More pictures of Sarah's arrival

We’ve just posted up some more pictures of Sarah’s arrival in Mauritius yesterday (including her first taste of pizza!), taken by RenĂ© Soobaroyen.

Head on over to the gallery page to see them.

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30 Responses to More pictures of Sarah's arrival

  1. Mark Wroe says:

    Loving the pizza pic!!

  2. Claire C says:

    Love the grins!!

    How are you feeling today?!

  3. Susie Hewson says:

    great photos which allow us to share in the celebrations as if we were there at the quayside with Sarah. Big pat on the back to the support team and was that a Mars bar I saw your mother present to you as you came aboard the support vessel????? Good job Helen.

  4. Peter teale says:

    Hi Would you send me some pictures of sarah arrive back on to land. Regards Peter

  5. Tim Turnbull says:

    Welcome back to dry land. Many congratulations from all at Aquapac.

  6. Susie Calderan says:

    Long live the Otter! xxxxxxx

  7. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Great pictures, you look happy & relaxed . Great Smile Enjoy yourself Take Care !!!111

  8. Paul says:

    Looking as beautiful as ever Sarah.

  9. Jenna says:

    The pizza shot is AMAZING! so so pleased and proud you’ve done it! Congratulations! x x

  10. The expressions on your face tell it all. Great photographs Renee. We will post some on the Natracare facebook page Sarah for all your SISTERs to enjoy đŸ™‚

  11. Margot Salter says:

    Its so great to see you on dry land again. You look fantastic. What a day you must have had. Do we have to wait for the book to hear all about it or will you be able to let us all know about your amazing last day at sea and first day on land soon? I’m sure you will need time to adjust to so many people around you again. Take care.

  12. Harley says:

    Your smile speaks volumes.You look wonderful and surprisingly fit and ever cheerful.Congratulations again from your Mauritian fan in UK,Enjoy!

  13. Sarah Ward says:

    Congratulations Otter! What an amazing achievement, and I love the landing photo’s – so emotive. Bet that pizza was tasty! xxx

  14. Jane says:

    Wow, have had tears in my eyes all day and all last night about your wonderful achievement – look forward to hearing you on Radcliffe and Marconi, you must have a follow up intereview with them! Enjoy a well deserved rest and pizzas and rum punch etc. x

  15. Ruth Ryder says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!!!! Fantastic amazing words can’t describe it achievement, your Dad would be so proud. Hope you’re getting a rest(or have maybe Ricardo has scheduled one in?)amongst all the press calls and publicity. lots of love, Ruth xxx

  16. Sue Wigram says:

    Congratulations Sarah, you’ve made it, you must be mighty relieved to be on dry land and not still stuck on that reef………..we were all getting very worried. Enjoy your time in Mauritius and I hope the sun shines and dries you, and your trusted vessel, out.

  17. Grace and Glenys says:

    Congratulations Sarah
    We are so relieved that you made it an dall is well. Best wishes to you and to Helen and Matt.
    We are proud of you.
    Glenys, Grace and Richard in Oxfordshire(your relatives)

  18. René Soobaroyen says:

    Ode to Sarah
    As European Press Photo Agency photographer in Mauritius, I was assigned to cover Sarah’s arrival to mauritius as early as March 2009. My first impression was that she will never make it. No woman has done this before! can you imagine days and nights out there in the middle of nowhere rowing rowing and rowing and rowing, but then when i started reading her bloggs,i had a very strong feeling that she will make it. Why? first she is very intelligent in the way she accept things and find her ways,and because she was so determined that she captured the admiration of people all around the globe. Through her day and night efforts she managed to unite people of different cultures and origin to one single wish or should we say prayer:Make her achieve her goal. So while she was rowing solo she was not alone. Iin fact she was surrounded and protected by very strong wishes
    So when we were all there on DDay 3 August waiting for her.Her mum,her younger brother and wonderful Ricardo Diniz running like mad to make sure she made it to the end, the Coast guards who have been of great help, the speedboat crew and me the priveledged photographer. For nearly five hours we were kept staring at the rough seas from Ile de La Passe” Until Ricardo with the help of the speedboat crew managed to get her out of the coral reef where she was rolled over by huge waves. i can say that Sarah had a fantastic welcome from the locals where she finally landed and you know what? This tiny fishermen village is called “Bois des Amourettes” meaning a forest where lovers meet. Incredible!
    Whaever it is. My previous assignment before that one was the visit of the chinese President. I can tell you one thing i was much more emotional when photographing Sarah than the other guy.
    This is what life is all about: ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The world is craving for people like you.Thank you!
    All the best Sarah

    Lots of love


  19. Roy Barry says:

    Brilliant, brilliant news-welcome to dry land “Dame” Sarah Outen!!!

  20. Spike says:

    Great high-def pictures René.
    Good report in 04 Aug TIMES online and several nice reader comments attached to that.
    Sarah’s arrival reports in newspapers in English, Strine, Russian, Turkish, Africaans and several other lands, plus a phone interview on BBC World Service radio but where are the visual Media ? BBC News, zip/nada/diddly except for an apparent brief clip in CBBC Newsround on Monday (“not available” on BBC iplayer). Not a squeak from South Today although they cover the Oxford area.
    Guess I’ll just have to bite my lip and wait for the Southampton Boat show talk and the book.

    Sarah, that arrival is what they call “character-building stuff” (I had a strange dream on Sunday night about coral and you must ask Geoffers for his Thesaurus definition of ‘in awe of Nature’). I’m hugely relieved that you are now safe and dry. ‘FIRST WOMAN SOLO ACROSS THE INDIAN’ Now, that’s something to tell the Grandchildren. I’m hugely impressed.

  21. june Heller says:

    Fantastic news. I’m proud of you, and I don’t even know you. Thanks for doing something completely wonderful and blogging about it so that some stay at home Mommy in Miami could get huge joy reading your blog and knowing you made it.

  22. Amy says:

    Congratulations! I follow your friend Roz Savage (she is 1st woman rowing across the Pacific for those who don’t know her ) and she celebrated your accomplishment on her blog today. Way to go! I look forward to reading through your site too.

  23. Nigel Ashton says:

    Fantastic!! I just love nutters like you. What a brave girl you are. Can’t wait for you to write your book, let me know when it’s published. My sincere congratulations on your magnificent acheivment and best wishes for your next adventure. Nigel Ashton.

  24. Mr. & Mrs. Yates says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Well done on the completion of your mammoth task. We have been following and cheering you all the way, a real triumph for you and for the High School to have such a famous old pupil.What next? Best wishes from two ex-H.S. teachers.

  25. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    SPIKE If you go to there is an archive news report on tuesday 4/8/09 of her arrival.

  26. Suchita says:

    Sarah, the Angel of COURAGE, you have done it dear and what a great challenge!!!!We are simply so proud of you and no doubt you were divinely protected by GOD & your father from above!! Wish you all the best in your life Sarah. With love from me and all our local people. Suchita

  27. belinda dade says:

    Hi Sarah

    Have you thought about approaching MARS with the photo of mum holding out a Mars bar – maybe a caption along the lines of “What is the first thing a girl wants to eat after rowing solo across the Indian Ocean?” – you could get a lifetime’s supply of Mars bars!!!

    Lots of love (with a tear in my eye after looking at the photos!)

    Belinda xxxxxxxx

  28. sue bamber says:

    Great achievement Sarah and its fab to put Rutland on the map with someone who wanted to make a difference to the lives of so many people. Looking forward to the book and meeting your mum in oakham High St for a chat!
    Best wishes
    sue and merv bamber

  29. sheila haldane says:

    hi sarah, what a fantastic feat. heard about you on the news back in blighty and gobsmacked by your achievement. we’re here on holiday in Mauritius and came across your boat in the marina – feel totally awed! very well done.

  30. Dear Sarah! Yours voyage is fantastic record!
    Please, send me 3-5 photo very good quality for publish in maritime magazines in Russia: “Boats&sail boats”( Saint-Peterburg”) and “International maritime journal”/I”m author many articles about ocean rowers. With love Vasiliy Galenko, member of ORSI.

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