady Catriona continued on with me, only turning back for Homer around 6pm. I enjoyed the company, the stories, having someone to help with shooting video and generally sharing the magic of the day and volcanic backdrop on the other side of the Cook Inlet.

Serene night overlooking the Cook Inlet

Serene night overlooking the Cook Inlet

My first night has also set a pretty keen standard for the journey, hosted by the lovely Doug and Sherry Sandberg near Ninilchik. We had lots of big laughs around the table and a feast of roast and pie while the sun painted a gentle sky through the window and the ducks chattered busily to themselves as they mustered for bedtime.

Catriona and I on the Anchor River

Catriona and I on the Anchor River

And on we go. I had a few hills today and I think I get some real mountains tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Who knows. The map of Alaska is so huge that the resolution will leave such detail as that to surprises.

Until next time,


Sarah and Hercules x

P.S Thanks and thanks to everyone who joined me on the road today. It was magic and I am humbled. Thanks Derek for the nifty helmet mirror too  – my riding has been revolutionised.

P.P.S Please donate  here to the wonderful charities I am supporting (CoppaFeel!, MND Association, Jubilee Sailing Trust and WaterAid)




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13 Responses to On the road

  1. Shelagh says:

    I’m glad to know your first day back on the pedals went so well and that you had a bed for the night. Sending lots of good wishes your way for a great cycle trip.

  2. Gigi W. says:

    And the next awesome segment of adventure begins! Hooray!!!!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  3. Maureen E, says:

    So pleased that you are finally off the Pacific and onto dry land – where I feel the dangers are a lot less! Looking forward to your blogs on this amazing journey across the North Americas. I am proud to have done the crossing via plane, train and car, so I know what you are looking at on a bike! Be with you all the way girl! xx

  4. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Well done Sarah for being on the road again. will be thinking of you all the way and wishing you well as you journey along meeting some wondreful folks.

    We shall look forward to reading your blogs.

    All good wishes

    K & C

  5. Bruce Ellen says:

    Heres to the start of another chapter in the London 2 London.
    Its all down hill now except for the hills.
    Take it easy,stay safe and watch out for the bears.
    Cheers from sunny Queensland


    And, the wind hushed, Hercules wheels did rev,
    And now with homeward pedals she had passed
    All perils scatheless

  7. Heather and Cameron says:

    hi Sarah
    You are looking good. Hope the weather stays kind as you start the next chapter. Love and hugs xx

  8. Sherry Ruberg says:

    It was a very rare privilege to meet such a brave and beautiful adventurer as you,Sarah! We feel special for having you touch our lives if even so briefly with your overnight visit to our place near Ninilchik. A little correction to your notes for whatever it is worth, our last name is ‘Ruberg’, not Sandberg. We will be following you as you venture throughout the rest of you trip! May the winds be always at your back and the sun in your sights, at least in your head if not on the road !!

  9. Beverly Bowman says:

    It is always so great to hear your good stories and see your wonderful spirit.

  10. Denise Chappel says:

    Saw you on the paved bike path north of Wasilla – surrounded by children! What an inspiration you are to them – they will see that all fun does not involve electronics.

  11. Denise Chappel says:

    It’s a beautiful time to be traveling through Alaska – trees are starting to turn yellow, various brush is turning purple, and then the new snow on the lower hills. Enjoy it all Sarah!

  12. virgil funderburk says:

    wllie nelson’s song should be in order… on the road again. good luck, take care. God bless

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