Oh What a Day !!

24 years old…already!!  Where has my little girl gone to?   …she’s very grown up I feel. I am so prpud of her and all that she has achieved so far. Amazing.

 Unlike the rest of you out there,I spoke to Sarah myself this morning. She rang me at about 8a.m…… I had stayed up till 2am to ring her, and I did try, BUT she had her phone switched off. ( She only has it on when she knows she ‘s going to phone someone or if she’s expecting a call.) So, it was lovely to talk this morning………although for her it was 2pm, and she had already had lunch, including a wee drop of champers!!!

 She was in good spirits and so pleased that she was again able to row….which, lets face it is why she’s out there.

Her encounters with albatrosses have been awesome (or should I say oarsome). That I would love, but not the endless rowing, and not being able to go for a walk. I wouldn’t be able to stay put on the ocean for that length of time in a little boat anyway……

Lauraine, thank you for your blog comments. Sarah is her own woman, and always has been. She is a very determined young lady and has always wanted to travel, to experience life in the raw to see and experience “nature”. I know this way is rather extreme, BUT she is achieving so much, not just for herself, but for others too. I wholeheartedly support her in what she is doing, and  try to with my other two children as well.  I have always encouraged them to follow their dreams, and NOT to let family or friends stand in their way…… I would never forgive myself if I thought that any of them didn’t attempt to do something they had dreamed of  ….just because of Mum not wanting them to do it, or because Mum thought it was dangerous…….as to ” calling  it a day”………………don’t even think or contemplate it!  Sarah will only stop this trip IF there is absolutely no other option!!   She has Outen stubbornness and great tenacity. I am so proud…and her Dad would be too.  Her grandfather, my Dad,  is very proud  of what she is doing, and follows her with interest. I send him updates of her progress, and Sarah rings him from time to time , just to let him know that she is OK.  He keeps tabs on what the boys are up to as well. He might not think that what they all get up to is safe, or sensible, but he appreciates that they do the things that please them, and enjoys hearing aboput their exploits when they see him or ring him.

 As you so rightly say…LIFE IS FOR LIVING………………………… so lets all go out there and live , experience all that we can , and then have something to reflect upon when we  are older. Just think of the stories she will have to tell!!

I’m not preaching, and I do appreciate people’s concerns etc. Thank you for all the support and encouragement given. Sarah has been very touched by people’s comments, messages and thoughts.

‘bye for now,


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9 Responses to Oh What a Day !!

  1. helen jack says:

    what a wonderful mum you are …from another Helen

  2. kevin linehan {london cabbie} says:

    Happy Bithday Sarah

    I listen to you when you call Radio 2 ,Ive been lucky enouth to hear you the last 3 times ,sometimes telling my passengers to be quiet in my cab while you are on ,I was on paddington station rank tonight when you called so no interuptions this time ,you sounded really buzzing ,I try to imagin what it must be like for you out there in the middle of the Ocean rowing {you must be mad }telling us about zigzaging around ,taking it in you stride and not making much headway you are an insparation to anyone that is lucky enouth to hear you and the music you chose for your grandad made me feel quite emotional,so good luck Sarah I wish you good winds to help you keep safe and I look forward to your next call on the radio.

    kevin linehan

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah and Helen too,have just had my brief and set up for the morning as we had been away for the weekend so lots to catch up with. Glad you had a great birthday and sorry mnot to have managed to send a message on the actual day but was no where near the computer. A card and money hopefully will have made up for it.

    Great to hear you last night. keep up the good rowing.

    Take care Helen and yes she is not only a wonderful Mum but a good friend too.

    Must get ready for work otherwise the boss won’t be too pleased.

    Much love and take care

    Happy rowing

    C & K

  4. St Hugh's College Chronicle Readers says:

    Helen – you are right. It is so important to LIVE especially if one has a rare combination of talent and personality like Sarah’s. There can’t be many people with this combination – I think of the top sportsmen and women and explorers and already place her with them. We can’t all achieve in this extreme arena – but we can all get out there and DO something. She is inspirational. I heard Sarah speaking back in the Autumn and she spoke then of ‘pushing out the boundaries’ – she is a reminder to us all to get outside our comfort zone and experience new and excitings things. Yes – we can!

  5. Mary Jo Johnson says:

    Thinking about you and you are doing so so well and I know you have an army of supporters behind you. You have had some tough times but you soldier on come what may and give me inspiration.with love Jo, cabin matey.

  6. Kay and John says:

    Sarah, Happy belated birthday for yesterday. We have been listening to you talking with Stuart and Mark on the radio and you sound great. We have the greatest admiration for what you are doing, we have both lost a parent in the last 2 months and can relate to why you want to do this. May we wish you all the very best of luck on your journey. We will be in The Maldives in the next 2 weeks for my 50th so we will wave in your direction. Lots of luck and good wishes from us both xx

  7. James Hickerson says:

    Good on you, Mum,
    Many folks have the mental courage to sit in the dentist’s chair for a couple of hours, but few have both the mental and physical courage to test themselves in meaningful exploration once out of doors. Your daughter does, and she makes us all proud to be alive and free and appreciative of the natural world that she is so at home in. Good on you, Mum, good on you.

  8. David Greenall says:

    Hi Sarah

    I just wanted to say good luck with your amazing journey; heard you talking to Stuart last night and was quite moved (which isn’t like me). What you are doing is incredibly impressive and if it ever gets a bit lonely, you have to remember there must be thousands of people with you in spirit.

    I run a community allotments project in Lancashire, so I guess digging over the soil is the absolute opposite of what you’re experiencing. If you want any free fresh organic veg in the future, you can have as much as you like from me. Better still,grow your own !

    Best of luck then; take care.

    Dave in Bolton.

  9. Roger Hayward says:

    Penblwydd Hapus Sarah, keep living your dream, it is far more satisfying than dreaming of what you would like to do…..
    Corwen, North Wales

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