Sarah and Justine landed safely in Japan at 5.30pm local time (9.30am GMT).

More to follow over the next day or so once Sarah has rested….

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15 Responses to *****NEWSFLASH******

  1. Diana Wilkinson says:

    Fantastic news. A great achievement. Well done. Now get some rest.

  2. Ian Stokes says:

    Great news – fantastic achievement. Well done Sarah and Justine. Enjoy your rest!!!

  3. Rob Thomson says:

    Great to hear….I am sure the Japan Coast Guard is letting out a sigh of relief!

  4. Wonderful news! Delighted to hear (from Helen) that you arrived safely.Are yo8 able to rest for a while now before heading out on the bikes again?

  5. Christine Foley says:

    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! So glad to hear that you are both safe and sound. WELL DONE!

    Kind regards


  6. Currin says:

    Whoa…well done indeed. Now find an ‘ofuro’ bath…and some hot saki…and all pains will disappear…!

  7. Peter Golden says:

    Many congratulations from Rutland on your achievements so far. A Saturday morning trot around Langham seems somewhat lacking in comparison.

  8. Sasha says:

    Brilliant News! Well done girls! Thanks God you are in time and safe!

  9. Nice work girls. Time for a well earned rest???

  10. Anita Phillips says:

    Well done Sarah and Justine – fantastic news! Lots of love from us all. Xxxx

  11. Peter Booth says:

    So glad you both made it safely.Now enjoy your well earned rest.Sleep well.God bless.Peter Nottingham.

  12. Susie Hewson says:

    Welcome to the land of the rising sun Sarah….Wooopwooaahh! How brilliant is that seeing as you used only your own small and “powerful” self to get there. A masterclass in self motivation. Big hug and you probably should have a few extra duvet snuggle-downs today! x Susie

  13. anita corbin says:

    Wow…that was a huge challenge, great to know that you are flying again, metaphorically speaking…enjoy some lovely restful days now. thinking of you..my first ‘First Woman’ 36 portraits now taken, galleries are becoming interested! woowoo..will have to make another portrait of you when you return to blightly in a little while!

  14. mike says:

    Hi sarah,May I share with you with a little poem, to celebrate your’s and Justine safe arrival in Japan.(By Kakinomoto No Hitamaro)

    My great white steed O you yellow leaves
    Has carried me at so swift a pace That whirl upon the Autumn
    That I have left far behind Slope.Do not not whirl in
    The place where my loved ones dwell such confusion. So I may see
    Beneath the cloudland of a distant sky. Where my loved ones dwell.

  15. Roger Hayward says:

    It’s great that you’ve made Japan, that paddle looked quite serious.

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