Off the shelf

Sarah Outen has just called in, at 1400h Local Time in Fremantle, Australia.
She has completed an outstanding 45 miles already, putting her just off the continental shelf, north of the trench and approx. 22 Miles west of Hilary’s Yacht Club. She is sounding serene and peacefully excited. The tone of her voice confirms that she is well aware of what she is attempting.

A few of her sentences;

“Where did you guys stowe my already used gas bottle!?”
“Oh.. there’s a fly on the boat. I can’t get rid of it!”
“It’s pretty hot out here… not much wind.”
“I am happy. All ok.”
“Where is the alien! Who packed my green alien?”
“I am bit tired. I may get some sleep now.”


So, our favourite ocean rower is now well on her way. From a weather and routing point of view I can say that things are going to plan. She is 7 miles further ahead of what I had predicted as a plan for her first day and that’s absolutely fantastic. The strong easterlies really helped yesterday. There won’t be much wind for a few more hours so Sarah is now making the most of these drifting conditions to get some much needed rest.

How are you doing? Thanks for all your support. Your good vibes and supportive words have been very important for Sarah.
I think we may hear from her sometime later today. With onboard technology Sarah is able to update the website directly.

I didn’t tell her where we packed the green inflatable alien. Yet.


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31 Responses to Off the shelf

  1. Len says:

    Well Sarah i have to say im very impressed and i hope it all goes well for you . I look forward to your daily blogs . Take care stay safe

    Cheers Len

  2. Steve Clark says:

    It is great to hear what a good start it has been. Let’s hope that good weather and following breezes continue, especially while Sarah is settling into a routine at sea.

    Good luck and God bless

  3. Robert Nixon says:

    So good to see that you are off to a great start Sarah!!! Get some rest, without it you won’t be able to keep up this furious pace.

  4. Sue & Steve Milnes says:

    Hi Satah,

    Greetings and pleased to note all is going well. We wish you all the very best and will write again soon.

    Bon voyage.

    Lots of love

    Sue and Steve

  5. Peter Fitzgerald says:

    Hi Sarah

    Good luck, great to see that all is good so far.
    Best wishes for the voyage from us Aussies.

    Take care and may the wind always be where you want it to be!

    Best wishes


  6. Eddy Joyce says:

    I`m sure that there can be nothing more annoying than having a fly on board whilst rowing. Didn`t Sarah pack any Fly-spray.????

  7. Tony Ashby AFP Photographer says:

    Best wishes on your expedition Sarah. We will watch your progress.

  8. Mark McGrouther says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I read about your trip in the Sun Herald this morning so called up your website and signed up to receive email updates. I’ll be following your progress with interest.

    Best wishes,

  9. Paul Cole says:

    Hi Sarah

    My family and I wish you luck and god speed.

  10. Margot says:

    Hi Sarah, great to hear you are doing so well. Sorry about the used gas bottle didn’t realize, probably in the starboard torpedo locker. The green alien is definitely aboard somewhere but don’t know where it got put. Keep looking! Keep up the good work. Margot

  11. Murphy, Zach & Barton Rankin says:

    Hi Sarah
    My name is Bart and I hope you go well.
    My name is Murphy have fun and be sun smart. Go, go. go.
    My name is Zach hope you don’t get a flat tyre.

  12. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great start, will be following your trip every day so will look forward to the blog, Hope the wind will be behind you all the way, everyone will be looking after you, your Dad and him above especially,and of course the little angel. Get some rest so you can build up your strength.

    My first job in the morning after getting up now.

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  13. travijoe. says:

    Hi Sarah,well you got off to a good start,
    may the wind be where you want it always,
    you are a brave lady to do this, will be watching your progress
    and wishing you all the best,take care,stay safe,

  14. Ruth Scott says:

    So excited for you that you are off and doing well. I was at your presentation to St Hugh’s alumni when you showed us Serendipity and we cracked some champagne over her.
    Go well, Sarah, keep safe.

  15. Robert Irvine says:

    I salute your courage. Shackleton would have been proud of you.

  16. Valerie says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Read about your trip on SMH website tonight. I’m in Sydney but my parents are originally from Mauritius. You’ve picked a fantastic destination! Make sure you dance Sega when you get there – party hard!!!

    You may be doing this by yourself but you are definitely not alone. You are in so many people’s thoughts and I for one greatly admire your bravery and determination! Look forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    Take care and all the best!


  17. Hi Sarah, fantastic start, well done! Keep it going – you have loads of support urging you on.

    All the best, Charlie (Adrian Bell’s bro in law)

  18. Ati says:

    good luck Sarah i hope have good sleep tonight.

  19. rob bowditctch says:

    Hi sarah take care you brave lady at night look to the stars one is dad looking over you safe trip rxxx

  20. Felicity Rollings says:

    Hi Sarah! It sounds like your trip is going well so far! What an exciting time ahead of you – I’m looking forward to keeping up with your news updates! All the very best of luck – fingers crossed the good weather conditions continue. Lots of love, Flick xxx

  21. BPC and Albie says:

    So pleased to hear about the good start, Sarah. I guess you’re into the ‘stride for 3,000 miles’ now!! Wishing you lots of happy days and blue skies and calm seas. Thinking of you, xxx

  22. Your big Brother says:

    Great to hear your doing so well Sarah, thats good going. You’ll be finished in no time. Go for it girl!!!

    Big Love


  23. Rene Soobaroyen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It’s great what you are doing! being a marathoner for years i can understand what you are trying to prove to yourself. i wish you all the best to reach my island Mauritius safely. I’ll be there to greet you.


  24. Mum says:

    So pleased you are making good progress…i hope you are getting some rest along the way too….don’t forget to look at the stars…they must be fantastic. All good here.
    Thanks for txt.
    Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Laura says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I’m so excited for you, 45 miles already that’s bloody fantastic. I can’t believe it’s really happening. How many Mars bars have you eaten yet? Ricardo is doing a fantastic job keeping people updated. Good luck my lovely, although I know you don’t need luck, your determination to suceed will wizz you across that ocean super fast!!

    Lots of love
    Laura xxxx

  26. Godfolkes says:

    So excited to hear that you are finally on your way – our love goes with you – keep on rowing!!! xxxx

  27. Dave Wallace says:

    Sarah set off over the ocean
    Copious supplies of sun lotion
    Liberally applied
    By her, vendor-supplied
    Contribute to her forward motion.

  28. Youngest \\ says:

    Well well well… finally happening, only just become a reality about what you’re doing sis! Your doing bloody well, keep pushing yourself… and pulling those awes! Everyone is rooting for you and can’t wait to see you when you finish smashing some serious records when you hit terra-ferma in Mauritius along the way, i’ll certainly be there, i’ve decided!!! Dad’s with you every stroke of the way, all around you, helping you out with some easterlies im sure.

    Ricardo, awesome stuff, im doing A level geography and thought i new a thing or two about weather systems and atmosphere but you have backed up my exam results and have prove i know barely anything! Will buy you a beer, probably more than one, when she finishes.

    Lotsa big hugs and brotherly love to you sarah,
    thinking of you always, keep safe and smiling, and row hard! To the top…


    p.s – remember as Outen family rules stipulate, photo evidence of any fish caught on any fishing outings is needed for recognition… the classic “one that got away” stories have worn thin in our family 😉

  29. Malcolm says:

    Well sarha as the skipper of the Fremantle sea rescue boat and one of the last to see you on saturday 14/03/2009 before you headed west from rotto
    i would like to wish you well and have a safe and enjoyable trip
    best of luck

  30. Kenneth & Dawn Homfray says:

    Hi Sarah
    Best wishes from Pembroke UK. Off to a good start, the web blog is a great idea, hope you get masses of support. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress,good luck.

  31. Nick says:

    Hi Sarah
    Sorry I missed your leaving as I was away on another job. Best wishes, stay safe and like it says in front of you, “Just keep rowing”
    Nick at Fremantle Sea Rescue

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