My friend Kris

This post is to let you know about a documentary all about my friend Kris Hallenga airing on BBC 3 tomorrow (Wednesday 26th) at 9pm. If you do one thing this week, watch it: ‘Kris: Dying to Live’. Intro here.

Soon I am going to introduce you to a very special boat, named after a very special friend. For now I am going to remind  you of that special friend and why you all need to check her out.

My new kayak is called Krissy, named after Kris Hallenga – one of the most kick-ass and brilliant women I know. In fact cross out women and write people – she rocks right across the board. She is a great friend and wonderful human being in so many ways.

Ocean rower meets boob warrior – 2009

I met Kris in 2009 having contacted her after watching her win a Pride of Britain award one evening when I happened to walk through the living room where my Mum was watching the television.

Hearing Kris’ story of being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at 23 years old – exactly my age at that time – was shocking. To hear what she and her twin sister Maren and her pals had done in setting up a new charity to raise awareness of breast cancer in young women made me ‘Whoop whoop!’ and punch the air. To take such a positive and proactive path in the wake of such a huge and life-rocking discovery is incredible, but that is Kris all over. In her words, you can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.

2 years later - Departing Tower Bridge on L2L, fundraising for CoppaFeel!

2 years later – Departing Tower Bridge on L2L, fundraising for CoppaFeel!

Kris is a force of nature and a joyous, warm energy to be with. Ever since knowing her she has rocked my happy socks off, making me chuckle, helping me chew over life’s conundrums and sharing the ups and downs of our respective journeys, mostly over gin and cake and often involving daft singing and giant boob costumes. When people ask who inspires me, Kris is always one of my answers. For a lesson in living life to the max and rocking out every moment, in the moment, Kris’s blog is well worth a read. And for lessons in how to check your boobs, please check out the CoppaFeel! website.

This post is to let you all know about a documentary all about Kris airing on BBC 3 tomorrow (Wednesday 26th) at 9pm. If you do one thing this week, watch it: ‘Kris: Dying to Live’.

And if you are looking for something to do next week, come along to the CoppaFeel! lecture #2 on Wednesday 2nd April at the Browns Courtroom in London. I shall be speaking alongside Kris and psychologist Susan Quilliam on how positive thinking can lead you to great things. Tickets here.

For now, cheerios and don’t forget to check your boobs….

Sarah x

P.S Still some tickets left for this Thursday night’s talk at Stamford Arts Centre, 7.30 pm

P.P.P.S Thanks to new sponsor Marlec who joined the team recently and will be supplying a wind generator for Happy Socks.

P.P.P.S T-4 weeks until we fly to Alaska. Flights booked. Boosh!

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    Thanks for adhering! Both of you are amazing’

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