me & my ocean guru

As promised, here is a picture from the other day when Roz Savage, my very own Ocean Guru, came up to Rutland Water for some pressy bits and to see my lovely ‘Dippers.

She’ll probably be far too modest to accept this title as Chief Ocean Guru but over the past couple of years, since our first meeting at her first ever talk about her Atlantic Row, Roz has been a real help, inspiration and mentor. We’ve packed away a fair bit of tasty food and drink while talking about all things oceans too – so it’s with great excitement that I look forward to doing the same again this weekend. Bit of a role reversal here, she will be at an Alumni Lunch where I will be giving the post Munchies talk this weekend, so afterwards the plan is to find a watering hole and talk some more ocean chat. On my list of things to ask this time are a host of questions about the real basic logistics of the ocean – I’ve got all the bigger stuff nailed now I think, lots with her advice and contacts – now I need to know answers to things like ‘ how many loo rolls does one take when one’s putting out to sea?’, ‘bottles of sun cream?’, ‘t-shirts?’ etc etc.

For those of you who haven’t checked out Roz’s site before, then take a look at for all the latest about her prepping for Stage 2 of her Pacific Solo Row next year. I think our ocean times will overlap – sadly no chance of a rendez vous though unless one of us gets seriously lost!

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