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Sarah is a globally renowned speaker for corporate events at home and abroad. Her stories are of turning dreams into goals, of facing fear and embracing failures, of pushing on through impossibles and going back for another try.  Sarah talks about performance – as a soloist and in teams, of remote working and  communicating in challenging conditions.

Months alone at sea in tiny boats….mid ocean rescues and tropical storms….temperature extremes from minus forty to plus forty in deserts and blizzards….crashes in mental and physical health….moments of hardship and survival in some of the remotest places on the planet.

Sarah Outen’s expeditions have pushed boundaries on possibility and potential, almost killed her on a few occasions and taught her invaluable lessons on risk, resilience, team work and forging your own path. Her most recent London2London:Via the World expedition saw her row, cycle and kayak around the Northern Hemisphere over 4.5 years and is a story of having a go, failing, having another go and ultimately of learning when to  let go.

Stories of her expeditions resonate with all audiences and can be tailored to any event. Since proposing to her girlfriend while alone on the Pacific Ocean in 2013 Sarah has become a role model for LGBT issues and is admired beyond her expeditioning, for her openness at sharing her inner struggles and mental crashes as well as the excitement and triumph.

Sarah is currently writing her second book ‘Dare to Do’ which tells the story of her 4.5 year London2London:Via the World expedition.


Sarah is hired to inspire audiences around the world, using tales of her journeys to draw out learnings and ideas that can be applied from classrooms to boardrooms.

Recent client include: Canada Life, AIG, Accenture, EY, Mars, Iridium, Saatchi and Saatchi, TEDx,  Mckinsey, AT Kearney, Iridium, Endsleigh, Zurich New Re, Stars Foundation, Pets At Home, Ashridge Business School, University of Oxford,  Royal Geographical Society, London International Boatshow, Vancouver International Film Festival.

Themes include:

  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Risk-taking
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Remote working
  • Pscyhology of expeditions and soloing
  • Embracing failure and dealing with setbacks and crashes – physical and emotional
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Courage to be yourself and follow your own path


‘She connected with all of us – with such great takeaways for us on leadership, teamwork, and courage’

Anthony Baldwin, AIG

‘Sarah’s talk was magical – she captivated the room with her adventure, challenges and spirit.  I’d highly recommend Sarah if you’re looking to lift an audience’s spirits and get them to dream bigger.’

Matt Desch, Iridium

‘Sarah held us all in the grip of her storm from beginning to end. Outstanding.’

Barbara Harvey, Accenture

‘Without doubt there are many aspects of Sarah’s talk from which any business can learn. Sarah weaved our Guiding Principles into her presentation and therefore make the connection between the challenges she faced and those that our people may face within our business. I have been fortunate enough to listen to many professional speakers during my career and I would Sarah and the way she tells her story among the very best.’
David Yiend, Chief Executive, AB Agri

‘Sarah’s story is moving, incredible and inspirational. In a business context, when thinking about goal setting, taking accountability, positive thinking and results focus the parallels are clear. An amazing story delivered by an amazing lady.’
Ryan Cheyne, Head of PR, Pets at Home

‘Sarah is a witty and engaging talker… She could hold any audience enthralled effortlessly and was a joy to have on our programme.’
Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio presenter

‘… A remarkable woman.  She has that rare ability to hold a huge audience spellbound as she conveys the mental strengths, physical endurance, sheer determination, emotion and elation she experienced during her amazing journey.’

Sir Graham Wynne CBE, Chief Executive RSPB

‘Sarah is a natural communicator and has the rare ability to engage her audience and make them feel part of her adventure.  That she was able to complete such a massive challenge shows that she is very special and what she has to say is relevant to young and old who can only dream of taking up such challenges.’
Steven Roberts, Principal Stamford Endowed Schools

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