Of storms, trees and sunshine


I can’t believe it has been nearly a year since I posted anything on my blog. And yet I can believe it, too. It has been an absolute corker of a year, for better and for worse. Hooray for Autumn and me both being here.

Part of all that I have met

In the spring of this year I rather fell apart. Swept away in the storms of PTSD and depression, it was a messy and frightening time. Spending time with horses, climbing trees and hugging them, paddling and swimming,  and lots of talking and time outside with friends who understood all helped and I am now much healed and stronger and wiser for it. 

Updates of this and that to follow in weeks to come, but for now a quick update on our film…

‘ Home’ the Film

Filmic Genius and gem of a human being Jen Randall is working her magic on ‘Home’, the film we are making of the London2London journey. It has been one heck of a journey making it and is shaping up into something we are both very proud of. We are aiming for sharing in Spring 2019, details to follow. 

Krista came all the way from Canada to paddle in Wales

Jen has been working with some of the Kickstarter supporters on their own film projects and I have been lucky enough to take 17 people paddling on the Thames, in return for their support. This weekend I have my final paddler – a surprise 18th present from a Mum to her daughter!

We are still looking for some final funding, so do email me ( hello@sarahouten.com) if you want to support it with purchase of my books, the film itself when it is ready or an online Skype call, talk or Paddle and Picnic. 

And thanks to everyone who has supported or sponsored so far. 

Go well,







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2 Responses to Of storms, trees and sunshine

  1. Virgil lynn FUNDERBURK says:

    Glad that you are better, wondered what had happened after your long journey, which I followed, take care.


  2. Alan Hind says:

    Thanks for the update Sarah – so sorry to hear you aint been well. Don’t forget we all think you are awesome! Just like the people sing in that Lego film if you’ve seen it

    Continue being an inspiration and being true to yourself

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