London2London Sarah Outen – 27th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. john Globemasterone says:

    Oh Sarah….that was incredible that the BBC stretched their microphone cable all the way out from Japan to interview you at your Sea Party. What a glorious event they described…what with paper chains, flypast and jigs. And the sunset message for Her Majesty (sounds like the MBE is sure thing)…while sobbing for home (and a hot shower) was priceless.
    This reminds me of something… the 70’s I had the good fortune to attend a LIVE theater presentation in Toronto with all the members of Monty Python doing their famous skits. It was a mixed media with live stage, film clips and slides. At the very end of the show …after several encores….and the audience still wanting more …..a slide came up on a big screen that said…. PISS OFF. I can hear that same “British” humor in today’s phonecast….BRILLANT. So sorry the party is over….
    Thanks for making my day.
    john, Lake Ontario

    • Helen Outen says:

      Hi there John,
      Sarah was awarded an MBE last year…….she just hasn’t collected it yet……..hope to do so when she gets back to Blighty!

  2. Robert Bert and Sujuan Yao . says:

    Sarah , you can be a lovely clown at times , you must have enjoyed to much champers seeing all those colourful animals , whilst cruising along in the helpful current , you would think that after 60 years they should by now have found the right medicine , so that our Queen did not have to spend all her time on the throne , just be careful and batten down with that approaching storm and we hope that there is not to much knitting with this one , God bless , Sujuan and Robert .

  3. Sounded just like the BBC broadcasts of the Diamond Jubilee to me.
    Keep that north by north east trajectory.
    Landing in Prince William Sound would be very culturally and historically appropriate.

  4. Menno says:

    what a wonderful performance this was! I am Dutch and you don’t know me, but I follow you from March this year and you are unique! This adventure of you is so huge! I think it is far from boring on the ocean. You describe this beautifully! It is like cycling on a long straight road, a motorist would think it to be boring. A cyclist (most of the time) doesn’t. You see all the little wildlife and feels the wind and sun (and sometimes the rain) which makes it far from boring.
    Your phone cast is a very interesting part of your blog, it is making it lively, so are the use of the little video’s!
    Keep on rowing (or floating just now in the current) all the best from the Netherlands!

  5. Manny says:

    Just listened to your description of the Jubilee celebrations on the high seas,laughed all the way through it.May the currents and the winds be favourable to you. God be with you. xxx

  6. Brian Sellick says:

    27th Phonecast

    Absolutely brilliant, your talents are wasted. Did you write the script ?
    Will be thinking of you as we watch the little boats going up the Thames.

    So glad to see that you are at last making some meaningful progress toward your destination,


  7. Pam Stocker says:

    And yours from dry land… Pamxxx

    We go to Portsmouth tonight to escort the three Queens cruise ships into harbour at dawn tomorrow – a flotilla of small ships will greet their majesties. It was a right royal privilege to join your ocean sea party!

  8. JETWAKE says:

    Well done Sarah. Bravo!
    The Queen was looking quite resplendent today in her
    bird egg blue dress and matching hat.
    Looks fantastic at her chronological age.

  9. judith says:

    A brilliant phonecast Sarah, I hope someone manages to get this to the Royal ears, am sure they will be amused!
    I’m sure you said you have lost your teabags, what a disaster!

  10. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Absolutely great. How many more talents have you up your sleeve.

    What a wonderful tribute.

    Happy dyas

    With love and take care

    Mars Bar Eater which you so deserve, did you pack any this time

    C & K

  11. Tari says:

    I still can’t stop laughing every time I listen to this! Good one, Mouse!

  12. christina watts says:


    How did you stop yourself from laughing in all of that, – had you been down the pub’ :-)))


  13. peter booth says:

    No Sarah has not been down the pub. It is that Cider she is drinking. I will get an Albatros to drop you some tea bags Sarah. Thanks for that broadcast. Really enjoyed it. Yes I did watch the Thames celebrations. Really good and lasted about four and a half hours. The Queen and Prince did not sit down on the thrones on the boat the whole trip. weather was shocking. Throwing it down with rain and very cold and windy. Kate only wore a red dress.She must have been frozen. About 10 degrees at most. Still the thousands of people that were there seemed to really enjoy it. The concert takes place tonight outside Buckingham palace. Forcast Dry but very chilly. Glad you enjoyed your celebrations somewhere out in the Pacific. Look forward to your next broadcast.God Bless you. Peter Nottingham.

  14. Absolutely Brilliant! – You could have done an excellent job at yesterday’s Pageant. We may then have heard more about the boats and less about the spectators!

  15. Godfolks says:

    Loved the BBC report – we could imagine your Father doing something similar! All our love

  16. susie Hewson says:

    look out “SAFELY” for the Venus fly past today in your part of the planet today. Who would have imagined that the Planetary System would have arranged it’s own Diamond Jubilee celebration flypast for HRH Queen Elizabeth!

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