I am often asked ‘What are you up to at the moment?’ So, here’s a page to be updated as and when with a little spy hole into now. 

Now is: January 20th 2018

Emerging from hibernation: After a not-so-healthy few years (and especially winters) I hibernated somewhat this winter, focussing on staying healthy, recharging and rebalancing. Hooray to that. I recently spent a few days walking  the Pennine Way, enjoying the solace and space of the moors. It would have been for longer, if it weren’t for…


Making a film: This year’s big project is to create a beautiful piece of kickass documentary on my London2London:via the World journey. After our successful Kickstarter in the Autumn, Jen Randall and I have been busy with sorting footage, planning extra film shoots and generally Making A Start. It feels really good to be at this stage of storytelling. I am also on the hunt for final sponsorship, so shout me out if this is you: (You will be in good company – not only 730-something inspired backers, but also Natracare, Inspire +, Elliot Brown and Berghaus.)

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Planning: My partner Lucy and I are planning and training for a watery adventure this summer. It will be one of the most challenging and also one of the shortest adventures I have ever attempted. I am scared and excited. More in due course.

Projects: I am working on a couple of different community engagement projects involving adventure and young people, none of which I can share yet. Hold on!

Currently reading: Full Tilt, by Dervla Murphy. Insightful, witty and very down-to-earth, this is a gem of a piece of travel writing.

(This Now page was inspired by the lovely Anna McNuff who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers) 


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