On Dry Land


It’s now past midnight in Adak and the ‘boys’ are fast asleep. Sarah is catching up with friends and family but on her last reserves, desperate for some sleep. She thoroughly enjoyed her hot bath, home-cooked food and a fabulous welcome from the people of Adak. Work on Happy Socks will commence tomorrow while Sarah will have a quick medical checkup before getting to know the island and its community.

Photos below from the adventurous James Sebright.

More to follow but it may be a while as they all get their beauty sleep!

Mel (L2L team)

P.S. The counter on the home page is still ticking away merrily but should have stopped on 150 days. It will be stopped later today.

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46 Responses to On Dry Land

  1. Linda, Cambridge says:


  2. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah, Ab fab! enjoy your sleep and pleasant dreams! We are sure the champagne tasted like nectar! Love to you and Happy Socks. Well done to you and your team
    Love and hugs
    Heather and Cameron xxxx

  3. karin voschezang says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We are so impressed by your achievement!!!
    We are following you for a long time and are enjoying your blogpost immensly.

    Wish you all the best and a lot of rest, and hope to read about you soon.
    Love, Karin and Eric, ( seakayakkers from the Netherlands)

  4. Nik says:

    Really well done, have a good rest up x

  5. JANE says:

    I had a sleepless night and I’ve never even met you! Congratulation to you and your wonderful back up team for keeping the web page so current and lively, it’s been addictive.

  6. Whitney says:

    Well done. Enjoy family, rest, good food and stable ground.

    So happy you made it to North America. Enjoy the changing scenery and the bike.

    From a Tokyo cycling friend.

  7. Barbara says:

    Fantastic achievement. Well done and congratulations Sarah and team

  8. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Wooh – the BBC news has just announced your arrival – you must really be there then(!) Still excited and on a high that you’re there and safe. Relax, enjoy – and start to look forward to meeting up with loved ones again. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than you! Have you started to miss Happy Socks and the Ocean in any way yet?

  9. Lisa aka @kayakgal says:

    Well done Sarah!! Enjoy your well deserved rest. Depending on your kayaking destination this coming spring perhaps we could paddle a bit together as your near shore Again, very well done!

  10. SunnySailors says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thousands of Congratulations. You are always part of our day. It’s an amazing adventure and I’m sure the islanders are so proud that you pitched up on their land. Have a wonderful time. You’re safe at last.
    Love from the Sunny Sailors xxx

  11. john Globemasterone says:

    Wonderful photos James.

  12. Chris Nolan says:

    Rest well.

  13. Vladimir Bychkov says:

    Great news, Sarah! Enjoy your rest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Stuart Roche says:

    Congratulations Sarah and Co. What an incredible achievement! I had to excuse myself from work for a quick second to run outside and do a celebratory dance.

    Welcome back to terra firma!

  15. Wow! Congratulations Sarah. When you get some rest take a listen to my comedy podcast Angr Old Man Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, it may put a smile on your face and keep you company as you continue on your journey. Well done Sarah!

  16. Dave Read says:

    Well done, an amazing accomplishment. Enjoy the rest

  17. Jim says:

    Sarah great to hear that you arrived at Adak safely. Fantastic effort, 150 days at sea in a small boat on you own amazing feat of physical and mental endurance.

    Hope you enjoy your rest and look forward to following you when you continue your journey in the New Year.


  18. Tony F says:

    Well done! So very well done!

  19. Ralph Hammond says:

    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Well done, what an achievement

  20. Mary Ann Barton says:

    Stunned into disbelief as to your achievement, your Dad would be so immensley proud of you.

  21. Graham Pugh says:

    What a fantastic achievement, another first for Great Britain. We are all very proud of you.

  22. Jane Wilkins says:

    Congratulations Sarah! Bet you are glad to be on terra firma for a while! Always a pleasure to catch up with all your messages. Well done!

  23. Emily Chappell says:

    Oh gosh, congratulations! I am in tears looking at your photos, and am so so proud of, and happy for you. xx

  24. MelJD46 says:

    Many congratulations on your achievement!! Enjoy your rest and recuperation.

  25. Sarah says:

    Thanks for all the lovely messages folks. Stoked to be so well supported and hugged from around the world. A little blog later ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Bravo Sarah and Happy Socks! What a fine achievement for the record books.

  27. alan romaine says:

    Wowee what a trip, I’m shattered just following you, congrats and thanks for hour upon hour of drama. Alan R

  28. Averil Trott says:

    Well done Sarah – what a relief all round especially for those who love you most. Have a good rest – Averil

  29. Michael says:

    Congratulations on your achievement. No capsize this time remember Mauritius! Once again well done. Mike.

  30. Susie Hewson says:

    hope they gave you a water bed to sleep on to make you feel at home:) Well done Happy Socks for making the challenge work and well done Chimpy for keeping Sarah focussed. Huge thanks must also go to the support team for keeping Sarah on the straight and narrow ( debatable seeing the tracker) sorting out the logistics and for keeping all her “Outenees” informed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Susie

  31. Bruce Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah
    Tell me.
    It is not where you intended to be but now that it
    has happened would you wish to be anywhere else.
    Cheers from sunny Queensland

  32. Chris Maylor says:

    Fantastic effort Sarah!! Well done you are an inspiration to people around the world.

    Get some sleep now girl and look forward to the next leg of your amazing journey.

    Chris x

  33. CJ says:

    I’m impressed when someone sets out to do something remarkable, whether or not the endeavor is ultimately successful. What you have accomplished is mind-boggling, particularly all the elements that went into it. Congratulations on a singular achievement and much luck as you carry (or more specifically I guess row) on.

  34. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    Wow wow wow! You are amazing! Rest and may you find so much strength in your wonderful friends and family who have been holding you all this time in their hearts. You have made what is unbelievable believable. So proud of your dream and your making it real.

  35. jill lewis says:

    What a fantastic effort by a truly great lady.
    We feel so fortunate to have met you and spent time with you in Femantle.
    Love and all the best for the next part.
    Sleep well,
    jill and Stan

  36. Sally Beers says:

    Congratulations, the world cheers for your astounding accomplishment.

  37. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    Wow! You are in the Toronto Star Front Section! Again, such an amazing feat Sarah!!

  38. Gary Hakala says:

    We live vicariously through your quest. You are an example for all of us to live life to the fullest. God’s speed,

  39. ็น็”ฐๆ…Žๅพ says:


  40. Axel says:

    Congratulations!!! Wow!!! Maybe an unexpected route, but with a new great adventure ahead, the Aleutians.

  41. Diego says:

    Welcome to Alaska! Good luck on the rest of your adventure!

  42. Mihoko says:

    You were on the news of the national network TV in Tokyo!
    They said the secret of your achievement is your cheerful heart to find something to enjoy in everything that happens and showed a lot of photos and movies from this site.
    What a fantastic achievement!
    We are all amazed!

  43. June says:

    So very glad Sarah that you are now on dry land. Very well done my dear. You have a great spirit and show so much determination – truly and inspiration to us all.
    Enjoy the rest, company and good food.
    Blessings, June x

  44. Yoko & Eddy says:

    Many many congratulations from back in Japan. We’ve been following you all the way, Sarah.
    Have a great rest, and all the best for the next stage of your journey.
    Yoko & Eddy

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