London2London Sarah Outen – 24th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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4 Responses to London2London Sarah Outen – 24th phonecast

  1. JETWAKE says:

    Enjoy your fruit while you can…no popping into the corner market for you! Hope you can get the wind to blow in your favor and get back on schedule. Now get busy and start rowing towards Canada. Love you!

  2. Richard Adams says:

    Hi Sarah. Enjoying listening to your phonecasts and sharing some of your frustration over winds and current. Hoping that it will soon start blowing from the south and get you back on course.
    Best wishes from Oakham.

  3. Hazel Shaw says:

    Hi there Sarah, This is a bit of a weird email to write as we don’t know each other at all! I am a friend of Vicky and Ian Outen from Mill Hill NW7. I think Ian is some sort of relation of yours. Anyway Vicky asked me to pray for you . Don’t know whether you’re into that sort of thing but you’re getting it anyway, it can’t hurt!!
    Am really enjoying all your posts and as a complete and utter landlubber and with not one adventurous bone in my body I hugely admire you and what you are achieving. So good luck, hope you get on course soon and that the remaining oranges stay mould free!

  4. Tim-Bob says:

    Yes enjoy your fruit and pancakes. A Gourmet Boat indeed. I guess you won’t be getting a delivery boat pulling up with some fresh stuff anytime soon. You said “Everything has its time” when you were describing how your progress was going. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    Yes indeed, get rowing so we can meet you in C A N A D A !

    Lake Erie, Ontario

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